The Inequalities Of Online Job Hunting

The internet has allowed job seekers to access a wide range of job opportunities while organizations are allowed access to a much larger talent pool. Besides the job listings, job seekers can access valuable information from reviews like King Kong agency reviews from the employees’ direct personal experiences with the digital agency.

According to research studies, the internet has certainly affected the process of recruitment in the real world; however, access to information is not enjoyed by all people. Both public and private sectors use online tools to advertise job openings with the objective of recruiting quality talent. This has resulted into a profound division between low-skill and low-salary jobs and high-skill and high-salary jobs.

Researchers explain that lower-wage jobs are advertised in large job sites to provide the jobs with good visibility. This results into hundreds of thousands of applicants for different vacant positions. This system makes it more difficult for individual job seekers to find employment. HR professionals have to face the challenge of sorting through thousands of applications. Because of competition and the workload placed on HR, it is extremely unlikely for a job seeker to receive a feedback.

The situation is different for more influential and senior positions that require specific skills. There is a much smaller pool of potential candidates and recruiters describe it as finding purple squirrels. While these positions are also posted on big job sites, there is bias against those who actually apply for the jobs.

It is common for HR professionals to use LinkedIn to find and recruit purple squirrels that are presently employed and are not on the lookout for new careers. This system of hiring has resulted into a very shallow pool of potential candidates that can be considered. Those who are currently holding senior positions are more likely to be approached for vacant senior positions.

There are many job opportunities nowadays for job seekers. However, it should not prevent them from considering the potential employer and whether their needs can be provided well. One of the ways to make a confident employment decision is to read King Kong agency reviews where the digital agency’s employees share their opinions about their employer.


Fake Online Reviews Are A Problem For Australia

Aussies like to browse the internet. They also like to look at online reviews to see which companies and brands they can trust. However, the ACCC has warned that, unlike all those King Kong agency reviews, not all reviews on the internet might be reliable.

According to Australia’s competition watchdog, there have been a lot of complaints fake negative online reviews. One particular case that the Council of Small Business dealing with a union that was trying to hurt a business.

CEO Peter Strong says that these things do happen, that people do target businesses over ideology or personality, regardless of how good that business actually is, and that’s what’s got them concerned.

Fake online reviews can be extremely problematic for the businesses that have to deal with them. One such unlucky business owner was Michael Napoli, who runs a hairdressing salon. He says that online reviews can be hard, as people put a lot of stock in King Kong agency reviews and the like; no online reviews means people just ignore you.

The problem, Napoli notes, is that you don’t know if the customer’s actually been to the business, or if it’s just a competitor looking for an underhanded advantage. And, he notes, getting rid of them is impossible.

Complaints can be filed to the ACCC, who can investigate and issue penalties of up to greater than $1mn, but that’s all they’re capable of, as it stands. Negative reviews can’t be removed by the ACCC or the government, regardless of how much damage they’re doing to undeserving businesses and their owners.

The Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA), is working with the ACCC to give businesses more tools to deal with fake online reviews.

A report published on the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry stated recommendations from the organization saying that an ombudsman should be able to investigate fake reviews, take down content whenever deemed appropriate, and be able to mandate compensation.

The Prime Minister asked AU Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher how the Government would respond to the recommendations, and stated that they’ll be looking at them, with a formal response set to come before the end of 2019.


Most Job Seekers Are Looking For Work-Life Balance

The internet has significantly changed the traditional process of recruitment. Today, employers are being reviewed across a multitude of online platforms and job seekers are judging potential employers from the reviews and ratings. For example, the positive King Kong agency reviews from its employees are very interesting to job seekers who aim for career growth.

Individuals who are planning to work somewhere can look at professional networks because someone they know might be working in the company. The job seeker will have an idea on whether the company is supportive of work-life balance that he is trying to achieve. The quest for work-life balance is one of the reasons why people change their jobs but sometimes, they face a rude awakening when the employer does not keep his promises.

