Experts Say That The Next Major Fast Food Franchise Will Come From Latin America

According to experts like leonardogonzalezdellan, the next major fast food franchise will be coming out of the Latin America region, where many chains are expanding in a rapid rate, with some having set their sights on the global fast food market.

These experts are pointing towards Latin America dishes, like Peruvian sanguches, plátanomixto and completos, alongside Hispanic iterations of fast food classics like hot dogs and donuts as the foods that have the potential to give Latin American franchises the edge they need on the global fast food stage. Krispy Kreme, which was only launched within this century, now has 400 sites across the US alone, with their main product, donuts, sold in convenience stores across the world.

But a recent research, one that observes and analyzes the rapid expansion of Latin American franchises across the region, suggests that the fast food market is shifting.

On top of that, Venezuelan entrepreneur and trade expert leonardogonzalezdellan claims that the international fast food scene has very favorable conditions for expanding businesses. He says that the franchises that oringate from emerging markets are faring far better in other emerging markets compared to ones that come from economically developed countries. Dellán explains that these businesses do not see issues like high corruption levels or inefficiencies as unacceptable terms when it comes to operating their business.

The evidence suggests that these franchises from Latin America, in food and in other sectors, do not see the above issues, found in their home environments, as problems when doing business. They are, simply put, better at dealing with problems regarding contracts, contradictory or convoluted regulations and politically unstable climate, giving them an advantage in emerging economies compared to those from developed economies.

With the experience these businesses have, Dellán says that these franchises are set to expand across Latin America, and, possibly, the rest of the world. These franchises, named Baledas Express, Churromania, The California Burrito Company, Doggis and Pasquale Hnos, ultimately representing what might be the first sustained challenge the dominant US franchises to come from emerging economies.