Pest Control For Hoarder’s Homes

There are individual who find it difficult to part away with their possessions. They are called hoarders. The clutter that results from all the stuff they keep becomes a disruption to daily living and an ideal condition for pest infestation.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, at least 2% to 5% of the population suffers from hoarding disorder. Chris Crone of New York-based CNJ Pest Management says that hoarding is quite common in multi-family buildings. For example, in one of the apartments occupied by an elderly gentleman, they found 40 years worth of accumulated junk comprised of paper, books and other stuff. The man had to stay in the living room because he has literally walled himself off from the other areas of the apartment.

Travis Morton of Morton’s Pest Control in Alabama tells a story of one of the nastiest homes he ever stepped into. It belonged to an elderly client who does not throw anything away making his home a garbage pit of rotten food, clutter and everything else. His recliner is overrun by bed bugs that dealing with it is a challenge even for pest control services.

Ted Burgess III of Burgess Companies in Massachusetts describes pest control for hoarders as similar to peeling an onion because you have to consider several layers even before you think of pest control. A lot of questions have to be asked but what is critical is to determine whether the hoarding conditions can be eliminated.

Pest control for hoarder’s homes must always be done with utmost caution and care because there are risks in climbing through the mountains of clutter not to mention the danger to health posed by the unsanitary environment. It becomes extremely critical for the pest control team to gear up with the personal protective equipment (PPE) and refrain from breathing through the nose.

If your home or business unfortunately suffers from some common pests, Pest Control in Brisbane is just one call away to provide safe pest control solutions. The latest and most effective non-toxic pest control products will be used to fight the unwanted intrusions into your home or business.