Why International Relocation Services In Thailand Should Handle Your Move

There are lots of ways on how you should move to another house in Thailand. How you make up your decision will provide the right or wrong moving experience. You may wish to hire international relocation services in Thailand, just a bit of them, or do the move by yourself.

If you have chosen to hire a moving company to handle the heavy lifting, then you can say you have made a wise investment. In fact, if you ask them to lift your heavy objects, they will be more than willing to do it for you, as they have the right experience and equipment to do it. If you delegate the moving tasks to international relocation services in Thailand, you’ll see how they do everything professionally.

The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

The main reason why people chose not to hire movers is due to the price. They think they can save money by doing the task by themselves. But consider the benefits of why you should hire them, such as:

  • The Experience: They have done this for many years as this is their job. They know how to place boxes and bags into the truck, and to pack the furniture properly to avoid damage.
  • They are Efficient: A team of experienced movers can empty your entire house in the required amount of time, which will make you think why they are the best loaders around.
  • Equipped with the Right Tools: Your belongings can range from the smallest to the biggest items to move. If you choose the best international relocation services in Thailand, they have the right tools and equipment to help you with the move.
  • Provide Protection: Once you hire a moving company, they will handle your items with care. If something unforeseen happens, they can cover for the damages.
  • Delegate Your Time on More Important Things: If you have your move handled by movers, you’ll just have to focus on other aspects of the move such as transferring utilities, cables, etc.
  • Avoid Hurting Oneself: This will save you from danger involving the move.

If you’re planning a move, it is suggested to hire international relocation services in Thailand for safety and convenience, so you get yourself finally settled into your new home.


How Schools Can Provide A Germ Free And Healthy Environment

Schools are places of learning. It is essential to provide a safe and germ free environment for the children. Maintaining a neat and hygienic school is of utmost importance to safeguard the health of the children and the staff working in the school. Clean schools minimize the spread of infections and illnesses and lead to healthy and happy children.

Schools can hire the services of school cleaners in Sydney to take care of the cleaning needs of the school campus. These professional cleaners will provide qualified and trained cleaning staff like janitors, cleaning professionals etc. to keep the school campus clean throughout the day.

Here are some tips that help the school management to provide a germ free and healthy environment to the students and the teachers

  1. Educate the teachers, support staff and students about germs and other pathogens that cause infection and illness. Basic understanding about germs helps them to follow the safety requirements like washing hands regularly, avoiding touching the contaminated surfaces etc.
  2. The next step is to carry out a thorough evaluation of the school campus. Schools can take the help of professional school cleaners in Sydney to identify the areas with highest level of contamination like the railings of the steps, door handles, cafeteria sinks, toilets etc. once these areas are identified, they should be cleaned regularly.
  3. It is advisable to use the right product that kill germs and other pathogens. Hiring professional school cleaners in Sydney helps the schools to know about the right products for different germs. The professional cleaners are trained and qualified and have knowledge about the right products for different kinds of germs. Moreover, the schools should use kid safe and environmentally friendly products to ensure there are no side effects on the children.
  4. All the equipment in school labs and other areas, door handles and other surfaces which come into regular contact with the students should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly using the right products.
  5. It is also necessary to carry on deep cleaning of the school premises regularly. They can hire the services of school cleaners in Sydney, who provide deep cleaning services along with regular cleaning and maintenance. Deep cleaning can be done when the students and staff are away on a break. Deep cleaning ensures the whole school premises is germ free and provides a healthy environment for the students.

Cleveland Clinic To Install Frosted Glass Privacy Window Film

We just love to find case studies about frosted glass privacy window film projects that provide relevant benefits. A Cleveland clinic recently published an article about these frosted window films and how it saved them money and improved their health and safety inside the hospital premises.

Seeking a Cost-Efficient Solution

The Nursing Director in their Florida location was finding new ways to enhance hygiene and avoid possible infection. A recent study showed the hospital privacy curtains can acquire rapid contamination with bacteria. Anytime a hospital staff will touch the curtains to enter and exit the room, they risk themselves as carriers of infection-causing pathogens, especially when they interact with their patients.

The Cleveland clinic then initiated a committee to provide solutions to the problem which included converting disposable curtains; switching to partition screens; and installing blinds and using frosted glass privacy window film on existing glass.

The Frosted Window Film Wil Help Save Money Every Year

The Nursing Director said, “When curtains are removed and replaced with window film installation on the doors and windows, it will save the Cleveland clinic thousands of dollars for manpower and laundering.”

