Old Tyres Repurposed By Auto Recycler On The Gold Coast

There are many services offered by a mechanic on the Gold Coast but it does not include handling old tyres. Often times, motorists do not know where to dump their old tyres to make sure it does not go to the landfill. Last year, China announced that it is no longer accepting recyclables from other countries. It pushed a recycler based on the Gold Coast to take matters on their own hands by investing in a new technology that will repurpose old tyres and make them into bricks.

The resulting bricks can be utilized in making structures such as walls and house foundations and it can also be used in paving. According to the owner of Adrian’s Metal Recyclers, Adrian Fuller, they are handling between 1,200 and 1,500 cars monthly. They are struggling though since China decided not to accept imports of materials to be recycled.

He admitted that it is no longer possible for them to use the same process which is to buy materials from consumers, packed them inside a container before shipping to China. As per the National Sword policy introduced by China, they are banning recycling wastes from other countries unless it is declared to be uncontaminated.

Mr. Fuller said that his main business is to recycle metals coming from cars that are reaching their end of life. The problem is that he spends $3.30 in order to properly dump every old tyre. This is why alternative solutions have been developed such as shredding tyres and making them into playground equipment as well as gym matting.

After securing a patent from Eco-Flex, a company based in Canada, Mr. Fuller will be the first business in Australia to handle old tyres and convert them into fine materials to be made into new products such as sound barriers, fire-resistant bricks and fence panels.

The innovation was warmly welcomed by the CEO of Waste Management Association of Australia. This is beneficial in many ways because recycling create more jobs compared to dumping tyres on the landfill. This is also good news for mechanic on the Gold Coast because they now have eco-friendly alternative in dumping old tyres.