Star Was Theme Park Won’t Sell Their Merchandise

Disney Parks is currently having its biggest expansion in history of the theme park. They are making a whole new area which will be designated for the Star Wars theme. The new area is called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The most surprising fact about the latest theme park is that visitors will not be able to buy branded merchandise from Star Wars.

The most recent event held at the Hollywood Studios of Disney is the Galactic Nights and Chris Beatty, the executive creative producer of Walt Disney Imagineering, gave a speech during the event. He said that they wanted people to have an authentic experience while visiting the universe of Star Wars. They will be selling merchandise inside the area but there will be no products with the Star Wars brand.

Beatty added that they went to a research trip and they have discussed with their businesses, merchandise team as well as food team. They talked about making the theme park expansion as authentic as possible. They wanted to sell products that are unique and different. These products should seem like people went to another planet to buy.

Chris Beatty gave an example of one of the characters that will be found in the marketplace which is in Batuu, the planet. The planet will be where the location of the events to happen at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There will be an alien race known as the Toydarians who are responsible in making toys. The merchandise people will see at the shop will be the sort that the Toydarians will build. In short, there is not Star Wars merchandise available from the Toydarians.

For fans who really want to have Star Wars merchandise, they can visit other places inside the Hollywood Studios of Disney. During the Galactic Nights event, Star Wars t-shirts were available for purchase. For those visiting the Star Tours, branded merchandise can be found at the gift shop connected to it. There are other places where the merchandise can be purchased but Galaxy’s Edge will retain their goal in providing an immersive experience for their guests.


How To Find Latin Brides That You Can Marry One Day

Are you a man seeking Latin brides?This is now easy as you can check out online mail order bride services and agencies which have done a cost efficient and quick way to find brides. These agencies and services also offer tips and advices for those interested. However, you need to be careful with your choices.

With more people using the Internet, it’s just possible to find the perfect bride that will fit your preferences. These services provide thousands of beautiful Latin brides that you can marry one day. They help you save time and money just to find the woman of your dreams.

First, you need to be always prolific. Don’t hesitate to send letters to all the women who intensify your interest. Remember, the more physically attractive the woman is, the more likely she will receive letters from other men. When you write to several Latin women, you increase your chances of finding the right partner in your life. However, never send them photocopies, but a personal letter which you wrote to spark their interest.

The next tip to give is not having too much focus on the Latin woman’s pictures. These pictures are edited and will not put justice on how they are like. Instead, write more letters to this woman and wait till she sends pictures of her in her daily walks of life. You’ll be surprised how pleasant she is in person.

Before you finally decide to communicate with your chosen Latin brides, ensure you have read their personal description aside from the pictures they feature on the site. You will want a woman who shares the same interest, likes and dislikes as yours so you have something in common. Then you can start communicating with her, and if things turn out right, you’ll be turning her to be your bride.

Many men from around the world find an online mail order bride agency useful, cost efficient and the quickest ways to find Latin brides. They also find various women who are available for contact, and provides them with information on how they can be reached.