The installation of frosted glass privacy window film will not only save huge expenses for the hospital, it can potentially protect all its patients from harmful infections. This is the kind of story that everyone is excited and eager to experience. The window film can be installed in just one day, and that curtains will no longer be needed. It should also provide ambient light to come inside through the doors and windows.

All the nurses working for the Cleveland Clinic are happy they are done with the curtains, not just because they are potentially prone to infection to patients, but because they don’t need to be disrupted with the frequent changes and disinfecting of the curtains.

The Frosted Window Film Will Bring New Standards for the Hospital

The staff of the Cleveland Clinic are now happier with the result of the installation of frosted glass privacy window film. They are planning to have it installed in more ICU rooms as well this July 2018. They have considered it a new benchmark for the hospital.


Four Hua Hin Attractions That Will Let You Explore The City Like Locals

Hua Hin is a popular weekend getaway in Thailand. The calm and serene beach town is the preferred summer destination for the royals of Thailand and the tourists alike. There are many interesting site seeing spots and fun activities for the tourists.

The popular beach town has a range of accommodation options that suit the preferences of different travellers. Tourists who wish to experience awesome Thai hospitality along with modern amenities can stay at the luxury beach villas in Hua Hin, which offer the best views of the sea and the beach.

Some of the popular spots in Hua Hin that allow you to explore the local culture are

  1. Plearnwan Vintage village

The vintage village showcases the humble beginnings of the beach town which has developed in to a modern tourist attraction. The village contains of a shopping area where the locals sell clothes, ornaments and other goods produced in southern Thailand. The village is the best place to taste authentic Thai foods and catch shows of Thai classic movies over the weekends. If you are planning a weekend getaway to the popular beach town, book your stay at the luxury beach villas in Hua Hin and visit the Plearnwan vintage village.

  1. Camp Palapon

Muay Thai is a popular martial art in Thailand. Visitors willing to learn Muaythai and compete with professional players can visit the camp Palapon. The camp is the best place to learn the traditional martial art .

  1. Wat Bor Fai Hua Hin monastery

The sacred monastery is a local religious site that is far from the crowds of tourists. The monastery is located at the city centre and offers scenic views of the sea and the forests. Tourists can explore the beautiful surroundings of the monastery by paying a small fee. Tourists can stay at the luxury beach villas in Hua Hin and spend a day exploring the beautiful surroundings of the monastery and interacting with the monks.

  1. KhaoTakiab elephant camp

The authentic elephant camp in khaoTakiab is a traditional place where the locals house their working elephants. The elephants here are not exploited or forced to do stunts for the tourists. Visit the camp to get a glimpse of the elephants in their natural surroundings. Stay at the luxury beach villas in Hua Hin and explore the traditional elephant camp in the city.


Home owners Throwing Away Millions Because Of Wrong Boiler Labelling

According to a recent investigation, it was found out there has been a labelling scandal associated with boilers that costs homeowners to pay more bills which amounted to hundreds of millions of pounds annually. Homeowners as well as companies like Crofts that does boiler installation and repair are quite shocked with the news. A whistle-blower came forward and shared information regarding the mislabelling on the boilers’ efficiency, which put the energy performance at 10 per cent higher. The mistake occurred because the official tests conducted by the European Union do not follow the same guidelines on how consumers usually heat up their properties.

The whistle-blower, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that consumers are tricked because they purchase the products thinking that they are as efficient as indicated on the label. If these sold boilers are to operate under the efficiency level written on the label then the homeowner would be able to save at least 85 pounds annually. It will also be able to save around one-third of the required carbon savings as agreed for the 2030 Paris Accord.

The efficiency rules have been set by the European Union which classifies the boilers into different levels according to heating score which ranges from A to G. Annually, there are 1.7 million boilers that are sold in the United Kingdom and majority of these are stamped with A rating which means that the efficiency level is 80 per cent or higher. The problem is that these tests do not mimic how the boilers are used in real life.

In Britain, an average home consumes hot water of around 80 litres daily while the energy labels assume that the consumption is at 325 litres. The boiler efficiency is higher the larger amount of hot water that is processed.

The same goes for the testing of the efficiency score of the boilers, which also do not follow real life situations. According to boiler repair company Crofts, a household typically operates the boiler at 70C while during half of the testing the operating temperature is set only at 35C.