Making Use of Small Spaces with Tasty Looking Gardens

Gardens provide many benefits to the house. Unless you are a hoarder, you can never really make use of all the spaces in your household. There will always be some spaces in your house that you may not be able to use. When this happens, you can think of creating a small garden that would not only benefit your house, but your stomachs as well. Gardens make fine decorative spaces in a house. But besides that, they can also be a rich source of nutrition and supplement.

While most people add decorative plants to their garden as they value appearance above all else, there are also those who value their bellies the most. People who love eating mostly add edible plants to their garden. But if one could truly succeed in the art of gardening, then he or she would be able to create a garden that is not only great to look at, but great to eat as well.

If you plan on incorporating both the decorative and convenience aspect of gardens then you must know that there is a secret to doing this. There must be careful consideration regarding the plants that you will be using. Since the area you will allocate is small, it is best to choose plants that grow fast, productive, full of flavor and with an attractive appearance.

Always remember that you are giving out important space for this garden so it is only right that you choose plants that are difficult to find or plants that are expensive. It makes no sense to plant onions, garlic and carrots because you can easily find them in the supermarkets.

There are many plant varieties that you can try and one of this is Swiss chard. It is extremely difficult to find and is also really expensive due to its highly decorative appearance.

Another plant that you can try is the Dragon’s Tongue. Dragon’s Tongue is a fast growing and highly decorative vegetable that can be sown. Besides Dragon’s Tongue, there is also the Purple Emperor and the Bloody Sorrel which also exhibit the same properties.

Choose plants that are not only useful but beautiful as well.