Are CCTVs Effective In Preventing Crime?

Have you ever experienced being accused of assault or battery? The crimes are not the same but the accused faces harsh penalties if prosecuted and convicted according to the full extent of the laws. The best action that the accused can undertake is to hire an experienced assault lawyer to fight the criminal charges.

When a fatal shooting happened outside the BareFax club last April, people by the Byward Market started to seriously consider the need for modern closed circuit television cameras or CCTVs. A month a ago, Mayor Jim Watson wrote to Steve Kanellakos, the city manager to suggest a 3-year pilot for cameras in areas with high criminal activity and pedestrian visibility.

Watson strongly believes that surveillance cameras are very important in the Market after the 2 shooting incidents that resulted into deaths in the tourist area. The surveillance cameras will be mounted in a network around the Market with technology that is more advanced than the traditional convenience store cameras that have grainy images.

Modern CCTV’s when linked together can follow a person or car down the street or block after block. They can send instant alarms once a gunshot has been detected. The advanced technology in the CCTVs includes computer vision technology that can automatically pick out visible images of concern like firearms, fugitive vehicles and repeated actions of a person hitting a window.

The highly advanced surveillance cameras are very expensive but Ontario Premier Doug Ford promised $3 million to the city of Toronto. However, there is a question on the effectiveness of the cameras. In Britain, urban areas are flooded by an estimated amount of 4 million cameras since the 90’s or one camera for every 16 persons. Years of study reveal that the cameras work in some ways but fail in others. They can prevent crime particularly in car parks and garages,

Surveillance cameras cannot stop people from committing assault. However, the images provided by the CCTVs will help the assault lawyer in determining whether there was threat of harm on another person. Fortunately, there are ways to fight assault charges and gain a favorable legal outcome.


Asian Canadian Lawyer Group Gaining Momentum

Lawyers come in all shapes and sizes, and any criminal lawyer in Brampton or anywhere across the world look to find a group that can help them find clients, make sure they’re up to par with regulations and standards, as well as to find others like them.

Asian Canadian lawyers have been paying attention to the New Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers Ontario for this reason, which has been gaining attention recently thanks to their growing momentum, which included an appearance in the Supreme Court, a visit from the Chief Justice, and even acknowledgement from parliament.

FACL President Gerald Chan says that they’ve been working hard to build momentum, and he’s honored to take on a leadership position during this time, pointing to the moment when the Secretary of the Minister of Justice asking about their position regarding an issue being tackled by the Criminal Lawyers’ Association.

One of the key issues the FACL is looking to deal with is the immediate challenge of advocacy, which Chan says it hopes to deal with using the legal skills of the organizations’ members, working to achieve greater equity, diversity and inclusion in the law community. Notably, the Law Society of Ontario has been mandating that lawyers sign a statement saying that they’ll be promoting diversity and inclusion principles. FACL Ontario has thrown its support with the requirement, but more than a few members of the LSO’s board of benchers are casting doubt on the matter.

Chan notes that it’s interesting time for equity, diversity and inclusion for the lawyer community, and even a criminal lawyer in Brampton would say that it is also a difficult time, given how the recent bencher elections and all of the debates regarding the statement of principles.

Chan notes that the FACL’s advocacy has taken different forms in the past, with engaging with law society and Convocation among the means they’ve used. Now, more than ever, Chan says that it’s key, but he also notes that their advocacy is more than that, and he believes that it shouldn’t be restricted to that.

Chan admits that he recognizes that the opposition has used to fight back against the SOP, but he says that the FACL disagrees. He notes how all lawyers swear to uphold the oath to promote justice is something no one really argues, or debates about. In his eyes, promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion aren’t any different.


Lawyer Takes 15 Minutes To Help, And Point Out A Key Issue In The Legal System

A random act of kindness, they say, goes a long way. That’s something that defence and shoplifting lawyer, Jordan Bonner found out recently, after he took time off his day to help a defendant in court. Thanks to a CBC reporter watching the proceedings, his generosity was spread across the internet while, at the same time, highlighted an issue in the legal system that led to an elderly man in need of a walker coming back to court seven times to deal with something as small as a $15 shoplifting charge.

CBC Reporter Meghan Grant bore witness to Bonner’s magnanimity, and tweeted out the proceedings, starting her thread with the message that Bonner’s 15 minutes changed someone’s life.

Bonner was interviewed by local news outlets, where he reported that he was just in the courtroom, waiting for a client that didn’t show, when he took notice of the defendant; an old man with a walker. He heard the judge speak to the elderly defendant, who wanted to plead not guilty.

