Household Cleaning Scams You Should Be Aware Of

In order to have a successful business, it requires hard work and honestly. Sad to say, there is an increasing number of people that are scamming other people in order to trick them out of their hard-earned money. For homeowners, there are many businesses available that offer cleaning services such as carpet cleaning in Perth but because of the rise of scamming incidents, many are already too cautious. It is important to be aware of the most common household cleaning scams nowadays.

  • Gutter cleaning. This scam is quite common because many homeowners do not have the time to clean their gutters. For elderly, it is easier to hire help because they are no longer physically able to do the job on their Majority of companies utilize pressure washers in order to clear the gutter but there are cases wherein this is not enough. This is when you know when a company is actually honest since you won’t be able to see through the gutter and check if the work is actually completed. The best thing to do is to ask the contractor for a picture once they are done with the job.
  • Bait and switch. This is the most common in the carpet cleaning business. You see an advertisement offering very cheap package for cleaning certain number of rooms inside the house but when they see the actual rooms they will change their mind and quote higher claiming that the rooms are bigger or the carpet is dirtier thus much harder to clean.
  • Green cleaning. This scam happens when homeowners are led to believe that they are actually using eco-friendly products. Chemical-free products are often more expensive therefore cleaners tend to use synthetic ones to save costs without informing their clients.
  • Wet carpet. This is another common scam but is not practiced by honest carpet cleaning in Perth since it will ruin their reputation in the community. When you know your carpets have stain, wait for it to dry before letting the cleaning crew leave because stains are not visible when the carpets are still wet from washing. Make sure to hold off paying before then.