Vietnam’s High End Tourism Boom Due To Luxury Villas Along The Coast

There is a growing demand for urban property in Vietnam because of its strong economy and greater market transparency. Residential properties as well as hotel space have high demand because factories are bringing people into the cities. Services particularly tourism is seeing the biggest growth and now accounts for 44% of the economy.

Will Vietnam be the next China? The demographics are the same; it has a rapidly increasing middle class and an emerging Communist administration that is opening its doors to foreign investors. Some industries are relocating from China and this is resulting into Vietnam’s thriving economy. But Vietnam has a young population that is driving economic growth rapidly. When you travel around Vietnam, you will only see a few old people which puts the median age at 30. In China, the median age is 35. This means that bulk of Vietnam’s population is at the peak of productivity.

Ho Chi Minh City that used to be called Saigon is the second most popular market in Asia for residential property investments. Investors are focused on the small flats that have great appeal domestic buyers. Resorts are also mushrooming along Vietnam’s coast and usually include private villas in the development.

Most of the private villas face the sea or there is a swimming pool that can be shared by guests. For the price of $400,000 to $5 million, hotel developers are guaranteeing investors ROI of 6% to 10% annually. Vietnam has always been quite popular to backpackers but high end tourism is now being developed. Vietnam tourism hopes to attract visitors with thicker wallets and more money to spend. According to Knoema, Vietnam gains 13.9% of its economic output from tourism. Vietnam as a whole expects to continue with its tourism boom with 70% of the visitors spending time at the high end hotel rooms at the coast.

Many people would gladly stay at luxury pool villas in Hua Hin because they are near the beach. Hua Hin is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Thailand because of its seaside environment that is both relaxing and entertaining. You can sunbathe during the day and attend a beach party after dark.


Addison Lee Acquires Flyte Tyme To Boost International Growth

Addison Lee has recently acquired Flyte Tyme, a US executive car firm for $25 million (£20.5 million) to boost its London-based cabbie into one of the largest global chauffeur companies in the world. New Jersey-based Flyte Tyme is the 4th largest executive car operator in the United States with its 375 drivers. The company generated at least $65 million in annual sales last year. With the acquisition of Flyte Tyme, Addison Lee will add airport transfers, event transport services, shuttle services and black car operations to its portfolio.

The deal with Flyte Tyme marks Addison Lee’s 10th acquisition within the last 6 years. The acquisition is part of a strategy intended to boost international growth and to be able to leverage on mobile app in cities outside London. Addison Lee hopes that with the acquisition of Flyte Tyme, it can compete with Uber ride-sharing services, a very stiff competitor in the transport industry.

Last July, Addison Lee acquired Middlesex-based up-market taxi company Tristar that has operations in 80 countries. A year earlier, Addison Lee acquired Cyclone VIP Cars and Couriers that is based in London. In order to strengthen Addison Lee’s existing business in North America, it acquired Flyte Tyme to boost its annual global sales to $400 million.

Addison Lee’s latest acquisition is an important moment for US private equity firm Carlyle Group because of the strong combination Flyte Tyme’s presence in North America with Tristar’s global operations. With Addison Lee’s digital booking platform, Carlyle Group can now be called the leader in ground transportation industry. For the very first time, ground transportation services will be globally managed from a single platform.

To think that Addison Lee started only from one car owned by ex-cabbie John Griffin in 1975 to grow into a fleet of more than 4,800 in Central London. 10 million passengers enjoy the services provided by the firm as they travel across the capital.

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Huge Stained Glass Installation Revealed At Utah Valley University

After over a decade of being under construction, a new work of art has been revealed at the Utah Valley University last month. The installation was huge and t has a length of 200 feet. It is the creation of Tom Holdman, a stained glass artist based in Lehi in partnership with Matthew Holland, the president of Utah Valley University.

The stained glass artwork is called Roots of Knowledge and it is composed of 80 panels. It tells of a story about the human knowledge. The story started with a drawing of a bristlecone pine called Methuselah and it is considered as one of the earliest living organisms on earth.

