Challenges To Expect This Coming Winter Season

Accu Weather forecasts an extended cold and winter season for those living the northern plains to the eastern parts of the United States. The southern half of the US can expect drier and milder winter weather. Winter brings a lot of challenges for HVAC contractors from locating, hiring and retaining qualified workers and staying competitive.

Volatile utility prices are a major concern among homeowners during the winter season. Households that are using natural gas for heating can expect to spend $116 (22%) more this winter because consumption is also expected to increase compared to last winter. The increase in consumption is actually based on the return to temperatures that are closer to normal. Last winter the El Nino phenomenon has resulted to winter temperatures that were 15% warmer than previous winters. Natural gas market is flexible enough to respond to consumer demand because of the colder weather.

Reliance on heating oil is highest in the Northeastern states where at least 22% of the households are using the fuel for space heating. Expect heating oil prices to be higher this year because crude oil prices are predicted to cost 24% more than last winter. Brent crude oil price which is the barometer in determining the prices of US petroleum products is predicted to reach an average of $48/b this year.
In addition to rising prices, many contractors have to ensure that their workforce is busy all round year. HVAC systems require routine maintenance to prevent system failures. More importantly, pre-winter season maintenance allows contractors the opportunity to check on their client’s systems and determine problems before the start of the peak season. Winter will add stress to the HVAC systems and this will cause failures. Clients will also be educated on the importance of energy efficient solutions like dual-fuel systems and geothermal.

Nights are getting colder and days are getting shorter. If the boiler has not been inspected or maintained, it is important to call now for boiler repairs Doncaster while engineers still have the time to respond immediately. As winter draws near, boiler engineers will be up to their necks with calls. Don’t wait until you lose your heat and hot water, act now before it is too late.