How an Audit Insurance Can Aid You During Mandatory Tax Audits

In many cases, the Australian Taxation Office will accept your tax returns as filed. However, through their website, you’ll find that the computerised screening at random will be used for requesting a tax audit. Just because you received a notice for audit, you have erroneously or dishonestly filed your tax returns. To ensure you’re really protected from further investigation or review, you need an audit insurance from a reliable and reputed insurance company.

If you receive a notice for tax audit, you have every right for a defence. Once you receive the audit notice, you need to keep it in a safe place, so you can find it easily. It does make good sense if you keep detailed information about your tax returns like business records, deductible expenses, banking records, and anything relevant to your tax return. Depending on the audit, you need to keep records for a considerable amount of time.

The very first precaution you must take is never to file your tax returns by yourself unless you are familiar with the tax codes. Many Australian taxpayers just don’t know how to live life, operate a business and learn about new tax laws and codes each year. Using franchised software programs may be dangerous to use if you don’t know about any tax codes. You may be prone to identity theft or may lead you to questioning about the tax audit.

The tax code is mind-boggling and complicated. If you receive a tax audit notice, you don’t have to panic. You need to engage yourself in a tax audit insurance to defend you during the audit before taking any action. This insurance will provide you protection from all the questions ATO will need to know about your tax issues. If you seek no help, then you may be ending up making criminal penalties, which will need trials for the actions. This will include tax evasion, wilful failure to file a tax return, supply information, pay any tax dues, and prepare or filing fraudulent returns.

Find a credible and reputed audit insurance company and you’ll be safe. Paying taxes is serious and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


How To Go Similan Islands Diving

Most travellers come to the Similan Islands to enjoy snorkelling or scuba diving. Over the years, Similan diving safaris have become the main activities on the islands. Many divers are somehow interested in the magnificent marine life and pristine underwater landscape of the Andaman. The Similan Islands diving is quite renowned around the world, and they are often nominated as one of the top dive destinations. Especially on the months of October till May, the Andaman Sea has perfect water conditions making the underwater visible and appropriate for snorkelling and diving. You can possibly dive the Similan Islands without a wetsuit.

The many diving sites in the Similan Islands have unique features like the magnificent coral reefs and huge underwater boulders. You’ll also find spectacular wildlife such as manta rays, whale sharks, turtles and millions of colourful fishes only found when you go diving. It has been declared one of the top diving destinations of the world by the National Geographic and other leading travel media. You will find out how the Similan Islands diving is the best in the world.

How to Find the Best Scuba Spots?

Many travellers come to the Similan Islands to enjoy diving in many spots through its unique underwater features. You can plan where to dive or choose a liveaboard to go diving for many days and see the spectacular views of the seawater. What you first need to know is to learn scuba diving through diving centres found at the coasts.  You will need to take up a PADI advance open water course to ensure you know how to dive and handle the dive equipment. The course will take at least three days, and you’re good to go diving.

If you’re not into the sport of diving, you can go snorkelling in one of the most beautiful areas in Thailand. As the seawaters are calm and warm, Similan snorkelling can suit people of all ages. Choose a day trip or book a Similan Islands liveaboard. Depending on where the trips take you, capture pictures to make memories and enjoy your favourite snorkelling or diving sport while you’re here.


The Importance Of Skip Bin Hire In Northern Beaches

Residential and commercial establishments can accumulate huge amounts of waste especially when doing renovations, constructing a new building, holding an event, and many other activities. There are people who dispose of these waste materials and rubbish the traditional way by putting them in a bag, loading to the truck and dumping them to the landfill. This is an expensive method to do, time-consuming as well as harmful to the environment.

Today, there is a modern way of disposing of your waste materials and rubbish through a skip bin hire in Northern Beaches that is equipped with complete tools to handle the job. Hiring a professional for the disposal of rubbish provides quick disposal at an affordable price with a minimal impact on the environment.


  • Save on time

Time is precious that’s why it’s important to use it wisely. Spending your precious time for the disposal of your rubbish is not practical. It not only consumes your time but also puts you into risk while doing the job. Waste disposal involves proper tools and expertise to avoid unnecessary incidents that can harm yourself, the people around you, and the environment. Using a skip bin hire in Northern Beaches to do the job is the best way in disposing of your rubbish.

