Go People Launches Australian Courier Service

With the recent moves made by Amazon into the Australian market, people are now looking to the commercial giant for a multitude of their needs. For those who go so far as to compare courier prices, there’s some good news for options, as Go People has recently announced a foray into dedicated shift services.

The crowd-sourcing based Go People, a parcel delivery startup has just setup a new, adaptable courier delivery service in Australia, which it has dubbed GoShift. The new service, according to GoPeople, will be aimed at support Australia’s small time businesses in the market, which is predicted to be rife with competition in the future when Amazon makes its move.

GoShit is designed to let businesses find and hire shift-based dedicated drivers for their needs on an on-demand basis, which will allow GoPeople to streamline their operations and delivery processes as well as ensuring that the costs of operation aren’t too high.

The service’s development allowed Go People to further improve upon the company’s grouping and routing algorithm, which can now help assigned couriers create routes which lets them comfortably handle 10-20 deliveries with little fuss in a three-hour shift.

Go People’s founder and CEO Wayne Wang, has made a statement, expressing confidence in the new service’s ability to deliver valuable service to Australian retailers and help them find their place in the ever-competitive courier company market. According to him, GoShift is merely a natural extension of GoPeople’s offer and aim: simplifying deliveries.

For the small time Australian businesses who compare courier prices, and are looking towards using GoShift, Wang adds that the service was designed for and is ideal for the small businesses who are hoping to compete with the large-scale retailers that corner the market, such as Amazon, whilst keeping a handle on the costs that are normally present when operating their own delivery services.

One of their customers, Brisbane City Blooms, a florist business based in Queensland, says that the delivery service has been very helpful, allowing them to consolidate the morning deliveries every day, whilst simultaneously reducing monthly operation costs.

Brisbane City Blooms’ Nel Gowday, says that that using GoShift has allowed them to be flexible enough to work with daily demands, due to the fact that they can now adjust their delivery needs when needed.