How To Reduce Costs On Phuket Wedding Hotel

The truth is, no matter how you try to make your wedding simple, it will always incur numerous expenditures starting from the wedding venue, reception, food and beverages, hotel accommodation, invitations, wedding rings, well the list is quite long. This is the reason why couples save up and pursue the wedding ceremony only when they are financially ready.

You can have your exchange of vows in a church or wherever you want to hold the ceremony. However, if you want to have a lovely Phuket wedding hotel, you would have to fly including your guests to Phuket just to realize your dream wedding especially if you are not from Thailand. The tickets alone would entail a lot of costs. But the good news is, there are ways to reduce the expenses by simply doing the following.

Opt for wedding packages

Wedding packages are mainly bundles of wedding needs such as hotel accommodation and services related to weddings. It could be a honeymoon suite, food and beverages for your guests during the wedding including the venue and physical preparation on the event. A package for Phuket wedding hotel is generally cheaper because this a guaranteed sale for different services in the resort and on your part, you get convenience and savings since you no longer have to order services individually which can be more expensive.

Ask for sponsorship

You can also save money on hotel accommodation by asking for sponsorship from close friends and family members or you can also ask for counterparts. For instance, you will shoulder the hotel accommodation but your guests would have to pay for their plane tickets. Otherwise, you can arrange and request for the hotel to charge you only of the rooms, food and beverages that were actually consumed.

Book for 1 day

Another way to save on Phuket wedding hotel is to book for the accommodation of your guests just on the wedding day. They would have to foot the bill if they want to stay longer at the hotel. Inform your guests about this arrangement to ensure that there would be no shocking bills on the day of their check out.