Gay Hotel Trends Continue To Grow Online

As Pride marches continue to be done in a lot of corners in the world, the determination of the LGBTQ+ community to uphold equality and their rights under the umbrella of national laws has not been new to most people. Nevertheless, despite all these efforts, there still remain places wherein gender discrimination is rampant and the welfare of the minority do not seem to matter on the big scale. And thus, numerous members of the LGBTQ+ community remain anxious in determining which places would be “gay-friendly” and which would be not.

One of the top searches on Google is the keyword “top gay hotel”. Indeed, it would very hard to choose an outstanding and safe hotel in Yangon, in Australia, or in wherever they wish to spend their vacation in. Thus, searching them online would come handy.

Online Traffic

According to statistics, the keyword reached more than a million searches and a lot more related keywords, such as “gay clothing optional resorts”, “gay resorts for singles”, and “gay all-inclusive resorts, also acquired a massive traffic.

In addition, it was found out that these figures usually peak through the hot and humid months of June to August. As a matter fact, an approximately forty-five percent of which were from American men, while some other great contributors include Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and France among others.

Top Gay Hotels

Among the top searches in line with the “top gay hotel” keyword were the Palm Springs, Fort Lauderadale, and Key West as they receive more than fifteen thousand searches on a monthly basis. Moreover, it is also undeniable that Florida tops the most searched gay hotel destinations. These places were particularly gay friendly as a significant percentage of their population belongs to the LGBT community.

Furthermore, some European and Asian hotels made it to the list of top searches. Evident in a hotel in Yangon and in a lot more places in the Eurasian region, hospitality, respect, and inclusivity will always be a top priority to all customers regardless of whatever color they embody in the gender spectrum.