Google Adding Protection Features To Search And YouTube

Google’s the dominant figure on the search engine industry, so the people invested in things like King Kong SEO review tend to pay attention to their updates.

On August 10, 2021, the tech giant put up a blog post saying that it users under the age of 18 can now ask for images of themselves to be hidden from search results. The images won’t be removed from the internet, but they’ll be tucked away and made hard to locate.

Additionally, Google also stated that they’ll be turning off location history for any users under the age of 18, with no option to bring it back. Personalised ads based on age, gender, or interests for younger users are also going to be phased out; users under the age of 18 will only see ads based on their searches.

Google posted a separate blog post, in which they stated that users aged 13-17 will now have their settings set to Private by default, meaning that the only people that can see their uploads are them and people they choose, until they make the necessary changes to their settings.

Younger creators can, of course, make their content public, but they’ll receive a warning reminding them that anyone can see their content.

Additional changes were also detailed in the blog post, with most of them attempting to address concerns that online apps aren’t always healthy for kids. Instagram has been on the hot seat regarding this issue.

Google issued a statement on the matter, saying that the changes from these posts aren’t just about political pressure, but also about Google’s efforts to provide better experiences and control for kids and teens across the world.