Ministry Of Education Receive Hundreds Of Complaints Regarding Early Childhood Services

If governments will invest in early quality preschool education, the country’s workforce can strengthen and future generations can become more competitive in the global economy. Proper early childhood education is offered by Star Bright Montessori to shape their minds and attitudes towards learning.

New Zealand Education Ministry received 450 complaints last year regarding early childhood services. Most complaints were about bad teachers, fraudulent record keeping and biting children. The number of complaints was 26% higher than the previous year with 221 confirmed.

Because of the number of complaints received, the licenses of 5 services were cancelled. 6 others had their licenses suspended while 34 were on provisional licenses. The ministry also referred 19 complaints to the police and 22 to the Teaching Council after the investigations.

The ministry confirmed 73 allegations of health and safety and hazardous management of food practices, 45 allegations of poor management of behaviors of children by teachers, 39 allegations of inadequate supervision of children and 33 allegations regarding problems with management and services.

One complaint alleged a service for failing to promptly respond to the symptoms of a child who later died after being hospitalized in 2017. According to the ministry’s investigations, there were no problems with the service’s facilities and procedures but there were problems with the premises and facilities.

The ministry also found out 27 cases of services with inadequate number of staff than legally required. There was deliberate falsification of records to hide the fact that there was no minimum child to teacher ratio.

Immediate license suspension followed by cancellation was meted out to the service that has inappropriate behavior management practices like ill-treatment, solitary confinement, physical and verbal abuse and bullying or children. There were also issues about children being forced fed. Parents have become more confident of reporting because they know that the Education Ministry is acting on their complaints.

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