Star Was Theme Park Won’t Sell Their Merchandise

Disney Parks is currently having its biggest expansion in history of the theme park. They are making a whole new area which will be designated for the Star Wars theme. The new area is called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The most surprising fact about the latest theme park is that visitors will not be able to buy branded merchandise from Star Wars.

The most recent event held at the Hollywood Studios of Disney is the Galactic Nights and Chris Beatty, the executive creative producer of Walt Disney Imagineering, gave a speech during the event. He said that they wanted people to have an authentic experience while visiting the universe of Star Wars. They will be selling merchandise inside the area but there will be no products with the Star Wars brand.

Beatty added that they went to a research trip and they have discussed with their businesses, merchandise team as well as food team. They talked about making the theme park expansion as authentic as possible. They wanted to sell products that are unique and different. These products should seem like people went to another planet to buy.

Chris Beatty gave an example of one of the characters that will be found in the marketplace which is in Batuu, the planet. The planet will be where the location of the events to happen at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There will be an alien race known as the Toydarians who are responsible in making toys. The merchandise people will see at the shop will be the sort that the Toydarians will build. In short, there is not Star Wars merchandise available from the Toydarians.

For fans who really want to have Star Wars merchandise, they can visit other places inside the Hollywood Studios of Disney. During the Galactic Nights event, Star Wars t-shirts were available for purchase. For those visiting the Star Tours, branded merchandise can be found at the gift shop connected to it. There are other places where the merchandise can be purchased but Galaxy’s Edge will retain their goal in providing an immersive experience for their guests.


How To Make Free Classified Ads Los Angeles Work For You

There are different ways to sell your items. You can post them on e-commerce sites, post them on sites for free classified ads Los Angeles or you can even use your social media account to dispose your items. No matter where you post your items, there is a trick to make it more sellable and attractive to buyers. Here are some ideas.

Concise and comprehensive

To make your ad more effective, make it striking by using a few words. However, your ad’s info should be comprehensive in such a way that visitors would immediately know what you are selling including its best features. You should also include the price, your contact information, your location including if the item is brand new or slightly used. Make sure that your information is straightforward and honest. Unambiguous posts at free classified ads Los Angeles generally doubted and is harder to sell. Most of the time, if the post is confusing or with little information, the tendency is for potential buyers to send messages to you with several questions about the items. To do away with several questions from prospects, put all the necessary information on the ad.

Attach attractive images

Another way to make your ad more attractive and catchy is by adding images to it. Take good pictures of the item you are selling. Make good use of lighting and choose the right angle to have the images looking more professional. You might also want to pick an excellent background for better overall appearance of the image.

Contact info

Putting your contact information on the ad makes it more reliable especially if you include a location map on the advertisement. Ads with lacking information appear shady and even questionable. To make your free classified ads Los Angeles more credible before your prospects, post in trusted marketing sites in your area and one with good reputation. There are marketing sites that also allow the posting of community events aside from ads alone. Choose a site that offers more items, services and even real properties. Comprehensive sites have more visitors and it increases the chances of your items to be sold.


Must-Have Equipment For Liveaboard Diving Thailand

If you are planning to go on a Liveaboard Diving Thailand, make sure that you have with you some important gears that would keep you safe in the water. Aside from that, the safety gears will keep the experience even more enjoyable especially when spent with friends. Here are some of the must-have gears that you should have when diving.

  • Diving mask. A high quality mask will keep your eyes protected from salt-water. It will also enable for you to appreciate the Thailand’s underwater beauty.
  • Drysuit/wetsuit. If you will dive in warm waters, you would need a wetsuit which is typically made of neoprene rubber that insulates the body by trapping the heat within. A thicker type of wetsuit is required in colder waters.
  • Another essential Liveaboard Diving Thailand is regulator. The equipment controls the supply of air from the demand valve every time air is taken in thru the mouthpiece. Another demand valve is also attached to the regulator to allow you or another diver to get air supply when needed.
  • Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD). A BCD looks more like a jacket which is connected to the air cylinder thru an inflator hose. While you are still at the water surface, a lavish supply of air is injected into the BCD. The air keeps you afloat. As you go deeper into the water, the air is gradually released and adjusted. The air is lessened or added, depending on the need. The device prevents the diver from sinking or rising.
  • Weight belt or integrated weights. The device is worn around the waist. It keeps the diver steady while at its intended water depth. A weight belt can also be used along with BCDs with built-in pockets.
  • One of the more important life-saving equipment when doing Liveaboard Diving Thailand are gauges. A gauge indicates the amount of air inside your tank and how deep you are in the water. There are gauges that also provides temperature information and a compass.
  • The device is worn by divers for better mobility and control under water. Moving under water can be challenging without the use of fins.


