Funeral Sector In The US Due For Investigation This Year

Most people would choose a funeral home based on the relationship with the funeral director in Sydney and the proximity of the establishment to the family’s home. It is not common for people to pre-plan a funeral even if experts encourage them to do so. It is typical for funeral services to be arranged by the family after the loved one has died.

There are at least 22,000 funeral homes in the United States; most of them are family-owned. It is highly uncommon for funeral homes to post their price online that is why many grieving families are financially disadvantaged by the time somebody dies in the family. It is very unlikely that they will haggle over the costs of the funeral services.

According to National Funeral Directors Association, the typical cost of traditional burial in the US including viewing the body was $7,400 in 2017. Funeral through cremation that is increasingly becoming popular is $6,300. Costs vary among the different funeral homes.

General Counsel with the funeral directors association, Scott Gilligan said that only 20% of the members post their prices online. Most of these funeral homes belong to the larger and more competitive market. Funeral directors do not see any urgency to post prices on online because there is no major demand from consumers. People choose a funeral home based on how well they know the funeral director, not the price of the service provided.

The last review that was made by Federal Trade Commission was in 2008 and the commission rejected the adoption of changes. The timeline for a 10-year review is not mandated even if it has been scheduled for several years. A review is supposed to happen this year and the commission will seek public comments to determine whether changes are necessary. Posting prices online would make enforcement more efficient particularly when checking compliance.

Respect is at the heart of every service provided by the funeral director in Sydney to families who are grieving the loss of a loved one. An appropriate atmosphere is provided so that the family and friends can make their last emotional goodbye to the deceased.