Places Of Tourist Interest In And Around Rayong

Rayong is a beautiful city located in the Eastern region of Thailand. A sleepy fishing village in the past, Rayong has transformed into a favoured weekend getaway for the locals. Rayong has a long coastline of around hundred kilometres, which is dotted by beautiful beaches. The proximity to Bangkok is another factor that makes Rayong a favoured tourist destination.

Owing to its popularity as a weekend getaway, Rayong has a lot of accommodation options. Visitors to the city can stay at luxurious hotel suites in Rayong or choose the beautiful beachside resorts that offer amazing views of the beach and the sea.

There are a number of interesting activities and must-visit attractions for tourists in Rayong. They can visit the historical  and religious places like, city pillar shrine,PhrachediKlangNam,somdetKrommaluang, The King Taskin shrine, Wat Nam TokTamros, Wat SaranatThammaram, Wat Pa Pradu , SunthonPhu monument etc. All these temples and historical places helps the visitors to know about the rich culture and history of the country. Tourists can also participate in the events and festivals conducted at these sites of historical and religious importance. Visitors can book their stay at the convenient hotel suites in Rayong and visit the numerous historical and religious attractions, in and around the city.

Apart from the temples and monuments, Rayong also boasts of a number of natural attractions. Tourists can visit the large Nature Parks around the city or enjoy soaking up in the gigantic waterfalls. Suan Son Park, sriMuang Park, The Sobha Botanical gardens, Suang Wang Kaew, HRH princess Sirindhorn Herb garden, KhaoChamao – Khao Wong National park are some of the beautiful natural sites present around the city. Most of the places have accommodation options in tents and cottages, tourists can also stay at the spacious hotel suites in Rayong and plan day picnic to the gardens and waterfalls.

Apart from soaking up the sun at the beaches and visiting the beautiful nature parks, tourists can also enjoy the pulsating nightlife at the Yom Jinda walking street. The walking street is a place  to marvel at the architectural constructions of the old buildings during the day and it transforms into a vibrant market by the night. Tourists staying at the luxurious hotel suites in Rayong can chill out at the night bars and pubs of Yom Jinda Street.