Manufacturer Lays Off Half Its Production Staff; Truck In Guelp Exploding In Flames

A manufacturer that operates in the industry of trucking in Gulephand a supplier of dump trucks has lain off almost half of the company’s production employees. It had been the Hitachi plant located in Woodlawn Road West, which has continually seen a decline of personnel for seven years. RK Padiyath, the Chief Operating Officer, has stated that the layoff had been a result of restructuring for a global business plan. The laid off employees had received packages in preparation a few weeks prior.


Back in 2012, southern Ontario’s federal government agency had loaned over $6 million to Hitachi for its expansion project that was predicted to prove the area with over 240 jobs. However, the demand for their product has dwindled and the promised jobs had not been filled.


In a statement released by the federal government in Ontario, Hitachi had met the terms and conditions necessary in the agreement, and that the truck manufacturer is presently working on the process of accomplishing their repayment obligations.


Bleak as it may sound, the Hitachi COO had stated that the business does not end with the astounding amount of people laid off for the current restructuring. He has assured that they will be able to bounce back in the changing times as the business sets off for on a different direction to fulfil its goals. The employees that have been chosen to remain are not alarmed by the recent developments, as they feel their jobs are not at stake.


It had been said that the office employees, contrary to the production staff, that have been laid off had not been offered severance packages. A representative has not immediately responded to any requests of confirmation on the issue.


In other news, trucking in Guelph still proves to be precarious when lacking driver attention to the road as Highway 401’s westbound lanes were shut down on the 3rd of June. A truck had caught fire at around 11:00 along the Guelph Line exit. At least two lanes of the highway had been closed for hours, black smoke lay thick in the air. There had been no serious injuries.


Startup Pushing For Electric Bike That Shift Shape With Collision Warning

Damon is a startup firm based in Canada that is planning to disrupt the motorcycle market with the latest technology. Innovation has clearly impacted everything in the industry from the gears sold in motorcycle clothing store to the actual motorcycles itself. According to the startup company, its motorcycle will follow a geometry that makes it possible to use different riding position and it also comes equipped with a collision warning system by tracking the condition of the road traffic. This is specifically created with the safety of the riders as the top priority.

Damon is an upcoming company specializing in motorcycle technology with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. As of the moment, it is involved in several projects but the end goal is to combine everything in order to develop a new electric motorcycle. The startup has already collected around $1.9 million from the seed funding they launched. The company said in a statement that they will “Damonize” motorcycle manufacturers so they can be the supplier of next generation motorcycle safety technologies to leading brands.

The safety system they have developed is called the Advance Warning System for Motorcycles. It comes with a number of sensors, radar, net computing and camera. With this tech, it can monitor around 64 objects that are in proximity with the motorcycle while on the road. this monitoring system has the capacity to analyse trajectories as well as behaviours to determine accidents and send a warning beforehand.

The cockpit of the bike is installed with LED strips that will light up as a warning along with vibration units embedded on the grip. The dash will also feature a rear view camera to give the rider a wide-angle view of what is behind the motorcycle.

As much as possible, safety is prioritized with motorcycle clothing store stocking up with safety gear which is why Damon understands the need of the consumers when it comes to the type of motorcycle they want to own. A prototype of the AWSM system was already made by Damon that is used for demo rides.


The Growing Trend of Hotel-Like Serviced Offices

There are many instances where it is difficult to justify Express Fitouts to the stakeholders. However, an office fitout comes with many benefits beyond that of giving a right impression. Most businesses are judged based on their physical appearance but aside from aesthetic impact, office fitout can make the workforce comfortable, more productive and efficient.

First time visitors will be surprised when they walk into Fora’s newest office in London’s Fitzrovia. It looks like the lobby of a high-end hotel with visitors sipping coffee on plush coaches and floors line with hand-woven rugs.

Fora is a serviced office not a hotel. Fora houses a number of businesses that includes a film production company and a financial services organization that pay rent for a flexible contract for workspace.  Serviced offices highlight the shift from the simple provision of space to a service-like model that resembles the hospitality industry.

