Day One Of Phuket’s King’s Cup Met With Great Winds

Great weather conditions for Phuket boat charter and boat racing greeted the start of the yearly King’s Cup in Phuket.

The first day of the annual PKCR was greeted by some of the most favourable conditions ever  seen in the cup’s history, with wind speeds sitting at a minimum of 19 knots during the racing event. Race Day One had a total number of participants of 83, composed of both keelboats and multihulls that braved the hard waves that were present due to the high wind speeds, seemed almost storm-like in its behaviour, which resulted in a few collisions during the event.

Trying to get as much done with the sun out, all the participant classes went and completed as much as possible, with a lot of teams taking the risk of doing fast running during Day One, to good results. The THA74 Thai team, led by Kevin Whitcraft, managed to win the three opening races in the IRC0 class. In the IRC1 class, the wins were split, with the first race belonging to team Karasu from Japan, the second to Singapore team Loco, then YasuoNanamori and his team came in and won the third and final race of the day. In the IRC2 class, which incorporated Open Charter this year, had the Madam Butterfly led by Peter Dyer, managing to emerge victorious in all three opening races.

Helmsman for the boat THA72, JarayTipsuk, had good things to say about Race Day One, with him stating that the winds were great, and boating conditions were very fast throughout the day. He expressed amusement of the fact that the THA72 had abrand new jib set up for high velocity runs, but that they had not tested it prior to Race Day One.

President Kevin Whitcraft, of the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta Organizing Committee stated that the 31st Anniversary PCKR’s first days will be due to the wonderful wind conditions throughout the day, which he describes as near perfect not just for Phuket boat charter, but for any sailor.  As the President of the PKCROC and on their behalf, he expressed thanks to the participants, saying that it was rewarding to have so many participate, despite the potentially dangerous conditions.

The racing events were then followed by a flag ceremony, marking the start of a week’s worth of epic King’s Cup events.