This Digital Canvas May Be A Gateway Drug For Art

A famous Picasso painting was auctioned last June, and if one didn’t get the chance to get it, have no fear, a digital canvas maker has a solution for those art cravings.

Digital canvas of Meural

Meural is a digital canvas which looks just like other framed pictures except that it has the ability to display more than 20,000 artworks ranging from famous arts to personal photography. The canvas is priced at $495 and is much cheaper than the Balloon Dog Orange that only uses a 2D display.

Co-founded by friends Vladimir Vukicevic and Jerry Hu in August 2014, Meural was conceived from a long-standing admiration for the arts. The two met at NYU and at one point, Hu was a guide for the Museum of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Vukicevic co-founded and became the CTO of RocketHub, a crowd funding website aimed towards musicians, designers, artists, etc.

Apparently, Meural might remind people of those digital photo frames which were popular during the mid-aughts. Except Meural looks way cooler, nicer, simpler to use and fun to play with. Its users can pick a photo or painting or can even upload from their collection using the Meural app that connected to the canvas to show the chosen artwork. Users can also change the artwork by hovering their hands and gesturing up, down or across the canvas.

Meural accomplishes this using advanced hardware which allows an LCD screen to display 16 million different shades of color. A propriety haze covering is also applied to the screen which gives it a look similar to Amazon’s Kindle. With a light sensor that is consistent with the fluctuations of synthetic and natural light so as to keep the display constant. Best of all is the device is connected via WiFi, which means changing the display can easily be done.

Currently, Meural can only be purchased from its website, but, according to Vukicevic, there are already plans for physical stores


Meural is a digital way to put Photos on Canvas, and this is something that is going to be appealing to art enthusiasts out there.


How To Choose Pest Control In Sydney

There are several companies that offer pest control in Sydney and while most of them advertise that they are the best, you cannot be sure until you look closely at their website. Finding the right pest exterminator in your area is not a daunting task. You just have to devote extra time in order for you to peruse the sites well and even talk with the company’s previous customers. When looking for a pest control company, consider the following tips.

100% Safety guarantee

One of the important considerations that you should look into is the safety guarantee of the pest control company in Sydney. Safety should be your number one consideration since the process of exterminating pests may or may not involve harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your family and pets. Only go for a pest control exterminator that guarantees safety and no less.

Affordable services

Quality service should never be compromised. But while you are looking for a provider of pest control in Sydney, you should also consider a company that offers the best value for your money. Whenever you visit a website for pest controller, always look for deals or offers that would lower down the costs. Some companies offer packages that would help you control your budget but at the same time, get rid of those annoying insects that threatens the health and safety of your family. There are companies also that offer daily deals and these are the things that you should also check in order to stretch the value of your money.

Customer friendly warranty

Not all pest control companies offer service warranty and if you find one, then that would be a plus factor for you. There are exterminator companies that offer up to six months warranty. This means that you can call the company for pest control in Sydney if the uninvited pests reappear in your premises. They will exterminate the insects and pests in your area at no cost, so long as you are covered by the warranty. Start looking for a pest control company today.


What Madarao Ski Resort Has To Offer

Winter Season has just started and many sports enthusiasts are looking for another place to practice their prowess in the snow. Japan’s winter is one of the most anticipated times because of their winter offers that you can’t just refuse. Starting from December until late March or early April, tourists from all over the world book their accommodations to famous resorts all over the country.

Are you one of those people who are looking for the next big adventure? A power hound, perhaps? Well then, this might just be the best deal for you. You might want to check out this area and find just the place that you are looking for.

Madarao is a highland place in the northern part of Nagano, between Nozawa Onsen and Myoko Kogen. Though it is not yet that popular, it is starting to make its name known for its ski and snowboard terrains. This area is mostly frequented by Japanese folks, so if you are looking for an authentic Japanese ambience, this place is perfect for it is not yet touched much by westerners. Its mountain resort (Madarao Kogen) has the perfect ingredient for a power skiing destination – groomed or ungroomed courses and even steep bowl areas. Tree skiing and off-piste skiing are also allowed in their ski areas. With 30 courses, 15 lifts, and a vertical drop of 440 meters, Madarao Ski Resort can be rated as a mid-size ski resort relative to all other ski resorts in the country. It also has a beautiful picturesque to boast. In a clear day, the wonderful views of Mt. Myoko can be seen. What a nice place to relax, right? Moreover, the snow in Madarao is quite different from other places. People in the area call this Madapow and has a northerly aspect which obviously is an advantage for those who want to see a pure powder snow. The resort also has facilities such as cafeterias, ski shops, and even equipment rentals.

