International Schools In Thailand

When it comes to international education, Southeast Asia has just become the primary spot for putting up international schools. The number of international schools continues to increase as more parents tend to provide an education that follows an international curriculum and English as the medium of instruction. Many companies prefer job applicants that can speak well in English.

Thailand has at least 205 international schools that use English as a medium of instruction. There are at least more than 72,800 students between 3 and 18 years old who are enrolled in international schools, such as St Andrews International School, to date. Thailand is included in the list of the top five countries that favour international education. Research suggests that parents usually consider 20 schools before making their final decision. The international schools in Bangkok have extremely high standards in maintaining the quality of their school and education. This is particularly true to the premium international school.

Premium international school usually charges high school fees. However, most of these international schools are respected and recognized by the primary international school associations. Bangkok has a total of 118 international schools and 49 of which are premium. The other countries belonging to the top five countries are Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Dubai.

Growth of International School in Thailand

Over the last five years, the international schools market in Thailand has steady growth. More local Thai children are attending international schools than in any other countries. Currently, 46% of all students who attend international schools in Thailand are Thai nationals.

There is an increase in the number of Asian expatriate families who visit the country. These families usually come from Japan, South Korea, India, and China. More international are being constructed in Thailand to accommodate the number of demands for them. There are prestigious international schools that already expressed their interest to build a branch of their school in Thailand in the year 2020.

Expect to see more of international schools like St Andrews International School to be built in Thailand for the years to come. The system of education in Thailand may soon adapt the methodology that the international school imposes.