Nano-Silver Coating On Titanium Implants To Reduce Implant Failure

Thousands of patients are being treated by dentists for tooth loss due to dental caries, gum disease and damage due to accidents. In order to replace the lost tooth, it is common for Affordable Dental Solutions Reading to recommend dental implants, dentures, crowns or bridges. These options can restore both aesthetics and function.

Titanium is the most popular implant material because of its biocompatibility, mechanical properties, chemical stability, corrosion resistance and low toxicity. Titanium implant has 95% success rate and can last for as long as 30 years and more. However, there are patients who have allergic reaction to titanium.

In almost 95% of cases, the improved design of implant alloys was successful. However, implant failure still occurs in 5% of the cases because of poor oral hygiene, bacterial infections, diabetes, hypertension and smoking.

Scientists at Agharkar Research Institute Pune know that the properties of silver can inhibit bacterial growth. Because of this knowledge, they have successfully made modifications to the implant surface by depositing a nano-scale thin film of silver on the titanium surface to address the challenges of implant failure due to bacterial infections.

The crucial area in the titanium implant is located at the junction of the bone and oral cavity. According to the scientists at Pune, titanium surface that has been deposited with silver can inhibit the growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus mutans, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans.

The nano-silver coating makes sure that there is controlled release of silver for 22 days to maintain long term bacterial activity. Human gingival fibroblast cells which are the most abundant cells found in the connective tissues usually proliferate the vicinity of the nano-silver coated abutments but the coating prevents initial microbial adhesion. It also helps in the integration of soft tissue to the implant. Titanium implants failures due to infections will be reduced.

Dental implants are the smart choice for adults who have lost a tooth or more due to infection or injury. Dental implants are offered by Affordable Dental Solutions Reading for $2,000 per tooth including the abutment and crown. High quality is maintained even with the low cost to make sure that dental care is efficiently provided to all.