Orthocell’s CelGro To Reduce The Treatment Frame For Dental Implants

One of the major concerns of people who want dental implants in Limerick is the price and not the procedure. Dental implants are more expensive than traditional dentures but the initial investment will be offset by the implant’s durability and longevity. Besides that, dental implants look and function like natural teeth.

Meanwhile, Orthocell has managed to achieve a substantial reduction in the treatment frame of dental implants by using CelGro regeneration device that will facilitate bone and tissue repair and healing. During the single stage implant study, 10 patients undertook treatment with Orthocell’s CelGro collagen membrane. Afterwards, the patients were evaluated to assess the effectiveness of the collagen membrane in accelerating the treatment timeframe.

Before the treatment using CelGro, 10 patients were suffering from damaged, missing and diseased teeth with symptoms of severe irritations, bleeding gums and inability to chew certain foods. Dental implants were carried out in 2 stages and took about 8 months to complete. The patients that were treated using CelGro successfully generated enough bone that will stabilize the implant and complete treatment within 4 months after a single surgery.

According to Dr. Brent Allan, a maxillofacial surgeon, the use of CelGro allowed him to move from a 2-stage surgical procedure to single-stage procedure. Not only did CelGro reduce the treatment timeframe; it also reduced the costs of dental implant. Positive progression was achieved due to rapid and superior bone regeneration.

The collagen membrane has demonstrated that it can support rapid, high quality and guided bone regeneration for dental implants. When there is rapid formation of quality mature bone around the implant, the timeframe is reduced as well as the stages and costs. Since the dental implant market is growing at a fast pace, Orthocell is in partnering discussions to gain traction in key markets that include Australia, United States and Europe.

People who want to smile with confidence usually choose dental implants in Limerick that have a natural look and comfortable feel. Dental implants are designed to function like natural teeth. They are permanently anchored to the jawbone so that there is no reason to worry that they might fall off like the traditional dentures.