Montana State University’s Interactive Campus Maps And Safety App

Most college administrators would commission illustrators to create Campus College Maps to provide freshmen students with directions. However, the 3D illustrative University map illustration is so impressive that they are used as artwork on a large scale. Do not be surprised if you find the illustrated map hanging on the walls of the waiting room or administrative office.

Montana State University has interactive campus maps that students can use to access their location. However, the university has added something new this summer. The university’s safety campus app, Safe Cats was launched and can be accessed through a student’s smartphone. The app was implemented to increase student safety inside the campus.

According to an official release from the university, the app was a joint effort between MSU’s student government and campus police. The Safe Cats app debuted in time for incoming freshmen class this summer. During the orientation festivities, Frank Parrish, chief of police of Montana State University said that while the campus is relatively safe, they have to look for ways to improve.

There are many campus apps available in the market but Safe Cats has a hallmark feature that allows the user to contact the police through a push on a button. It also includes a “friend walk” feature that allows users to monitor their friend’s commute and safe arrival across campus in real time.

The Safe Cats app includes additional features like an emergency button that can automatically dial 911. The Silent witness enables student to make an anonymous report to university police through calls or message. Emergency Action features allow users to review plans for certain incidents that include active shooting, chemical spills, medical emergencies and extreme weather conditions. During a suicide crisis, a user can text or call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for valuable assistance.

Universities make the extra effort to improve campus life for students. Aside from safety apps, they provide incoming freshmen with 3D University map illustration in the welcome packet. The illustrated campus map makes it exciting for a student to discover the campus because it includes artistic elements and striking details. The illustrated map is easy to use because it highlights buildings and landmarks in a creative way.