Highlights During The Surf Expo

Surf Expo was held last January 26 to 28 in the Orange County Convention Centre located in Orlando Florida. Exhibitors during the event are euphoric while the buyers are all busy wandering and shopping.

The trade show was hosted by the surf industry which brought together a number of core surf as well as swim stores located all over the nations. There are brands coming from California such as Sun Diego, Surf Diva, Hansen’s and Jack’s Surfboards. There are retailers who attended that came all the way from East Coast including Cinnamon Rainbows, Brave New World, Ron Jon, Warm Winds and Curl. There are even Hawaiian retailers during the event which featured brands such as Déjà vu and Hi Tech.

Exhibitors said that the visitors who came by to the expo are a combination of international crowd. There are buyers who came from as far as South America and the Caribbean. There are also a number of people who visited from Japan and Europe.

According to the senior vice president of Surf Expo and director of the show, Roy Turner, they have also welcomed buyers who are willing to purchase from ready-to-wear retailers such as The Paradies Shops, Caesars Entertainment, Target, Harding brothers Retails Ltd, Zappos, Starboard Cruise Services as well as Marshall Retail Group.

Turner also added that looking at the turn out, the market for core surf appeared to be strong. It feels like a new era for welcoming new brands into the marketplace of surfing. Majority of these brands were created because of the spirit of collaboration and a love for adventure and travel. These new brands are welcomed warmly by the buyers during the event. Excitement is high because of the new technology that was presented in terms of accessories and hard goods.

The co-owner of Jack’s Surfboard, Bob Abdel, was also there as a buyer and he was busy purchasing items such as surfboards and swimwear. He admitted that they purchase surfing stuff the most during the Surf Expo.

You may have the ideal Gold Coast swimwear but it is always good to look for new brands to add to the collection and there is no better show than the Surf Expo.