Logistics Should Choose Humber Ports According To Research

The ABP or Associated British Ports recently commissioned a research concluding that Humber ports are the best choices because of the benefits to the shippers and the drivers as well as the environment. Furthermore, the study also tackles the major benefits they will receive when they move cargo from one logistics hub to another through ports in Hull and Immingham. This is a consideration for many logistics company including Rhenus Lupprians if they wanted to get the best deal out there.

Ever since the issue of Brexit came up, it was already discussed the possibility of using Humber ports under the ABP in order to lessen the risk of problems that the supply chains could face if there are delays with the shipments handled in Port of Dover. It was two years ago when there was a 30 per cent increase in the number of shipping services that bridges Hull and Immingham to different ports found within the continent. New services have also opened up courtesy of ports in Amsterdam and Ghent. Not to mention the new deep sea feeder services that was introduced into the Port of Hull.

As per the new research, there are many long-term benefits that can be obtained from utilizing Humber ports even after the Brexit issue is over. This will cement the resilience of the supply chain because cargoes will be brought nearer to its destination specifically the key distribution centres that are located in the northern part of England.

The research was conducted by the University of Hull Logistics Institute wherein an analysis was done to compare the short sea routes for both import and export in the United Kingdom. The result is that there is significant difference in the impact to the environment, the distance travelled and the time the cargoes are shipped. All of these are possible if the Hull and Immingham ports are utilized compared to the Port of Dover and any other ports that are situated in the eastern coast.

The goal of the study is to make logistics companies such as Rhenus Lupprians realize that there are much better options out there other than what is already commonly used.