Then, Bonner explains, the judge explained all of the steps that the elderly defendant would have to deal with in order to get a trial date, and that’s where the shoplifting lawyer said that he saw the strain in the old man’s eyes, having been told to do so many things for something as simple as a $15 shoplifting case.

The defendant was making his seventh appearance, and wanted to plead not guilty, which, would, in turn, lead to a trial date and additional return trips to the court.

It was then that Bonner approached the Crown prosecutor, and inquired about the case, to see if anything can be done for the elderly defendant. After examining the case, the Crown realized that the elderly man’s case could be diverted to Alternative Measures, which would mean that he wouldn’t have to go back to the court, at least not anytime soon.

Bonner says that he wanted to help the man, who was clearly in distress over the whole matter. On top of that, there’s also a pragmatism to his decision; having the man show up in court meant spending money making sure the court was running.

As a result of Bonner’s actions, the elderly defendant would return in 3 months to give proof of community service, or a letter of apology, or charitable donation, without getting any criminal record.

Bonner notes how reasonable the Crown prosecutor was over the whole affair, and how helpful Grant was in tracking the man, who, for his part, was willing to go along with his idea. He notes that it may be an adversarial system, but they are working together, doing their best, to get things done.



How To Patent An Idea

Securing a patent for your invention is not a simple task. It requires a lot of paperwork and generally take years to complete the entire process. But patenting an idea or a product helps entrepreneurs and innovators to protect their creative efforts from competitors.

Most of the start-up entrepreneurs struggle with the question How to patent an idea. Here are three easy to follow tips to secure a patent for your idea and financially protect your hard work.

Ask questions at every step

While developing an innovative idea, people tend to discourage you by saying that the idea won’t work. Ask people why they think the idea will be a failure and you can devise strategies to overcome obstacles. For example, if the manufacturers thinks that your product is difficult to make because it doesn’t fit the normal standard, small tweaks in the design might convince him for production. You must also educate the suppliers, workers and other people regarding the usefulness of the product so that they feel included in the process.

Use the correct language

The patent examiners rely on your description of the idea or the product while deciding about granting patents. Use the right language to explain the features of your product, how it is different from others and its usefulness in exact terms. Your attorney should have complete information about the product to fill the patent application in a correct manner. Prepare a brief overview about the product, before you visit the attorney. You can read legal websites and consult other people in your network, who have successfully gone through the process of patenting in order to gain knowledge about the patenting process.

Hire experts

Hire the services of qualified attorneys and intellectual property lawyers to guide you through the patent process. The task of choosing the lawyers is difficult because of the presence of a number of players. Choose a lawyers or a firm which has ample experience in patenting the products category or the industry your idea belongs to. The common mistake done by most new entrepreneurs is choosing the cheapest lawyer, which tends to create problems in the long run. Look for the experience and reputation of the lawyer before hiring them.


How To Avoid Being Victims Of Crime In Melbourne

In today’s economy, crime rates have increased and victimised several victims of crime in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. Today, one must be able to protect himself and be alert, especially that crooks can victimise innocent people anytime. We never know who the next victim is, so staying alert is paramount to keeping oneself safe and secure. Look around you and be aware about certain places where possible assailants can cover. Be extra cautious with your surroundings, especially that criminals will try to look for victims that can be an easy prey and not put up a fight with them.

Some people carry with them a keychain pepper spray to prepare for persons who will assault them anytime. There are also those who carry a personal alarm. The alarms provide a high decibel sound and will attract attention from others and hopefully have the assailant escape. Many of these alarms come with a flashlight which can be handy for finding keys inside a purse or items that need to be found hurriedly. You can also equip yourself with mobile security devices, which are available in security stores. If you’re ever attacked by a person with a weapon, use your keys to punch him in the most sensitive areas of his body to escape and run for safety.

When going out, always remember to lock your home and your vehicle once you enter. Ensure you keep your windows up and see if there is no one hiding inside the vehicle. If you can avoid going out alone, always come with someone when driving your car. When you’re parking it, ensure that the parking space isn’t desolate or quiet. If you’re shopping and feel unsafe, always ask the security guard to walk with you until you get inside the car safely. Avoid carrying a purse loaded with cash, so at least come with a minimum amount that you need the most. It will ensure you don’t fall as victims of crime in Melbourne, especially in public places.

If you’re home, ensure that your valuables like money and jewellery are kept in safes. Secure your doors, windows and other possible entryways from thieves or criminals. You may also want to install security cameras to monitor people coming in and out of your home. At this point in time, you need to protect yourselves from being victims of crime in Melbourne, especially that crooks are rampant nowadays.