How To Create An Indoor Garden For Your Condo

Many individuals prefer condo living because it fits their lifestyle. You have the freedom to come and go without being concerned with maintenance and security issues that are usually present when living in a traditional home. However, what many people miss when living in a condo is having a garden. While condos usually have green open spaces, some people cannot enjoy their passion for gardening.

Condo living does not mean foregoing the love for gardens. According to Korayne Romanchuk, owner of Koko Mod Modern Floral Design, there is no need to sacrifice plants for the sake of space and convenience. Clients who are interested in plants can opt for high impact, low maintenance greenery for their spaces. You can easily create a personalized environment with beauty, vitality and originality using small plants.

According to Romanchuk, terrariums are the current trend for indoor plantscaping. Small plants will only require a little amount of footprint on top of counters, on the shelf, on the coffee table, side table but it can generate a big impact to interior design. Small terrarium indoor gardens are low maintenance and in some cases, require minimal light.  Terrariums can also be designed with air plants that have no root base and can be placed anywhere. Air plants can survive with moderate water and indirect sunlight. You can put an air plant on a glass and place it on kitchen window.

Cactuses do not require a lot of maintenance. Since their growth is pretty slow, you need not worry about the plant growing unruly or outgrowing their space. Cactuses are great for creating terrariums since they come in different sizes, shapes and varieties. In order to save on space, bring the plants up off the floors and hang them on the wall like a picture or from the ceiling like a chandelier.

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