Winter has never been this fun until you are in Madarao. So book your accommodations now and enjoy the best of what the place has to offer.


The Effects Of Brexit On London Financial Firms

Prime Minister Theresa May has outlined her plans for Brexit but a major law firm has warned that if London pulls out of the European single market, there will be serious implications for the city. However, Simon Gleeson said that the effects will not be fatal because London will remain to be Europe’s financial centre for a short term. This will ensure that negotiations for market access and regulatory cooperation will be less difficult for Great Britain and the European Union.

London financial firms are waiting whether the United Kingdom can hold on to its passporting rights to allow them to trade freely with the EU. Since the Brexit vote, banks have issued stern warnings that thousands of jobs may shift to their rival financial centres in Europe or the United States if the UK loses its right to sell financial services to the EU.

If the United Kingdom loses it passporting rights, US banking giant JP Morgan said that about 4,000 jobs will be leaving the UK. Goldman Sachs has threatened that it will move 2,000 roles. HSBC has also claimed to transfer 1,000 positions from London to Paris.

According to Xavier Rolet, the chief executive of the London Stock Exchange Group, the industry of financial services must be given a 5-year transition period after Article 50 is triggered. During the transition, timing is very crucial because forcing the industry to reconfigure itself before inter-government agreement may result into inefficiency and wasted costs.

In the sequence of events, inter-governmental agreement must come first before the financial industry responds to the decision. In reaction to Theresa May’s clarification of the future relationships between the UK and EU, Anthony Browne of the British Banker’s Association said that existing member states of the EU will ensure that there is a smooth exit so that there will be no cliff-effects particularly for the financial sector.

No map is more appealing than the London City Illustrated Map because of the creativity invested to ensure that it is aesthetically and visually appealing. By referring to an illustrated map of a city, a first-time visitor can easily find directions because the map focuses on well known landmarks and establishments.


Wedding Fairs In Wirral, Liverpool And Nearby

For those brides and grooms in the metropolitan county of Merseyside, the following weddings fairs all have dresses, cakes, wedding planners, photographers and more in one roof.

Liverpool Echo compiled a guide to the weddings fairs happening in Wirral, Liverpool and nearby areas during the next months of this year.

Suites Hotel & Spa

Suites Hotel & Spa is going to host a wedding fair this February 23 from 6pm to 8pm. The guests are going to be given the opportunity to examine the hotel carefully while getting expert advice.

Alison Lockhart, the hotel’s Conference & Events Manager mentioned that their aim is still to remain as the choice for wedding destination in the North West.

She added that guests will find out more information about their available packages, which are going to add an extra sparkle to a couple’s wedding day.

Leasowe Castle

Leasowe Castle, which is a 16th century destination for weddings that has views of the Wirral coastline, is going to welcome greater than 40 exhibitors throughout its 6 rooms.

Operations Manager Joseph Williamson mentioned that the castle is full of historic charm which lets couples feel like a king and a queen of the castle through their own fairy tale.

In their wedding fair, they are going to aptly dress the venue for brides and grooms-to-be to experience what it will be like to tie the knot in a castle setting, according to him.

Leasowe Castle’s wedding fair is going to happen on January 29 from 12pm to 4pm.

The Liverpool Wedding Show

This wedding show is popular for being the ultimate shopping experience for weddings. It is the region’s largest wedding show, which has more than 150 companies attending.

There are wedding exhibitors, specialists, demonstrations, catwalk shows, and so much more.

The Liverpool Wedding Show will happen at the Exhibition Centre on January 21 and 22 between 10am and 5pm.

Summing up

Weddings are really a special day for couples, including their families and friends. Meanwhile in Australia, there is a Marquee Hire in Sydney, or a party for hire for those that want to have a beautifully planned ceremony and reception.