Melbourne’s New Bridal Boutique Designed By Adam Kane Architects

The wedding industry is one of the largest and most profitable in the world. Many have thriving businesses as wedding vendors such as companies that offer marquee hire in Melbourne because people will never stop getting married. This is why there is no surprise that another wedding vendor is launching in the city in the form of a bridal boutique.

Melbourne’s newest offering for couples planning to get married is the Mariana Hardwick which was designed by Adam Kane Architects, a firm based in Australia. The design is a minimalist one comprised only of marble fixtures in grey, concrete floors and plaster walls in plain white. Despite being a bridal boutique, the management decided that it is best to skip the overly feminine theme.

The entire shop is covered in cool tones and the materials used are all natural in aesthetics. The architects admitted that it was the exact opposite of the usual bridal boutiques found all over the planet.

According to the founder of Adam Kane Architects, they want to create a design that does not depend on a luxurious look alone that it becomes to feminine which is too common a theme already. They took a new path by taking inspiration from retail spaces in Europe including museums because these are establishments with aesthetics that are inclined to be minimalistic.

The entire retail space is 1,400 square meters and it is located at the ground floor of a hotel from the Victorian era. After being leased by different tenants, the rooms have various fit-outs. The architects started by bringing down all the partitions to create an open interior. With a simple floor plan, the wedding dresses will surely be the center of attention.

The number inspiration of the team for the project is the Valentino store located in New York which was designed by David Chipperfield. Inside the store, every surface is covered with terrazzo in grey color. This is the shop they wanted to replicate because it shows timelessness and control. Despite the concept, they are careful not to convey the space to be sterile-looking or too bland for class. After brides have booked their marquee hire in Melbourne, they can enjoy dress shopping in this new boutique.