Three Benefits Of Investing In Corporate Team Building Activities

Employees are an important resource for any business organization. While all the organizations invest in training and skill development of the employees, team building is one area that is often ignored by most of the business organizations. Team building helps to improve the morale of the employees and increase their productivity. Team building efforts have long-term benefits that have an effect on the working culture of the organization. Some of the advantages of team building are

Team building helps to develop trust among the employees

Regular team building activities and exercises help to improve trust among the co-workers. Participating in outdoor team building activities, which fall outside the scope of regular job duties helps the employees to relax and bond with each other. When the employees work together as a team in a relaxed environment, the process of creative dialogue develops trust among the team members. This enables the employees to trust on each other and improve their co-ordination when they come back to regular jobs.

Team building activities improve the morale of the employees

Team building exercises involve a lot of fun and laughter. The teams work together to win a game or a treasure hunt while participating in outdoor team building activities and programmes. This process allows them to come out with creative ideas to solve the problems at hand and win the game. They help to develop a competitive spirit among the employees and helps them to make good connect with each other. When the employees connect with each other on a personal level and have a competitive spirit, it helps to boost their morale and improve the productivity.

Team building events help to develop better communication among co-workers

Team building activities require the members of a team communicate with each other and come up with creative ideas to solve odd problems or to win a game. Most of the outdoor team building activities involve a treasure hunt or some interesting tasks that necessitate the employees to communicate and know about each other. This helps the employees to know about the different backgrounds of their co-workers and respect the differences. Development of better channels of communication among the employees leads to fewer misunderstandings and conflict at the work place.




£10 Million Tourism Development Given Approval

A £10 million development project for a new city centre hotels inverness, dubbed “The House of Bruar of the North”, which has promised the creation of at least 100 new jobs in the area, has recently received planning permission from the Highland Council.

Planning officials exercised their legal powers to give the approval to the Tomatin Trading Company’s long-standing plans for a development containing a 99-bedroom hotel, alongside farm shop, 200-seat restaurant, as well as a drive-through bakery, shops and a filling station.

The development’s managing director, William Frame, says that the 12-month development could start sometime in spring, which he says would create 40 construction jobs, followed by 70 long-term hotel and retail posts, initially. He states that he’s pleased that the Highland Council has given approval for planning, which he says means that the company can work on the hard part, which is getting the development done and creating a new city centre hotels inverness that represents the best in food, drink, gifts and hospitality that Scotland can offer.

Community leaders including Inverness South councillors, Duncan Macpherson and Ken Gowans, welcomed the project with open arms, saying that it would be a huge boon to the southern gateway of Inverness.

The 3.5-acre brownfield site had detailed mixed-use approval for hotel, restaurant and retail, which it received back in 2007.

Work on getting the project set up was delayed due to a number of factors, including complex planning conditions, the banking crisis that hit the country, as well as the confirmation of a new roady layout for the dualling of the nearby part of the A9.

The site the hotel is to sit in used to be occupied by the Freemore Hotel, and, then, a Little Chef, the latter demolished in 2008.

Mr. Frame, says that getting planning permission has been a long slog, requiring a lot agreement from many people, and now that it’s moving forward, he is grateful for the Inverness planners and excited to see economic development…

Cllr. Gowans says that this new large-scale development would be really good for the surrounding area, set to bring in a lot of revenue, and he also expects that the community will be happy to back the project as well.


Different Types Of Interlinings

Interlining is inserting any material between two layers of fabric in order to give more body to the garment. Interlining helps to stabilize the fabric and make the sewing easier. Interlining also provides durability to the garments.

Interlining materials are available in different materials. Some of the most popular types of interlinings are

Woven interlining

The woven interlinings are manufactured using lightweight fabrics. This type of interlining is mostly used for areas like waist bands, jackets, plackets etc. Use of woven interlining to these demanding areas provides reinforcement to the garment and improves its durability.

Knitted interlining

The knitted interlining is used for knitted fabrics. These interlining materials are highly stretchable and recover quickly. The knitted interlinings can be used for fused and stretchable areas. The knitted interlining are available in different types such as circular, jersey knit etc.

Non-woven interlining

As the name suggests, the non-woven interlinings are manufactured using hundred percent polyamide materials. These materials are bonded using thermal and chemical procedures. The non-woven interlines are very light weight. Some of the examples of non-woven interlines are, PVC coated interline manufactured using Poly Vinyl, PVA coating interlines manufactured using Polyvinyl acetate, Polyethylene coated interlining, polyester coated interlines, polyamide coated interlines and polypropylene coated interlines.