  • Safety

During the process of rubbish disposal, the chance of exposure to harmful substances and hazardous materials is high, thus, creating risks on health and safety. Hiring a service provider can mitigate these risks because they are more knowledgeable on the way how to handle the job.

  • Impact on the environment

A service provider for rubbish disposal is equipped with the latest recycling technology and sorting methodologies to ensure safe disposal not harmful to nature.

  • Convenience

You can enjoy the convenience offered by a bin hire while the job is ongoing. Entrusting the job to a reliable provider allows you to have peace of mind which is an important factor.

  • Savings

A bin hire is affordable because it delivers your skip to your place and picks it up on the day that is convenient to you, thus, you will not hire another transport for the equipment.

Proper waste disposal needs careful handling to avoid harm to people and to the environment as a responsible individual in society.



Social Media Goes Wild Over $5 Carpet Cleaning Trick

People like their homes clean, as any company that handles carpet cleaning in Perth or anywhere else knows, the less time and energy needed to make that happen, the better. So it comes as no surprise when a new carpet cleaning trick, one that only needs a $5 squeegee, popped up, it became a hit.

Cleaning guru and British Instagram Star Mrs. Hinch, AKA Sohpie Hinchcliffe, recently revealed to the world at large, via social media, the trick behind her squeaky-clean carpet. Said trick is a simple tool, designed for cleaning windows, that she uses in order to get all the hidden dust, dirt and other grime from the fibres of her carpet.

According to her, it was also a great way to get into the hard-to-reach areas around your carpet, like the corners.

She shared her trick with her followers, all 1.8 million of them, saying that vacuuming only makes the carpet appear clean, there’s still deeply hidden dirt within it, and, on Instagram, she shared how a $5 squeegee, available to companies that handle carpet cleaning in Perth and anywhere else, as well as homeowners, could reveal how much dirt is hiding under the carpets.

As expected, other people on social media gave the hack a try, and the accounts are telling. One entry from a follower said that they always thought their carpets were clean, until they tried Mrs. Hinch’s trick, which led to a lot of pet hair getting pulled up, and a bit of disgust on the homeowner’s part. According to the user, they took a squeegee, and, quite literally, dragged it across the entirety of the carpet, which let it rack up all the hair and dirt on it.

Mrs. Hinch spoke to local UK outlet, The Sun saying that she only made the Mrs. Hinch Home account in order to put her home pictures somewhere, somewhere that wasn’t her personal Instagram. Now, she’s an internet sensation, who openly admits that cleaning helps her with anxiety and panic issues.

Cleaning hacks have been hot on the internet recently, like that denture cleaning hack that’s taken the internet by storm thanks to some very effective results.



Hawthorn Leaves Behind Traditional White Strip For A New Away Jumper

As any self-respecting AFL store knows, team guernsey changes are big news, due to the value and history that ends up attached to the designs.

Take Hawthorn’s latest away guernsey, which does away with the team’s traditional brown and gold stripes for the majority of the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Predominantly gold, this jumper design harkens back to the one the club was using back in the 1933 VFL season, and will be used by the team for eight games for the next season as the Hawthorn Hawks travel across the state to face home teams at Marvel Stadium.

The new look is the first time the Hawks will be playing in a guernsey that isn’t their traditional vertical stripes design, which has their been their look since the design was first chosen back in 1950, iconic both to many a AFL store and Hawks fan, and will be replacing the away jumper that’s been in use since 2013, the one sporting brown-with-gold-stripes.

More importantly, and in a more practical sense, the club will no longer have to play with predominantly white clash strips, with details on the change revealed by Club President Jeff Kennett via a letter that was sent out to club members back in August.

White, the letter from Kennett says, is the colour of surrender, and Hawthorn is not a club that surrenders, and that the other strip will never see the light of day. He also noted that brown and gold works well with other colours, so the team will be sporting the new guernsey for every game, save for the Indigenous Round.

This new design is part of the ‘Legends’ jumper series for the club, which will feature the names of the club’s icons on its design. For this guernsey, the club pays tribute to Coach John Kennedy Sr., who led the club to three premiership victories, with his signature inscribed proudly on the jumper’s front side.

Club CEO Justin Reeves discussed the redesign’s intentions, from honouring Kennedy, to reflecting the club’s colours; brown and gold. He says that this guernsey, and the whole of the Legends series, is all about the Hawks honouring their history, and this design, sporting the club’s traditional colours in a unique design, accompanied by the signature of one of the club’s most influential icons, is a good start.