How Shop Back Uses Customer Feedback In Product Development

A digital agency is committed to listening to king kong marketing agency review to measure their overall satisfaction levels. Customer feedback will provide insight on what areas of the business needs improvement. When customer reviews are addressed in real time, it enhances their experience with the brand.

According to Candice Ong, Chief Commercial Officer of ShopBack they used customer feedback metrics to in the product development process. During the pandemic, consumers became more conservative with spending. Value was among their top purchasing considerations.

Ong believes that listening to consumers is often forgotten when the business grows. However, there is always a person behind every click, impression and sale. During the pre-Covid19 days, ShopBack would gather feedback from focus groups. They invited consumers to test their products. During the pandemic, they continued to collect feedback through calls and virtual meetings.

Introducing new features to products can be difficult. Tech and product teams would use customer feedback to decide which features to launch. However, the process does not end there. User response to the newly launched features must be monitored to determine whether the team is on the right track. User research teams engage with customers and gather their feedback through email surveys so that they can identify the problems that need to be solved.

When a client posts a king kong marketing agency review, it is usually based on the experience they have had with the digital agency. The review is used as a valuable resource to adjust and make improvements to the service. Listening to the opinions of customers make them feel more attached and valued.


Advertising Opportunities During The Pandemic

Did you know that King Kong marketing agency reviews establish trust among potential clients? At least 92% of people read online reviews and they put the same trust in reviews as recommendations from family friends. When clients see a high star rating, they are encouraged to do business with the digital agency.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a slowdown in consumer activity. While this is a cause for concern among businesses, they must take advantage of the opportunity to start on projects that have high importance but low urgency.

The importance of content to a business must not be underestimated. Businesses must review their content whether it still resonates with the audience. Adjust accordingly but consider other factors like post-pandemic scenarios, financial conservativeness, and social mindedness among consumers.

Look at recent comments on Facebook and reviews left by customers. Respond to the reviews or give the customer a call and talk to them. It will be easier to determine the content that consumers need like additional product information or the implementation of ratings and reviews.

If you are one of the 78% of marketers with less spend on digital media during the last few months, ask yourself how you can increase organic search and reduce the number of customers going to the competition. Understand what is happening and the reasons why the business is not doing better.

When advertising is limited, it makes sense to investigate if keeping a customer is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. It is also worth investigating the audience, where they come from, how long they have been customers, and what products do they buy.

Reach out to the customer and offer discounts to increase the frequency of purchases. Offer bonuses like free shipping to loyal customers. It is more cost-efficient to keep your loyal customers than trying to acquire new ones.

Online reviews provide a business with mass exposure. Search engines like Google take into account King Kong marketing agency reviews and how many times the digital agency’s name has been mentioned. When more reviews are posted online, the site will appear higher in search results. Consumers trust businesses that receive more favourable reviews.


Potential Finds From King Kong Marketing Agency Review

There are a lot of ideas that you can get by simply reading King Kong marketing agency review especially if you are in need of marketing or digital services for your business. Although you can visit your prospective marketing agency’s website, there are more honest and accurate information that you can get by reading reviews. If you are looking for a specific marketing or consultancy service, a service provider, or a marketing firm, you will get lots of ideas from reviews.

One of the things that you will find from reviews is employee feedback, among others. Find out what current and former employees are saying about your prospective marketing agency or consultant. You will know if the employee is happy with the company or if he or she was not treated properly. This will speak volumes about the marketing agency that you are eyeing for. If a company has happy and satisfied employees, you can expect better services from them.

By reading the right King Kong marketing agency review, it can be easier for you to decide as to whether or not you will get on with hiring the marketing firm or if you need to look further for another service provider. Reviews can be a source of second or third opinion when you are not sure about your decision.

Another thing that you will find from a review is realistic feedback from customers. Some marketing agencies or companies can sugar-coat the information found on their website. But with reviews from real customers, you will find honest-to-goodness feedback and ideas such as if the customer was happy with the service he obtained or not. Avoid marketing agencies with several negative feedbacks from customers.

When you already have an idea where to get the marketing services that you need out of reading King Kong marketing agency review, that’s the time for you to look for the agency’s company details. Such information can also be found on their website and also from the reviews made by customers.  Make sure to get the contact details, services offered, and hotline numbers of the company.