Water-repellent interlining

This type of interlining is suitable for wet conditions. These interlines are thermally bonded and are most suitable for rain gear. Since these interlines are thermally bonded, they can withstand harsh processes such as stone wash, bleaching, enzyme wash etc.

Embroidered interlines

This type of interlines are made from non-woven and non-fusible interlining material. The material used for embroidered interlines is easily tearable.

Hair interlining

These interlines are mostly used in men’s clothing such as jackets and blazers. The interlining is manufactured using horse hair.

There are many other type of interlining available. Garment manufactures should choose the correct type of interlining suitable for the type of the garments. Certain interlinings are suitable for wet conditions and can be used in rain gear and swimwear while others are suitable for formal wear. Choosing the right type of interlining provides good fit and look to the garments. It provides right reinforcement to the fabric and improves its durability.


New Condos In Bangkok To Continue Launch

The population in the capital city of Thailand is climbing and apartment for rent in Bangkok is one of the most in demand along with condominium units for sale. There is a new supply of condo waiting to be launched but ratio of mortgages’s LTV or loan to value might decrease soon. This announcement did not stop condo developers though as they are determined to push through with the launch.

The senior manager at the research department of Colliers, Phattarachai Taweewong, said that even after the proposed LTV limitations to be imposed by the Bank of Thailand, condo developers are not fazed. Their plans to launch their new units for fourth quarter will continue as planned.

He added that developers are expecting for more detailed explanation since they are treating the new measure to be simply a guideline. Recommendations are currently being reviewed by the central bank.

Though the announcement of the new LTV rate was imposed on October 4, all condo projects are still offering a rate of 10 per cent when the down payment should be at 20 per cent already.

For the fourth quarter, about 16,000 condo units are to be launched in the city. This number is still the same as the figure released by developers at the beginning of 2018.

The limits on the new LTV will impact new supplies to be introduced to the market in 2019. Based on the market research conducted by Colliers, the third quarter saw a total of 22,579 condo units made available in Greater Bangkok which came from 46 different projects. The total sales will amount to 107.54 billion in Thailand baht.

For this year, the new supply of condo has increased by 20 per cent compared to the same period in 2017. Meanwhile, there is a 165 per cent growth for the second quarter which kind of created a record for being the highest in the last decade.

For the first three quarters of 2018, the economy is giving off a positive vibe but the condo market remains stagnant. There is more activity with apartment for rent in Bangkok which is found to be more affordable than getting a condo unit.


Seven Advantages Of Payroll Management Software

Payroll is a crucial operation for any kind of business. Payroll management involves making timely and accurate payments to the staff of the business organization. Efficient payroll management boosts the morale of the employees and improves their productivity.

Earlier, business organizations managed payroll manually. But with the advent of computerization and modern technology like payroll software, it has become easy for these organizations to manage their payroll efficiently with improved speed and accuracy.

Some of the advantages of using payroll software are

  1. The modern software helps the Human Resource managers to work out the lengthy calculations and deductions from the employee salary in an accurate and efficient manner. The software make the calculations quicker when compared to the manual calculations.
  2. It is important to generate accurate payslips to the employees. The advanced software helps the managers to generate accurate payslips after making the necessary deductions in the salary.
  3. The salary of the employees includes a lot of components like bonuses, overtime pay, expenses, holiday pay, tax deductions etc. HR managers can calculate all these components easily, with minimum effort, when they use the modern software for payroll management. Since the components are already fed into the software, the manager just needs to input the basic details to calculate the pay of the employee.
  4. The modern software for payroll management can generate the forms required for filing tax returns of the employees.
  5. Year-end reporting is a burden for HR managers. The Payroll software eases this task as the system is fully automated and generates all the reports quickly and accurately.
  6. The tax legislations keep changing dynamically. It is a difficult task to keep up with the ever-changing tax legislatures. The modern payroll management systems eliminate the need to understand the complicated tax laws as the system is automated.
  7. Business organizations have a lot of important data like the annual reports, payslips of the employees etc. all these data can be stored in a secure manner using the payroll management software. The data stored in the payroll software can be easily accessed by the managers, whenever they need it.

Owing to these advantages, many business organizations are turning to the payroll software for efficient management of their payroll.