Overcrowding In Jails Mainly Due To Opioid Problem

Bob Jackson is the current sheriff of Alamosa County which is currently facing a big threat because of heroin. They is nothing like a rehab center similar to California detox clinic and many of these addicts ended up in jail.

The jail which is located in the San Luis Valley is currently overcrowded. The sheriff said that over 90 per cent of the prisoners are there because of drug addiction or because they have pending charges related to drug use.

Jackson said that the number of prisoners inside the jail has already skyrocketed and is considered to be in a state of crisis.

He explained that is overcrowding is one of the biggest issues in the jail followed by an unsafe environment. There are too many women inmates that they have to lay up to three persons on top of one another. The nurse working inside the jail is also forced to work overtime because of the number of prisoners needing withdrawal medications which have to be administered by a health professional.

Jackson explained that 92 per cent of the people inside are heroin addicts and the problem lies in the lack of rehab facility in the area. The only options available for them are the Salvation Army located in Denver and the one that is situated in Grand Junction. Slots are not even secured but once in a while a bed opens up. He added that it would be a big thing for the community if a rehab facility is to be constructed even with just 100 beds inside.

No rehab facility is being constructed despite the need for it but an alternative solution was provided which is to expand the jail to accommodate more rooms.

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition’s director, Christie Donner, said that the jail expansion is not going to solve anything because what the people need is a rehab facility to help them get better. Healing is provided by facilities such as California detox clinic and this is what the people in Alamosa County needs right now for a healthier community.