Has Utah Taken The Right Step To Lower BAC Limits For Drunk Driving?

The overall advantage of having a DUI lawyer is that they know the laws of the state on drunk driving. They know how to defend the offender and reduce the penalty or sentencing. They know how to minimize the impact of a lengthily suspension of the driver’s license to daily life as well as the job.

States in the US have different laws when it comes to drunk driving. In Utah, DUI laws are strictest with .05 blood alcohol content (BAC) limit. Credible sources like the University of Pennsylvania and Baylor has backed Utah.

Researchers from these institutions have revealed that the new .05 BAC limit does not reduce the freedom to drink alcohol. It does not target social drinking but impaired driving. According to co-author Stephanie Morain, a person has the right to drink as much as he wants as long as he does not get behind the wheel of his car.

Morain further said that in the field of public health ethics, restricting the freedom of a human is acceptable to prevent harm to others. The law lowering BAC to .05 is an ideal example. Many people say that .05 BAC levels are not dangerous but according to National Highway Transportation 2,107 people died nationwide involving drivers with BAC from .01 to .07 in 2016.

Several nations in Europe have adapted the .05 BAC limits but it seems that Americans always find an excuse to be able to drink and drive. Utah is being strongly criticized by the American Beverage Institute which is encouraging people from other states to stop visiting Utah.

There are very few arguments other than the insubstantial excuses of criminalizing responsible drinkers. These were the same tactics used when the BAC limits were lowered to.08 in the past. The law does little harm but it enhances road safety.

If you think you have been wrongly accused of drunk driving, call a DUI lawyer who knows the law. They know the right defense that carries weight. They can present your case more effectively and persuasively than if you do it alone. Do not compromise your future by ignoring the need for a qualified and experienced lawyer.


What To Know About EMS Parcel Delivery Services?

If you live or spend a vacation in Thailand, then you’ll likely send something back to your home. Whatever it is, whether a correspondence, package or a purchase from a fabulous shopping spree, you’ll want to know the cheapest international ส่งพัสดุ ems from the most reputed and reliable shipper.

This article will tell you how to ship goods from Thailand to your desired country. You’ll know how to pack the items, accomplish the right documents, and choose the right shipper. You’ll also learn the shipping policies that government agencies utilise to send your parcels outside of Thailand.

Preparing a Package

When you prepare a package to ship internationally, take extra care while packaging the goods. Some ส่งพัสดุ ems services suggest this packing process. The packages may be subject to a variety of abuse, and this is true for international, shipping in Thailand. If you mark your package fragile, then rough handling is avoided, and your package is treated well. If you want your parcels protected against water damage or too high temperatures, ensure your items are packed appropriately, like putting into a plastic bag to stay dry, or inserting them in fabrics to keep it cool. Take pictures of the package to know these will look the same way as your recipient will receive it.


If you’re shipping items out of Thailand, you’ll need to accomplish a Thai declaration form. Some of the shippers may help fill out the form, as they can’t ship the parcel outside Thailand if the form is unavailable. Ensure you indicate the name of sender and receiver, the address, the items you are shipping, the quantity and its value.

Shipping Services

Wherever you may be in Thailand, there will be private and government-funded shippers to handle the ส่งพัสดุ ems of your items. You also need to know that these shipping services will only handle few items sent to another country. If you were to send a large volume of belongings, what you need is a relocation company. To find one near your area, ask quotes before engaging in their delivery services.  Ensure they are reputed and reliable through information read from reviews or through word of mouth.



The Benefits And Uses of Stainless-Steel Wiremesh

Welded wire mesh is a screen that is constructed with the use of metals and wires. It is placed in intersecting positions in stainless steel materials to avoid corrosion and rust. The welded wire mesh has several sizes and shapes that are used for numerous purposes.

The popular wiremesh(เหล็กไวร์เมช)made of stainless steel has several benefits and uses. They are often used in the area of agriculture to protect and secure growing plants and domesticated animals such as poultry and piggery, in commercial and industrial areas for security reasons, in construction sites, and residential areas. Stainless wiremesh is also used in constructing swimming pools, tunnels, manhole chambers, and parking lots.

The security purposes of wiremesh are also significant factors that make it a commonly-used product for the safety of many places and materials. The wire mesh keeps people secured in the areas they are staying in. Wire mesh comes in several types, styles, and colours to suit different purposes. It is also available in various heights to cater to the needs of different structures. You can purchase wire mesh online or buy them in shops.

