A New Startup Company Uses Theatre And Arts To Train Employees

A new Indian company, based in Chennai, has garnered some attention from the conference and event management industry, as well as a lot of the corporate world in India and certain parts of Asia, thanks to their bold approach in behavioural and corporate training.

The startup company, Training Sideways, was co-founded by TM Karthik, Karthik Kumar and Sunil Vishnu, who have shared experience in acting, theatre, conference and event management, as well as corporate operations. According to Vishnu, the trio conducted acting workshops in the past in Begaluru, with the people they worked with during the workshops, part-time actors and professionals, gave feedback on using the techniques of art and theatre in corporate training. The trio, with this feedback, formed Training Sideways with the idea of using these to promote employee bonding, leaderships skills and other key skills in the workspace.

The startup company, also known as Evam Corporate Training Pvt. Ltd., offers corporate and behavioural training using experiential methods from varying fields in the art industry. Sunil says that, as a behavioural training firm, they work on training across levels, handling a range of corporate functions, from team building, up to and including innovation workshops, as well as collaboration and visioning.

Sunil says that Training Sideways also works with conference and event management companies, as well as large companies in order to help instil some energy into events, with performances and flash mobs. He says that this matches the theme of corporate learning, and learning by experience.

Sunil and Karthik started up Evam as an entertainment company, and only created the Training Sideways program in 2012, 9 years after its founding. A while later, actor TM Karthik joined the duo, bringing in 2 decades of corporate experience.

Training Sideways started in Chennai, before expanding across Indi to Bengaluru and Mumbai, after a while, the company went international, with a minor foothold in Singapore. The organisation claims it has a growth rate in behavioural  training of 20-30%. They say that it has about 130 clients, which includes such corporate titans as Accenture, Google and Vodafone.

A media report says that the corporate training market across the world will be growing at a CAGR of 10.55% around 2016-2020. Training Sideways is one of many startups using theatre and arts in order to bring better training to corporate environments.


Termite Proof Your Home During Festive Season

Termites are big problem that invade your home silently. Termite infestation is hard to spot as it starts from underneath the ground. You cannot see the huge colonies of termites built underground. Homeowners get to know about the infestation only after it reaches a serious stage and termites start to appear on the furniture and walls.

It is very essential to consult a good pest control service that specializes in carrying out termite inspections in Sydney, with modern equipment. The trained pest control specialists scour your entire property for traces of infestation. An early identification will lead to fast and effective treatments to keep away this tiny invader away from your home.

Here are some tips to keep away unwanted pests away from your home

  • Before you bring the decoration materials inside check them for pests and insects. The cardboard boxes stored in damp and dark areas are pest attractions. Termites, spiders and cockroaches love to build nests in these boxes. It is always advisable to open the boxes outside and check them carefully for any traces of termites and pests.
  • Christmas trees are other way termites and pests enter inside your home. Check the tree very closely for insects and pests before bringing it inside your home. Select a healthy tree and clean it properly before bringing it inside.
  • Firewood is a major attraction for termites and insects. The firewood stacked outside your home is a pest magnet for termites and other pests that feed on wood. To prevent pest infestation happening, always store the firewood away from your house.

You can follow these steps to minimize the chances of pest and termite infestation inside your home. They help you have a pest free celebration and keep your home and family healthy.

A better tip to keep your home safe from pest infestation permanently is to opt for a good quality pest and termite control. The specialist pest control workers will carry out detailed termite inspections in Sydney to carefully scour the surroundings of your house and yard for infestation. They will provide the necessary solutions to treat the problem, if they detect any pests. They use highly potent chemicals and bait stations to keep away the termites from your home and furniture.


Different Categories Of Seat Covers And The Factors To Keep In Mind Before Selecting Them

Car seat covers are one of the most important accessories, which influence the look and comfort of the interior. They protect the seats from the wear and tear caused due to regular use. They also protect the seats from dirt, dust, accidental spills, burns, scratches and many other risk factors. They maintain the look and quality of the original seat fabric of the car and increase the resale value of the vehicle. There are a lot of options available in the market when it comes to selecting seat covers. They are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, designs, materials and fabrics.

