Most Job Seekers Are Looking For Work-Life Balance

The internet has significantly changed the traditional process of recruitment. Today, employers are being reviewed across a multitude of online platforms and job seekers are judging potential employers from the reviews and ratings. For example, the positive King Kong agency reviews from its employees are very interesting to job seekers who aim for career growth.

Individuals who are planning to work somewhere can look at professional networks because someone they know might be working in the company. The job seeker will have an idea on whether the company is supportive of work-life balance that he is trying to achieve. The quest for work-life balance is one of the reasons why people change their jobs but sometimes, they face a rude awakening when the employer does not keep his promises.

There are company review sites and “best places to work” but keep in mind that these sites do not actually provide an accurate picture of an employer. Employers today are quick on boasting about family-friendly benefits like remote work options and parental leaves but the fact is employers are not under any obligation to deliver the promises.

According to Alexandra Harwin, partner at Sanford Heisler Sharp in New York, laws do not require employers to accommodate parental responsibilities like they do with other concerns like religious holidays. Employment contracts usually specify certain hours or accommodations that protect employees but since most employees in the United States are at-will employees, they do not have the leverage to ask the employer for a contract.

Job seekers must not be too impulsive in making a decision based on review sites. It makes sense to talk to some people who have worked in the company before on whether the employer puts value on employee’s personal lives. The employee handbook can also be illuminating because it is where most of the basic policies can be found.

In your job search, King Kong agency reviews can make a big difference in achieving the career goals. The reviews are positive and very encouraging. Take those negative reviews with a grain of salt because they are usually coming from disgruntled and unhappy employees who want to air their grievances.