Termite Proof Your Home During Festive Season

Termites are big problem that invade your home silently. Termite infestation is hard to spot as it starts from underneath the ground. You cannot see the huge colonies of termites built underground. Homeowners get to know about the infestation only after it reaches a serious stage and termites start to appear on the furniture and walls.

It is very essential to consult a good pest control service that specializes in carrying out termite inspections in Sydney, with modern equipment. The trained pest control specialists scour your entire property for traces of infestation. An early identification will lead to fast and effective treatments to keep away this tiny invader away from your home.

Here are some tips to keep away unwanted pests away from your home

  • Before you bring the decoration materials inside check them for pests and insects. The cardboard boxes stored in damp and dark areas are pest attractions. Termites, spiders and cockroaches love to build nests in these boxes. It is always advisable to open the boxes outside and check them carefully for any traces of termites and pests.
  • Christmas trees are other way termites and pests enter inside your home. Check the tree very closely for insects and pests before bringing it inside your home. Select a healthy tree and clean it properly before bringing it inside.
  • Firewood is a major attraction for termites and insects. The firewood stacked outside your home is a pest magnet for termites and other pests that feed on wood. To prevent pest infestation happening, always store the firewood away from your house.

You can follow these steps to minimize the chances of pest and termite infestation inside your home. They help you have a pest free celebration and keep your home and family healthy.

A better tip to keep your home safe from pest infestation permanently is to opt for a good quality pest and termite control. The specialist pest control workers will carry out detailed termite inspections in Sydney to carefully scour the surroundings of your house and yard for infestation. They will provide the necessary solutions to treat the problem, if they detect any pests. They use highly potent chemicals and bait stations to keep away the termites from your home and furniture.


Fun Team Activities To Prevent The Winter Blues

Even if summer is over, there are still a lot of ways to keep a team of employees motivated through the busy season.


Afternoon Film Showing Trip

Paul Hager from Information Technology Professionals recalls how they rented the entire theatre for a private show of the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” It was something that their team got excited about, and they really enjoyed it. They took their afternoon off, got a few beers, ordered pizza and relaxed for a few hours.


Go on Winter Getaways

Elliot Tomaeno from Astrsk PR talks about taking his team to the beach during summers, and they went to Bermuda this year. Lately, he started with mid-February retreats too. For him, energy can be kept all year round through activities outside the office.


Involve Family and Friends

Roger Lee from Captain401 suggests involving the team’s family as well as friends during company events in order to enhance team rapport. Even if it’s just game night or a simple dinner, keeping an event open for family and friends will allow interaction with the important people in an employee’s life. This builds understanding and collaboration.


Have Indoor Games at the Office

Maren Hogan from Red Branch Media shares that they have a pool table, a ping pong table, a drum set and a dart board to inspire their employees to rethink issues and collaborate. When these games are provided, it allows employees to get breaks and have time to talk over ideas or work together.


Plan the Holiday Party

Kristopher Jones from LSEO.com mentions that there is some disappointment in teams when the seasons change from summer to fall then winter. However, with the festive season near, this is a great moment to start with the holiday party planning.


Choose Fall Activities for Fun

Murray Newlands from Due remembers how he and his team went to pumpkin patches, competed in pumpkin carving contests and did mazes. This shows how business team building is possible any time of the year. And when the weather is especially nice, outdoor activities like scavenger hunts, hikes, walks for charity or community runs are possible.



Tips On How To Be A Better Gift Giver

Christmas is fast approaching and some people have started making their lists. Of course, you want to be a great gift-giver, but what do people really want for Christmas? According to a 2009 study of Journal of Experimental School Psychology, gift givers tend to assume that people prefer fancier and more expensive presents but in fact they are happier with practical and cheaper presents.

You often think that the price and efforts you put into the gift will matter but the recipient does not see what went with the price tag and they only have what you have given and how it will fit into their lives. Some gift givers assume that a voucher for a five-star place will make a love one happy, but in fact a gift card at one of the restaurants nearby will be a more practical and appreciated choice.

Don’t overdo gift wrapping because it raises expectations for the gift. It also increases the risk of the recipient being disappointed if the present does not live up to the fancy gift wrap. There are times when it makes sense to use simple Christmas gift bags than gift wraps that are gorgeous and beribboned. It is like giving someone a Sear’s gift card on a Tiffany box. Unless you are sure that you are giving something overwhelming like a Tiffany ring in a Tiffany box, consider toning down your packaging.

According to a research made by Harvard and Stanford business schools that was published in 2011, gift recipients are happier when they are given a gift that is exactly what they asked for instead of something thoughtful that is not included in their wish list. There is nothing wrong in asking what the recipient wants. Electronics is not romantic but the recipient will be thrilled because it is what was asked for.

This year, make sure you ask your love ones on the gifts they will appreciate. You will never know what is on their minds unless you ask. There are also Christmas gift bags that are more practical and efficient choice for packaging your presents. They are not too ostentatious and yet they are beautifully made to make someone happy.