Bangkok Police Braced Itself Post-Songkran

In response to the increase of people using the bus to Bangkok from Chiang Mai following the Songkran Festival, which runs annually from April 13-15, the Royal Thai Police responded by doubling down on security precautions. This is in order to support the thousands upon thousands of people returning to the capital, as well as to maintain order, curb crime and to stop the trafficking of illegal paraphernalia.

The RTP released a statement following the Songkran Festival, via their Deputy Spokesman Police Colonel KrissanaPatanacharoen, which revealed that the RTP expected at least 120,000 travellers heading into the capital by train alone, with more taking the plane and the bus to Bangkok from Chiang Mai. And, in response to these expectations, the police beefed up security at the capital’s travel hubs in order to control traffic and to keep an eye on transport operators.

Traffic headed towards the capital saw a boost thanks to people heading back for work following Songkran, with Lampang’s Provincial Disaster Prevention Office reporting that one day say approximately 2,040 vehicles crammed into a single road headed for the capital within an hour. Chiang Mai, meanwhile, added 30 additional 30 buses to run for the 112,600 tavellers that wished to take the bus to Bangkok from Chiang Mai following the national holiday. However, ChanchaiKilapaeng said that the number of people travelling back to the capital by bus was actually down from last year by about 20% thanks to many opting to travel via the low-cost flights.

The KhlongLuang district’s Paholyothin Road saw an surge in cars travelling its length to the capital, though the traffic was still moving around the usual rate of 80kph. NakhonRatchasima province’s Mitraparp Highway saw a bit of congestion at its bottlenecks and intersections, which made the local police open the special lanes located in Noen Sung and Pak Chong in order to alleviate the traffic.

Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith paid a visit to the Highway No. 3263 in the Bang Ban district, following an incident of a vehicular pile-up on the 15th of April that lead to 26 injured and 3 dead. The Highway Department already has plans set up to deal with the problem, Arkhom says.


Korean Dentists More Skilled And Experienced In Dental Implants Than Chinese Counterparts

According to a Chinese dentist, they are 10 years behind Korea when it comes to advanced dental expertise, clinical skills, invisible orthodontics and dental implant technology. The oral health market in China has just started and yet, there is huge market demand. However, private dental clinics lack the skills and experience compared to their Korean colleagues.

A surge in demand for dental implants is expected to occur in China because dental implants are widely promoted as the best option to missing teeth. In western countries, between 300 and 500 dental implants are performed per 10,000 patients. In China, only 3.5 implants are performed for every 10,000 people. Qingguo Qi, CEO of Keen Dental Hospital in Shandong, China said that if Korea will share it knowledge and experience to dental students as well as dentists, China will able to meet the demand for dental implants.

In 2015, it was estimated that the oral medical equipment in China was worth $21 billion. It is expected that the numbers will more than double in 2020. However, at least 80% of the oral medical equipment is imported from other countries. Korea has high quality equipment that is suitable for China’s needs. Korea also offers the most reasonable prices. A continued bilateral cooperation between the two countries will help achieve mutual benefits.

Data from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) revealed that Korea has exported $53 million worth of dental implants last year, a 14% increase from the previous year. In China, there 15 thousand graduates from 90 dental universities every year but less than 2% have been able to perform successful dental implants.

The ratio of dentists to patients in China is 1:10000 while in developed countries there is one dentist for every 500 to 1000 patients. Korea that has 30,000 dentists’ from10 dental universities boasts of 1 dentist for every 1,800 patients.

The data provided above pertains to Korean and Chinese dentists. If you are in Tennessee, more Franklin dentist information is provided on different dental services that include teeth whitening, fluoride treatments and cosmetic dentistry including dental implants. Remember to take care of the teeth so that you will always have that beautiful smile.


How Sydney Furniture Removals Determine The Price Of Your Relocation

When you are planning to relocate to another house or state, you will call Sydney furniture removals to provide the service. Gladly happy to be at your service, they will send a representative to come to your home and see all the things that need to be moved. They will actually be filling out a checklist of the various commodities for relocation. Based on the assessment, they can determine the size of the truck, the number of cartons, tapes and tapestries, etc. for the move. Also from there, they can tell the overall costs to move locally or interstate: Here are few elements they will consider for the expenses:

  • Labor Cost:

They determine the number of people to help pack/unpack and load/unload your belongings to adesired location. The number of people is multiplied by the price of labor per hour and the number of hours taken by each individual to complete work. Usually, the labor rate and the estimated time taken by them are relayed to the client.

