No Damage With Kasaan School After Blaze From Boiler Building

Barry Craig Stewart Kasaan School was recently shaken because of a blaze that came from the boiler building next to it. The fire burned the boiler building but the good news is that there are no cases of injuries and the school building which is adjacent to it has been spared as well. School authorities are now contacting boiler to ensure the incident does not have a repeat. Homeowners who want to find out this here should also contact the company for an annual boiler inspection.

Southeast Island School District’s assistant superintendent, Nick Higson, said that it was around 4 when the blaze was reported coming from the structure next to the school building where the wood-fire boiler is installed. The volunteer firefighters came to the rescue but the fire was hard to control by that time.

He lauded the firefighting team especially its fire chief, Zach West, because they were able to contain the fire. The authorities were able to coordinate properly with the lead teacher of the school, Shane Scamahorn.

An employee of the Organized Village of Kasaan, Tony Savage, was also one of the heroes during the incident because he used an excavator in order to drag the burning building away from the location of the actual school building. Higson added that the effort was made possible because of the combined work done by everyone in the community.

As for the school, the wood boiler is the main source of heat in the building. Higson said not to worry though because the school has a secondary boiler which is oil-fired. The only problem is that the boiler only covers the school which means that the aquaponics greenhouse will be left without a heating system. Higson clarified that people should not worry because they have already relocated the fish along with plants which means there is no need to heat the greenhouse.

The school and the residents around it are now looking for a reliable boiler service company. Consumers should make sure their boilers are always in good condition because the consequences are not a joke. Find out this here if you are not convinced that your boiler needs professional care.