How To Care For Orchid Cut Flowers

Orchids are ranked similarly to caring for diamonds and other precious stones in a jewellery business. So, if you prefer pretty flowers for special occasions, there is nothing better than orchid cut flowers to give.

However, one must understand that not all orchids are appropriate for cut flowers. Furthermore, the lifespan of orchids will depend on its variety and how the blooms are used and cared for. If you check varieties of orchid cut flowers, they are specifically bred and grown to be one. They last long, never fade and bruise easily. There are orchids that are heavy and thick, which will generally last longer than delicate blooms. This is especially true if you intend to use them for bouquets, boutonnieres or corsages.

Long Term Care for Cut Orchids and Anthuriums

Most anthuriums and cut orchids will last longer than those with single blooms. Note that a cut orchid arrangement will last longer than a boutonniere. The flowers must be kept fresh as much as possible. If they get wilted, you can submerge them in warm water for some time. The blooms must be kept away from heat sources and direct sunlight. They last longer in cooler temperatures but may suffer from cooler drafts.

Quick Care for Cut Orchids and Anthuriums

Once you receive your package, you need to open the boxes at once and put the orchid cut flowers in a cool place. The flowers are best stored at temperature 50°-60° Fahrenheit to last longer.

Antthuriums, Aranthera, Aranda, Mokara and Dendrobium

Once you remove the wrapping sleeve, refresh the flowers by spraying water mist or completely submerge them in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Then you cut the stem and put them in a clean vase with warm water.

Pahiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Oncidium, Cymbidium

You need to remove the wrapping sleeve, cut the stem approximately 1-cm, arrange and put them in a clean vase with warm water.

For the Cymbidium, you need the stem to be supported by a tall, slender vase. If not supported well, the lifespan of these orchid cut flowers will significantly decrease, and inadequate water won’t make it survive.