Serviced offices are not new because in the late 1980’s Regus now known as IWG introduced the idea of renting out a small space on a short-term basis. At the start of the decade, a new wave of high tech serviced offices emerged when Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey launched WeWork. Almost of half of the flexible workspaces in the US opened in 2015. In 2018, more than 1.5 million people are using co-working spaces all over the world.

Since WeWork, an influx of brands was introduced to the market. It provided tenants with an opportunity to realize their high standards with extra features. New York-based Camp David that opened two years ago boasts of high design aesthetics with luxury space that looks like a private member’s club instead of an office.

More specialist offers are available from co-working spaces exclusive for women to office spaces that focus on wellness experience. In UK, Office Group has opened a boxing gym in its London offices while others have meditation areas and music rooms.

If you want an office tailored to your specific needs, the best option is Express Fitouts that is well experienced in developing office design and furnishings. With good planning and design, space can be efficiently utilized so that both employees and clients will be more comfortable.


What Companies Should Do To Promote Workplace Of Harmony

Bringing together different individuals to work in one place to achieve one goal is not an easy feat. The same dedication is needed when doing team building activities except for the fact that there are consequences should the team failed to work with harmony on their given roles. While we have come a long way, there are still many improvements that need to be practiced and implemented in order for a working environment to become an equal platform for every worker regardless of gender.

It is recommended for businesses to share their stories if they wanted to recruit more employees. It is best to tackle why your place of business is a suitable match for women looking to expand their experience. This can be accomplished by implementing regulations that are family-friendly and committed to the equality between men and women. To create a culture of equality, it is important to start from the top. This will let the public know that the company is doing everything possible to promote gender diversity.

In order for women workers to remain in the company, they must be given options. They should be offered as much flexibility without going over the boundary of the company’s rules and regulations but they should also be given autonomy to make them feel like they still own their times as mothers for their children. The company should also look at the results of a task done rather than on the number of hours spent on it.

In order for the workplace to become a place of harmony for all gender, the company leaders should keep in mind that women should be given freedom as to their choices rather than basing on what other people think they should be doing. At the end of the day, men and women only wanted to receive the same things – reasonable pay, promotion and fair evaluation. Organizing events for team building activities will be helpful for everyone as they try to see eye to eye. It is essential for companies to realize that for women, tension is a risk if work collides with their personal lives.


Remarkable Liveaboard Destinations For The Holidays

Doing the same thing or not doing anything for the holidays may soon change with a liveaboard diving cruise. Most companies that provide liveaboard diving cruise make sure to give a pleasant, memorable experience to their clients. The custom-built yacht takes the diver closer to the spectacular underwater adventure.

Some of the world’s best destinations for a diving holiday include Indonesia, Turks & Caicos Islands, and Galapagos. Each diving destination offers something different and exciting. Just when the diver thought that he had seen everything, another piece of wonder reveals itself. Each underwater world offers something new.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia has the highest marine biodiversity in the world. Tourists and divers would almost always never pass on the chance to experience liveaboard in Indonesia. The dive site opportunities are close to infinity, with many diving sites only accessible via liveaboard. Indonesia prides itself of 600 species of coral and more than 3,000 fish species.

  1. Turks & Caicos Islands

The turquoise waters surround Turks & Caicos Islands. The living coral reefs expand to 1,000 square miles beneath the turquoise waters. The underwater world of Turks & Caicos is a Mecca for divers. It has a plethora of marine life in all sizes as well as expansive underwater visibility. A diver gets to see an amazing world clearly as it unfolds before his eyes.

  1. Galapagos

The Galapagos archipelago is a famous site for shark diving around Darwin and Wolf Islands. The remote and small islands can only be reached via liveaboard. Beneath the waters of the islands, the divers will be able to see some endemic animals that cannot be found anywhere else. The archipelago keeps some rare creatures, such as the giant land tortoises and Galapagos sharks. Divers may also encounter sea lions, manta rays, whale sharks, and/or a school of hammerheads on one of their exploration.

It is best to try the liveaboard in Indonesia or other diving destination of choice while it is still possible. No one knows when some of the creatures become extinct, by then it may too late. The liveaboard diving cruises are always available any time of the year. Just ask the liveaboard provider for the best time to explore a certain diving destination.