The 80 panels are made up of around 60,000 pieces of stained glass. The art work’s tale also covered the Roman Empire, the time when Iran got to see how the Jameh Mosque was built, the rise of the rule of Kublai Khan, the age the telephone was invented, the time of the Harlem Renaissance, among many others.

Holland said on an interview during the reveal that he hopes that the art work will still be standing and preserved even after seventy five years have passed. The unveiling was also the perfect opportunity because the University was then celebrating its 75 years anniversary. He also hopes that the stained glass art will inspire more people to seek knowledge, to educate them, to push for what they want and be able to see that they can create a big impact in their community and all over the globe with the help of their principles that is deeply connected with education.

According to the university, the project was made possible by the funding they received amounting to $3 million. The panels that were used for the Roots of Knowledge have been to different parts of the world reaching London, New York and Oxford. The panel was sent to London because it has been presented to the organization that is working in preserving stained glass arts, Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass.

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Challenges To Expect This Coming Winter Season

Accu Weather forecasts an extended cold and winter season for those living the northern plains to the eastern parts of the United States. The southern half of the US can expect drier and milder winter weather. Winter brings a lot of challenges for HVAC contractors from locating, hiring and retaining qualified workers and staying competitive.

Volatile utility prices are a major concern among homeowners during the winter season. Households that are using natural gas for heating can expect to spend $116 (22%) more this winter because consumption is also expected to increase compared to last winter. The increase in consumption is actually based on the return to temperatures that are closer to normal. Last winter the El Nino phenomenon has resulted to winter temperatures that were 15% warmer than previous winters. Natural gas market is flexible enough to respond to consumer demand because of the colder weather.

Reliance on heating oil is highest in the Northeastern states where at least 22% of the households are using the fuel for space heating. Expect heating oil prices to be higher this year because crude oil prices are predicted to cost 24% more than last winter. Brent crude oil price which is the barometer in determining the prices of US petroleum products is predicted to reach an average of $48/b this year.
In addition to rising prices, many contractors have to ensure that their workforce is busy all round year. HVAC systems require routine maintenance to prevent system failures. More importantly, pre-winter season maintenance allows contractors the opportunity to check on their client’s systems and determine problems before the start of the peak season. Winter will add stress to the HVAC systems and this will cause failures. Clients will also be educated on the importance of energy efficient solutions like dual-fuel systems and geothermal.

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Park Hyatt Bangkok Opening In 2017

The Park Hyatt Bangkok, which was originally set for a 2014 launching, is finally opening its doors by early 2017 in March.

The Park Hyatt Bangkok hotel details

The hotel occupies the level 9 to level 36 in the Central Embassy’s complex located in Bangkok’s central business district. The hotel is linked to a shopping mall and an entertainment centre, featuring 45 restaurants and a cinema.

The exterior was designed by the Amanda Levete Architects, which is based in London. Shingles cover it – an inspiration from tiles in local pagodas. This will be illuminated from behind to give a shimmering effect during the evening.

The hotel has 222 elegant suites and rooms, including 57 various configurations for adjustments catering to guest preferences.

Their décor achieves a home-from-home feel which is fresh and minimalist.

According to the general manager of the hotel, Michael Golden, there will be numerous technology in every room, but not making a guest need any manual. The lights switches will be simple enough. There will be universal sockets and USB ports for charging devices.

The hotel dining as well as entertainment options include a Penthouse Bar & Grill, their entertainment complex comprising three and a half floors with different areas like the VIP area, a speak-easy and restaurant having an open kitchen.

The Embassy Room is going to be the primary dining area at the hotel. They will offer Asian and Western cuisine with focus on seafood.

They will also have a Living Room lounge that offers afternoon tea and light meals. There is also The Bar that specialises in Champagne, creative cocktails and vintage wines.

Their event facilities are laid out over 2,000 square metres, and this includes a bathroom having car park access. Their smaller meeting rooms in Bangkok will open to that of a show kitchen.

According to Golden, Thailand is already becoming a luxury destination – the Tourism Authority of Thailand just recently launched the “amazing Thailand” campaign that focuses on the luxury and high-end accommodation or experiences which one can enjoy, and they will be able to do that with their Park Hyatt Bangkok hotel.