Google Adds New Booking Functions To Maps And Search

For those looking for a salon to deal with their bondi hair, dealing with the hassles of having to reserve an appointment is something that has to be either minimized or avoided outright. Tech giant, Google, apparently agrees, if their new release is anything to go by.

Google has recently released a new expansion for their Reserve with Google function for their Google Search and Maps app, which lets users book wellness and fitness classes conveniently through their mobile phones. The new addition extends the functionality of the Reserve with Google function to include selected salons and spas, allowing users of the function to book their appointments for their bondi hair with little fuss. The selected salons and spas have partnered with Google specifically for this new expansion to the Reserve with Google function.

The tech giant released news about this new expansion with a post to their blog, posted on the 13th of July, 2017, handled by Google Maps’ Product Manager, Alex Russell.

In the blog post, in which Google says they aim to ensure convenience for their customers when it comes to getting ready, the details of the new addition are laid out for those looking to see the details of the new function.

The app, according to the blog post, is easy and convenient to use, with the booking process as simple as typing in the name of the salon or spa on Google Maps, then having to press the ‘book’ button on the Maps’ business listing. An alternative process, which is a little less convenient than booking through Google Maps, is for those looking to explore more options, wherein the Reserve with Google site can be visited for recommendations for business in close proximity to the user.

Google also revealed the providers and partners for the new addition; the businesses that can be booked through it, which includes

  • Genbook;
  • Rosy;
  • Yocale;
  • SalonRunner;
  • WellnessLiving;

The blog post also states that Google has plans to expand on the list of providers, naming a few they’ve already gone and set their sights on:

  • Envision;
  • MyTime;
  • Schedulicity;
  • Setmore;
  • Shore;
  • Booksy;
  • SimpleSpa;
  • SuperSalon;
  • TimeTrade;