Initiatives Of Concern Worldwide That Help Most Backward Communities

Concern worldwide is a charitable organization that works to uplift the most backward and vulnerable communities in around twenty six countries across the world. The organization aims to improve the living conditions of the poorest countries by adopting sustainable practices.

The charity is supported by various government organizations, donors like Denis Obrien and other fundraisers. The organization has various flagship programs that aim to improve the overall living conditions of the people in these poorest of the poor countries.

Some of the programs conducted by concern worldwide are

Livelihood programs

These programs of concern worldwide aim to bring people out of poverty by enabling them to secure a livelihood. The organization works through two approaches to increase the livelihoods of people in poorest communities. The graduation approach aims to gradually move the families from poverty towards sustainable livelihood. The program uses different tools like social assistance, providing to access to financial services and livelihood development through skill based training to achieve the target. The other way the charity improves livelihoods is through providing climate smart agriculture which equip the farmers struggling with climate change to develop smart alternatives that help them to cope with climate changes.

Health and nutrition

The concern worldwide is one of the causes supported by Denis Obrien. The charity aims to improve the health and nutrition conditions of the most backward communities. The initiatives of the organization are aimed to improve mother and child health, prevent malnutrition and hunger, provide clean and safe drinking water, improving sanitation and living conditions and increase knowledge about health issues.


Concern worldwide considers education as the key for all round development. The charitable organization supported by Denis Obrien, aims to provide good education to the children of backward countries in order to break the poverty cycle by providing equal employment opportunities and income. It believes education is the key to improve health and nutrition. The organization provides safe learning environment for the children of these communities.

Emergency teams

The charitable organization responds fast in times of natural calamities and emergencies. The organization supported by Denis O’Brien, works to build community resilience among the vulnerable countries which are prone to natural calamities.