Parents Hosting Birthday Parties For Their Kids In Kmart

Aussie moms are so besotted with Kmart branches all over the country, that they’re turning to the shopping centre instead of birthday part venues in Sutherland Shire and across the country, throwing their children’s bargain birthday parties in the stores.

This has given rise to the “Kmart challenge”, where young birthday celebrants are given a certain amount of money to spend on the things that they want. This recent birthday party hit started thanks to Victorian mum Shannon Cassidy, who took her 13-year-old-daughter and her four friends shopping, giving them baskets to fill up and cash to burn out on their Kmart haul.

The objective of the party was to spend $30 however, they wanted, as Cassidy explained in an interview. She did spice it up by telling the kids that they were little trophies for the ones that bought the biggest items, savviest shopper and most items.

She says that her daughter, Charli, chose the craziest things, a blow-up gold crown and a doorstop for her own room, with other purchases including drinking bottles, earrings, accessories, pet products and stationery, on top of other things like bathroom supplies. Best part, Ms. Cassidy says, is that it wasn’t just the birthday girl that got special things to mark her special day.

Ms. Cassidy describes it as a party and a party favour, all conveniently rolled into one, where the participants were all working to see what they could buy, crunching the numbers with the help of the pricing scanners, to see what they could and couldn’t buy.

In an age of social media where people believe that gifts have to cost a lot, Ms. Cassidy says that it was great to see the kids using their brains, like how Aussies prefer to DYI their cakes or their celebrations, compared to those who just spent thousands of dollars.

Ms. Cassidy shared her success story on social media, to positive reception, will fellow Aussie mums labelling it as brilliant, and now people are turning to Kmart as their birthday part venues in Sutherland Shire and across the country.

She says that everyone is budget conscious, and that everyone, mums included, as always on the lookout for ways to save money but still give the people they care about meaningful and memorable experiences and gifts.