Wire mesh is not only helpful for the safety and security of people and products but also as protection against pests, rodents, and other insects that infest residential and commercial buildings and leave dreaded germs behind. The design of wire mesh is perfectly suited to address the issues of safety and security.

Welded mesh is also used in various construction sites such as paving of highways and roads. Often, the welded mesh is also used in building airport roads. Wire mesh is ideal to use in the construction of concrete floors and slabs to ensure durability and strength throughout.

The use of stainless-steel wire mesh is so popular around the world. It is a versatile product with a wide range of useful applications. It has a variety of specifications that are useful in different areas of commercial and residential construction structures.

The importance of wire mesh goes a long way. It is essential to be familiar with this affordable material that provides safety, security, efficiency, and elegance of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.


Why Exercise Equipment Must Be Installed By Gym Installation Services

When gym memberships are too expensive or if you don’t have time to go to the gym, home exercise equipment can be a great option. Before you spend for a new equipment, ensure you know what exercise equipment to buy and have gym installation services install it properly into your home. Besides, you need to consider your lifestyle and budget as you shop around for the best price.

What the Adverts Say

A great way to shape up is a home exercise equipment, and you need to use it regularly. Advertisements assuring fast and easy results are selling their products fast and not to lose weight or tone muscles. Here are some claims which you need to look out for:

  • It’s quick, easy and effortless:

Whatever products advertisers promote for their products, they will say that you’ll shape up and lose weight so easily. There is no such thing as a fit, healthy body if you don’t workout or sweat it away.

  • Promises to fix your problem areas:

You can’t effortlessly burn fats on your hips and thighs unless you start working out. Do regular exercises that works on your body,so you burn all those calories.

If you want electronic muscle stimulators, ensure you have gym installation services properly installing the equipment.

What to Do When Buying an Exercise Equipment

Now you have done your job by looking at claims in a skeptical manner, but your job isn’t finished yet. Before purchasing an equipment, you need gears that will make you really workout and get you back in shape.

  • Start working out: You need to make the equipment change your habits. Start working out so the gears don’t end collecting dust.


  • Find the right equipment: Before buying, ensure you have tested the machine at a local gym to make it work. Read reviews about the efficiency of the exercise machine you plan to buy. You need to achieve your goals before putting it to waste.


  • Find the best price: Some exercise companies promote their equipment in three easy payments. However, you need to find out how much they cost, including sales tax, shipping and other delivery fees. Find out for warranties. You also need gym installation services to securely deliver the equipment right in your home.


Ascot International School With Additional IB Authorisation

Ascot International School, an international primary school in Thailand, has been in operation at Ramkhamhaeng Soi 118 since 1995, and has acquired several accreditations and authorisations, like CIS and IB Diploma Programme, among others.

The school recently announced that it just received more authorisation, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), making it one of the four schools in the Thai capital to have the authorisation for multiple programmes.

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme is available to kids in the age range of 3-11 y.o., and different from the traditional methods of classrooms in that its designed students to challenge the ideas presented to them, ask questions, and, of course, extend their skills.

Ascot Headmaster Gary Booth explains that the learning process invariably involves taking risks, and the point of the programme is to create a safe environment for their students to learn, make choices about how they learn and behaviour in order to grow into adaptable and well-rounded students.

Ascot is a PYP school, where teachers act less than instructors and more like guides to students, who don’t just sit passively in their chairs, they’re active and move around the education space, going to the library, collecting data outdoors, or interacting with their teacher. A PYP classroom commonly has students working together in groups as they learn cooperatively, consult learning material, research or just gathering info from other people and their environment.

The IB PYP programme ends in a Year 6 exhibition, where the now-11 year old students working together in order to conduct an in-dept inquiry into issues and problems that afflict the real world. This activity is aimed at having the students use the transdisciplinary skills that they pick up over the programme’s duration in order to present their inquiry to the school, in any method that they deem fit.

Currently, the international primary school in Thailand accepts students from 18 months up to 18 years of age, allowing them to complete secondary education in familiar environs and avoid the problem of having to readjust to a new learning environment. Additionally, this also lets Ascot keep an eye on the students’ development, letting the school meet their needs.