Is Weed Wedding A New Trend?

Bec Koop was busy passing out joints to guests of the wedding party who wants to have one. It was not lighted until the bride and groom enters the reception and from there she will announce that everyone will light up their joint for the first time in celebration of the married couple. The gesture is considered as a modern take for the champagne toast where everyone inhales and release a cloud of smoke.

It is not unusual for Koop because it comes with her line of work. She works at Irie Weddings & Events. In fact, she is one half of the team of two who founded the business. They offer wedding planning services but cannabis oriented at the same time. Her business partner is Madlyne Kelly. Their business operates at a base in Denver and they also cater to traditional weddings. According to the Colorado law, marijuana is legal thus many businesses are capitalizing with the concept of wedding and joints coming together. Many businesses view this concept as an opportunity such as florists, bakers and caterers.

Irie Weddings & Events was able to organize a dozen of weed ceremonies last year and for 2017, they have more than that number booked already. The fact that there are now cannabis weddings is a proof that the use of marijuana is getting normal and usual as the days passes by. It is now transforming from a drug that is used only as past time and during night time parties but as a product suitable for adults who view them as a gourmet alternative.

According to the proprietor of Top Shelf Budtending, Andrew Mieure, their business specializes in serving marijuana during parties and special events. Brides are now looking for a new level of sophistication that is unusual for the wedding industry.

Another like-minded businessman was Cliff Stokes who thought of offering limo services to pot smokers within Denver. He was surprised to see that majority of his riders are posh customers and not the expected joint users. As it is common for party hire in Melbourne, it is not far that someday weed wedding will be recognized all over the world too.


Aprilia Motivated Espargaro During Race At Sepang

Aleix Espargaro announced that he is satisfied with the performance of Aprilia during the pre-season test opening of the MotoGP held at Sepang. Its performance excelled the most in a long distance race.

Espargaro is known to be a former rider under Suzuki. During the pre-season test, he was able to finish on the 13th place among the fastest under the combined classification category. The race test was held at the Malaysian track. Espargaro was only 0.740 seconds behind Maverick Vinales who is riding for Yamaha. Vinales is also known to be a pacesetter and the former teammate of Espargaro.

Espargaro was included among a number of riders that suffered a fall during the last day of running which interrupted the race simulation. He crashed with the latest version of RS-GP during the last leg of the Turn 15.

Espargaro said that because they were able to finish as the seven tenths after quickest rider and they have a very fast time from Maverick then they are quite satisfied with the result.

He added that as he is almost to the end, he performed a race simulation but he was only able to do 13 laps using the rear tyre before he crashed at the last corner. Espargaro thinks that the pace is not bad at that rate. He also believed that they are almost 12 seconds from the top riders which raced over a distance and it is the most important thing for him.

Aprilia brought to the race in Sepang a motorbike with engine that has been heavily revised which is under the 2017 updates of the brand. Espargaro presented his positive feedbacks about it and he also highlighted the fact that the new motor feature is not being used to its maximum potential.

Spaniard said that they have done a bit of tweaking to improve the engine. They have conducted tests on the new engine and it proved to be better than before. They also improve the speed as well as the acceleration.

He added that they are still improving the stability while being accelerated and improvement is being done in all their units of Aprilia motorbikes.


Protecting Your Business Against Tax Investigations

Setting up a business has never been easy. Aside from time, you have to sacrifice days and even nights just to ensure that it will be successful. You have to talk with a million people and sign a billion of forms. Oh, and you have to make sure every operation has gone through legal inspection and was approved by the authorized personnel!

Seems like the start of a headache, right? Well, wait to hear this. Aside from these nuisances, you also have to deal with taxes! Recently, there have been some new actions from government tax collectors. They are now doing tax amnesties in order to ensure that businesses are paying the right amount of tax.

Of course, this becomes a big problem, especially for small business owners. Even though you were able to pay all your taxes on time, there is a possibility that the tax collectors will perform tax investigation in your company. Oh, and you have to pay for that investigation!

So how can you lessen that possibility of having a tax investigation? More importantly, how can you protect your business from the risk of a tax investigation? There are a thousand and one way to do this. The most important thing is to always keep an accurate recordkeeping. Also, make sure to understand all your tax responsibilities.