  • Cost for Materials:

Whatever materials taken from the Sydney furniture removals, be it boxes, tapes, sheets, cords for tying and binding, etc. will be charged to you as their client.

  • Transportation Cost:

Here the fuel expense is determined. The removalist will need to consider the distance of the hauling between two various locations, the weight of the load, and its wear and tear. For this reason, the representative will ask how far the new relocation is from your home.

  • Storage Cost:

If your belongings will need to be stored in a storage space for the meantime, it will need an additional expense. The cost will depend on the nature of the self-storage facility and the number of hours or days to store it.

  • Insurance Cost:

Unexpectedly, your belongings can get broken or damaged while in transit or while packing or loading/unloading. To cover up for the loss, the customer will need insurance. So if you are moving interstate, the price of insurance can go higher.

Note that the various Sydney furniture removals will rate their services differently for local or interstate locations. So ensure that you have checked the removalist and that their service is something that you need.


Scooter Museum Launched By Piaggio

Piaggio is the company based in Italy known for producing some of the best scooters and motorcycles in the world. This is also the parent company of the Moto Guzzi for sale in the UK and a number of other brands. Recently, Piaggio decided to launch their scooter museum knowing the role the brand has played in the motorcycle industry. Their models are usually seen in luxury vintage motor shows and stands in the same line as antique cars from Porsche and Ferrari.

Looking back, the people of San Francisco love the Vespa brand which is evident in the number of residents who own one. Maybe this is the same reason why Piaggio Group decided to open a museum. The company is responsible for other motorcycle brands as well including Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Aprilia and Gilera. Not to mention other brands that did not gain as much attention internationally. The museum project by Piaggio Group was done in its hometown which is Italy.

The facility has a total land area of 5,400 square feet and there are more than 250 exhibits available covering all motorcycle types based on era, class and the genre of the models. These products are not just made possible by Piaggio but also thanks to their subsidiaries which trusted the parent company which has been around the industry for more than 100 years. According to the company, around 10,000 people came to check out the scooter museum on its first opening weekend.

There are many exhibitions present in the new location which features the history of the parent company in terms of scooters, road racing, effort machines utilized during the war and those that are used in off-road competitions. New features were added because of the opening of the museum like the latest display for race bike and another exhibit which is all about the legendary Ape model by the company. The model is currently celebrating its 70th year.

Over time, the company has grown so much and its subsidiaries continue to flourish. Many of their brands are sold overseas and enthusiasts can now find Moto Guzzi for sale in the UK which is good news as they will be able to enjoy these legendary machines and be part of its history.


Let Dorman Products Take Care Of Your Car

People passionate about their vehicle will find themselves walking into a car parts outlet and shopping delightfully. Automotive products can come literally with a thousand brands on the market today and one of these are Dorman products. They provide auto parts and accessories that add comfort to your vehicle and make it look like no one has ever kept them that way. A car owner will value the importance of maintenance and taking care of the vehicle. This is why they need relevant products for its upkeep and maintenance.

The most crucial aspect of your car is to properly maintain the engine. The car’s engine is somehow complicated and will need regular maintenance by a professional. If you own a car, whether brand new or used, you need to prepare yourself with a competent mechanic to fix it in time of malfunctioning or accident. He will also know what parts and the schedule you need in case of replacements. He can also suggest Dorman products especially if your car is an uncommon brand. He can provide you expert advice on what you need and where to get them.

You also need to know some products that will help you take care of your vehicle aside from the engine. You will need to get the right cleaning products just to keep your car clean and looking new. These products come in a variety like those for the interior as well as the exteriors of your car. They serve to protect the pain and fabrics of your vehicle, so you need to secure those that are safe to use, especially if you are riding with kids and pets.

There are some products that you should avoid, especially if it is too harmful for your passengers. There are also certain products that are designed to clean the engine. If you prefer to have your car serviced regularly, you may need to bring these products. For Dorman products, you may need to buy them for future purposes or when something happens to your car.

You need to take care of your car, that’s why you need to buy products. If you want to secure auto parts for your vehicle, ensure you only choose Dorman products. These products when properly installed will make you drive and ride safely and comfortably in your car.