New Zealand Ministry Of Health Says Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

Health officials from the New Zealand Ministry of Health, has recently made an announcement that’s good news for vape stores like E-liquid NZ, with the government officials saying that it is a better, healthier option in comparison to traditional smoking.

During a Parliament briefing on the 13th of December, 2017, the Ministry of Health made a statement saying that vaping is safer than smoking, and that there exists empirical data that shows that it helps people kick the habit of smoking.

There’s also a research with data that shows that second-hand inhalation of vapour is less dangerous than second-hand smoke, due to the lower toxicant levels with vaping than with smoking. Additional data shows that vapour isn’t as detrimental to the health of cells compared to smoking, the Ministry of Health also said.

However, in following with the regulations, health officials are looking into banning vaping in areas where smoking is also banned.

The briefing held during the Parliament meeting were, reportedly, part of the legislative changes set in motion by the prior Government, which set new regulations regarding e-cigarettes that set rules on their sales and use. Currently, the Government is still deliberating on the proposed legislations.

The Associate Minister of Health, Hon. Jenny Salesa, was tasked with handling the tobacco delegation on the last week of November, and had yet to make a decision on the proposed legislations, which would be an important verdict for those like E-liquid NZ, seeing as it would officially legalize e-cigarette sales across New Zealand.

The officials, however, have stated that, while vaping presents less risks than smoking, there are still problems, since people are still absorbing substances capable of inflicting potentially dangerous damage for long term health.

Whilst officials believe that vaping can help people in NZ quit smoking, Massy University’s Profession Marewa Glover says that the initial costs of vaping is problematic, and is a hindrance to its widespread use and application.

Another issue seen with vaping is making it so that smokers will select them over smoking, but without having the NZ youth take up the habit.


Day One Of Phuket’s King’s Cup Met With Great Winds

Great weather conditions for Phuket boat charter and boat racing greeted the start of the yearly King’s Cup in Phuket.

The first day of the annual PKCR was greeted by some of the most favourable conditions ever  seen in the cup’s history, with wind speeds sitting at a minimum of 19 knots during the racing event. Race Day One had a total number of participants of 83, composed of both keelboats and multihulls that braved the hard waves that were present due to the high wind speeds, seemed almost storm-like in its behaviour, which resulted in a few collisions during the event.

Trying to get as much done with the sun out, all the participant classes went and completed as much as possible, with a lot of teams taking the risk of doing fast running during Day One, to good results. The THA74 Thai team, led by Kevin Whitcraft, managed to win the three opening races in the IRC0 class. In the IRC1 class, the wins were split, with the first race belonging to team Karasu from Japan, the second to Singapore team Loco, then YasuoNanamori and his team came in and won the third and final race of the day. In the IRC2 class, which incorporated Open Charter this year, had the Madam Butterfly led by Peter Dyer, managing to emerge victorious in all three opening races.

Helmsman for the boat THA72, JarayTipsuk, had good things to say about Race Day One, with him stating that the winds were great, and boating conditions were very fast throughout the day. He expressed amusement of the fact that the THA72 had abrand new jib set up for high velocity runs, but that they had not tested it prior to Race Day One.

President Kevin Whitcraft, of the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta Organizing Committee stated that the 31st Anniversary PCKR’s first days will be due to the wonderful wind conditions throughout the day, which he describes as near perfect not just for Phuket boat charter, but for any sailor.  As the President of the PKCROC and on their behalf, he expressed thanks to the participants, saying that it was rewarding to have so many participate, despite the potentially dangerous conditions.

The racing events were then followed by a flag ceremony, marking the start of a week’s worth of epic King’s Cup events.