LinkedIn Data Shows That Marketers Are In-Demand As COVID Recovery Moves Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the global economy hard, and recovery is slow but ongoing. A silver lining is a fact that the digital and media industries are growing, providing plenty of opportunities for professionals in these industries.

Marketing is bouncing back

COVID-19 was a huge blow to industries and businesses across the world, but marketing has been quickly bouncing back according to LinkedIn. The platform saw about 381,000 marketing job openings posted in 2020, with a 63% increase in marketing jobs in the latter half of the year.

The subsectors of the marketing sector which saw the most growth in the latter half of 2020 are:

  • Arts: 85.9% increase
  • Retail: 72.6% increase
  • Education 63.7% increase
  • Corporate services: 60.6% increase

Digital and media

LinkedIn noted that every other top marketing job posted on their platform was under the digital or media space, with the most desired professionals being digital marketing specialists.

The fastest-growing roles within the latter half of 2020, according to LinkedIn’s data are as follows:

  • Media coordinators
  • Search managers
  • Social media coordinators
  • Search Engine marketing managers
  • Media managers
  • E-mail marketing specials
  • SEO analysts
  • Digital media managers

Remote work is the future

Thanks to the pandemic, remote marketing jobs have experienced a boom, with LinkedIn seeing a 5x increase on their platform. In March 2020, only about 2% of marketing roles on the platform were remote, with the number moving up to one in five (10%). LinkedIn saw a 177% growth in the number of remote job postings in the marketing sector.

LinkedIn’s findings suggest that professionals should get used to writing up a king kong marketing review and handling other work tasks from home, as the platform believes that remote working is here to stay moving forward.