Another way to protect your business is through insurance. Nowadays, many companies are now offering an insurance against tax investigation. So how does this work? This insurance type covers the cost of defending your business against investigations, VAT, and even self-assessment. It can also help when you opt to appeal in the local court’s system. Included in this insurance is a good tax protection cover which can afford you with the access to a legal and tax advice helpline for whenever you need it.

Remember that when setting up your business, there are risks that you need to shoulder on. Moreover, you have to protect your business for it to be successful. Though tax insurances can be expensive, it will help you a lot in the coming days, especially when problems arise.


Newly Improved Grooved Decking And Cedar Shake Launched

After the sale that Royal Building Products made with Westlake Chemical Corp., the company is now launching its new grooved decking as well as cedar shake that is expected to be next huge seller thus the company decided to add to its capacity.

Nowadays, contractors are looking for products that are easy to install while consumers are in search for decks made of natural wood but would require no maintenance. These are the reasons why there is a higher demand for the growing lines of decking made of cellular PVC named Zuri while the siding is named Cellular Celect. This is according to the senior vice president of the company, Simon Bates, in a statement made during the International Builders’ Show.

Royal is a subsidiary of Royal Group Inc. based in Woodbridge, Ontario and the parent company is Axiall Corp. It was only last summer when it was acquired by Westlake, a company based in Houston, for $33 for every share. The enterprise value of the sale amounted to approximately $3.8 billion which already accounts to the debt and certain liabilities of Axiall.

Before the deal was finalized, there a lot of issues surrounding the deal including heated negotiations, rumor of takeover bid coming from Lotte Chemical Corp. and threats of entering a proxy fight. Eventually, Axiall and Westlake were able to agree and the acquisition resulted to the second biggest producer of PVC found in North America and the leading company in manufacturing vinyl building products.

Bates said that 2016 was a challenging year for them since the transaction only started on August 31. He admitted that the transition was quite smooth afterwards especially on the part of the people under the building products. They feel that they are already in a good place knowing that they are wanted by a large and successful company such as Westlake.

Royal was able to grow because of thseir two top products – Zuri decking and Celect siding. Bates is optimistic that their newly released groove decking will outshine the other regular boards. It is common for newer and better products to be used by contractors such as Fiberon Decking.


Apple Moving To Ireland Due To Taxes

Apple, the technology firm giant, will be moving the current headquarters of its global iTunes business from Luxembourg. At the start of this month, they will be heading to their new headquarters located in Ireland.

The company made an announcement last year in September regarding the plan to move and it is now following through. During the time of announcement, Apple has already moved its iTunes assets worth around $9 billion to the island country. Its existing developer contracts have also been moved to one of the entities of the company located in Ireland, Apple Distribution International.

In a note that was sent to all the developers, starting 5th of February, the all of the operations of iTunes under Apple which are done outside the US soil will be done in its new European headquarters located in Cork, Ireland. Some of the businesses that are included in the move will be the iBooks Store, the iTunes Store, the App Store and Apple Music.

After the operation of iTunes has been established in Cork, Apple will start to mark it as the company’s expansion of core business in the country. There are currently 5,500 people employed by Apple in Cork and in an announcement last year, the company expressed its intention of expansion which will create another 1,000 jobs within 18 months.

Cork is the second largest city of Ireland and Apple is currently its largest employer in the private sector. According to an estimate made by economists, the operations conducted by Apple in Ireland will result to an annual amount of $24 billion which will cover investment, taxes and salaries.

There have been previous indications that the company will be moving but it is still viewed as a way of the company to show that European Union officials what they felt despite the rigorous regulations imposed on the technology firm during its operations in Ireland.

The issue started because of the generous tax structure of the country when it comes to corporate businesses. The country only requires 12.5 per cent of tax from corporations that are within its borders while the United States is requiring a 35 per cent tax for corporate firms.

Apple was given a better deal so long as the company decided to moves its European headquarters branch to Ireland. The agreement is that the country will give Apple permission to sell its products and the imposed tax will be less than one per cent.

Many companies are moving because of the issue with tax. For companies moving from and to UAE, it is best to contact a trusted moving company such as Wise Move in Dubai.