There are company review sites and “best places to work” but keep in mind that these sites do not actually provide an accurate picture of an employer. Employers today are quick on boasting about family-friendly benefits like remote work options and parental leaves but the fact is employers are not under any obligation to deliver the promises.

According to Alexandra Harwin, partner at Sanford Heisler Sharp in New York, laws do not require employers to accommodate parental responsibilities like they do with other concerns like religious holidays. Employment contracts usually specify certain hours or accommodations that protect employees but since most employees in the United States are at-will employees, they do not have the leverage to ask the employer for a contract.

Job seekers must not be too impulsive in making a decision based on review sites. It makes sense to talk to some people who have worked in the company before on whether the employer puts value on employee’s personal lives. The employee handbook can also be illuminating because it is where most of the basic policies can be found.

In your job search, King Kong agency reviews can make a big difference in achieving the career goals. The reviews are positive and very encouraging. Take those negative reviews with a grain of salt because they are usually coming from disgruntled and unhappy employees who want to air their grievances.


How To Find A Financial Advice Online

Commuting from one location to another has become more difficult today due to an increase in traffic. One can get a better way for help by seeking financial advice online, where they can always resort to the Internet.  Here you’ll find many websites that can give you financial advice especially if you’re in the middle of a financial problem and need urgent decision.

When you seek financial advice online, trust that you’re dealing with reputed websites. You can ask the financial adviser about few questions, which they will gladly respond to what you need. Speaking with an online financial adviser may be helpful especially if you really need someone to talk to about your finances, and when there’s no one physically present to discuss it to.

The good thing about online access is that you can talk to a financial adviser in real time through instant messaging when you need urgent decisions. However, you also need to be extra careful as you may be endangering your finances on someone whom you really don’t know.

When you seek financial advice, you want to discuss about real estate, mortgages, loans, debts, insurance, taxes and investments. For real estate, your online financial adviser can recommend suitable real estate properties you can get from the market, making things easier for you.

If you want reputed financial advisers when seeking financial advice online, you can check out the Internet for information. See if they can provide free consultations before you decide on choosing them. You must be able to judge their responses and see if this is what you’re searching for. There are some sites that offer great solutions to your problems. If you find the response considerable, then why not communicate with them over the phone.

Online financial advices are found from leading domains in the world. They also offer educational services for their clients, apart from handling financial problems. In fact, they are best known for providing excellent financial advice to their customers over the years. And they have been in this business for such a long time. You can easily connect with them and have the experience to test the various solutions they provide online.

So, if you decide on a financial advice online, check their qualifications before you’re minted out of your time and money. Remember that such services are expensive; hence, you need to be extra careful when deciding.



Making A Choice Between Online Or Local Game Stores

It is common for most people to buy games for cheap prices from merchants that offer good deals. However, the question is whether you should buy digital or physical. In the past, if you want to play games, you have to go to the local game store. Nowadays, consoles can be connected to the internet so that you can play comfortably at home.

Digital is the way to go for a gamer who is always looking for new games and has a finite amount of space on the hard drive. There are hard drives that will allow you to build a massive library of games without consuming all the space available.

Digital is also the option for the gamer who wants to start playing the game the very second that it was released. Digital releases can be pre-installed and by the time midnight strikes, it can be played immediately. People who prefer physical games have to wait for the local game store to open the following morning.

Those who want to save money can opt for PSN that offers incredible sales and discounts to be able to compete with Steam. Physical retailers are usually incapable of offering big discounts particularly with great membership like Play Station Plus.

However, if you are a gamer who loves seeing all the games arranged in neat rows, the best choice is the physical game store. You can show off the collection of games to friends and visitors alike. If you have finished the game and no longer plans to play with it again, you always resell the game or give it away to a friend.

There are gamers who want to go a physical store and browse through the games. It is also way to support local merchants in the area. You spend some free time inside the store and enjoy looking around.

You can buy games for cheap according to your interests. These games are usually published by various online platforms for the personal computer, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Play Station 4. Your children and their friends can play in groups to exchange strategies. Since the games are linked to social media platforms, other friends can be invited to play.