The seat covers are categorized into three broad categories

  1. Custom fit seat covers – The seat covers can be custom made in a variety of materials, like leather covers and neosupreme seat covers and nylon covers among others. The covers are designed to suit the specifications of individual vehicles and fit perfectly to the seats. They are also designed in a way not to obstruct the security features of the vehicle. These seat covers are the costliest option.
  2. Semi Custom seat covers – These seat covers are priced lower than the custom seat covers. They are designed to suit to a specific car model. Car owners should check the security features of these covers carefully before installing them.
  3. Universal seat covers – The universal covers can be bought online or off the store shelves. They are easy to install and are available in one size fits all design. Since these covers are available in a single size, their fit is not perfect. The major advantage of these covers is easy availability and less cost.

Factors to keep in mind while installing seat covers

  1. Select a material and design that gels well with the interior of your vehicle. They should complement the overall look of the interior and should not stand out.
  2. The seat covers should be of durable material and must be stain resistant to protect the seat fabric. Choose materials like neosupreme seat covers for durability, comfort and smug fit.
  3. Select suitable seat covers that are designed to enhance the security features of the car. They should not block the functioning of airbags and other security features to offer maximum protection.
  4. Invest in high quality seat covers that combine protection and comfort. For example, neosupreme seat covers are waterproof and stain resistant. They are available in a wide range of designs and give a sporty feel and comfortable experience.

Important Steps In Setting Up A Business

Most of us dream of starting a new business and become successful entrepreneurs. The initial stages of setting up a business are hectic and need a lot of registrations and licenses like tax Id, EIS and other formalities.

The first step in establishing a business is to determine the type and nature of the business. You have to determine, whether the business is into manufacturing or trading, whether the business is dealing in goods or in services. Deciding the nature and type of business is essential step as it will help you to analyse the market scenario and estimate the demand for the specific goods and services. The nature of the business also helps you go know the types of permits, licenses and other registrations required for the business. The entrepreneur can avail the services of business consultants, who will carry out the market study and assist him on various legal topics like how to get a Tax ID in Oklahoma and what are the other permits required for the business.

Once the nature of business is finalised, the next step is to look after the capital requirements of the business. New entrepreneurs can raise capital in many ways such as loans from banks and other financial institutions, loans from family and friends, using personal investments and savings and approaching venture capitalists. The capital requirements depend upon the nature of the business and scale of operations. A reputed business consultant can help you to get loans and funding for your capital requirements quickly.

The next step is to determine the legal structure of the business. There are many different options like sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited company, Limited Liability Company and S Corporation to register a business. Once you determine the legal structure of the business, it should be registered with the concerned Department. A good business consultant will guide you through the features, advantages and disadvantages of the different legal structures and help you to pick a right one for your business. He will complete the paperwork and other formalities on your behalf and assist you in obtaining the registrations and other mandatory licenses and permits. An experienced consultant can also guide the entrepreneurs on different other aspects like how to get a Tax ID in Oklahoma and what are the other mandatory registrations required by the business.


Why A New Office Needs Commercial Fitouts In Sydney?

Do you have plans to move to another office, or will need one in the future? You need to possibly prepare and make arrangements for this process. Just like choosing a new home, choosing the right office can be daunting especially if you want to find a location that is within your list and budget. This will mean that you will need to let go of things you don’t really need and make it work for your business. You may want to consider a cheaper leasing option where its proprietors are willing to renovate the area. The commercial fitouts in Sydney can help transform the location to a desired workplace, if and only if you collaborate with the best experts that make it happen. There will be one company to cater to all office sizes and make alterations to its various scope and size.

Why Make Modifications for an Office Fitout

You will need a more extensive fitout if the office you plan to work with lacks physical features. The commercial fitouts in Sydney can work on the physical components of the office. Whenever the space lacks fire safety standards, it will bring in hydraulic systems in place, or upgrade the air conditioning units. The professionals can also help you with the physical aspects of the office space. They will improve the custom joinery, floor covering, partitioning and other modifications.

If you are uncertain with whatever physical alterations you need for your office, a team of professionals can work with you in providing the best commercial fitouts as planned. They can help you envision and implement your plans the way you expect it to be.

Keeping Your Business Running During Office Fitouts

Even during construction or renovation, a professional commercial fitouts in Sydney will never disrupt your day while working at this office. Especially if you have just moved in, the office fitout will go on without distracting your workers while they work. They will complete the job in a specified time frame as planned by you and the contractors. Sooner or later, the office fitout can be completed, and you can focus more on generating and improving sales for your business.