Phuket Governor And Consul General Of China Meets For Tourism Talk

Phakaphong Tavipatana, the governor of Phuket, met with the consul general of China, Ma Fengchun, to talk about Chinese tourism and safety measures for tourists visiting the island. This is good news for local businesses including Sea View Hotel in Phuket because it will boost the confidence of Chinese tourists to come to the island.

According to Mr. Ma, his main purpose for visiting Phuket is to strengthen the relationship between Thailand and China. The second purpose is to share ideas on how to ensure the safety of every Chinese tourist that is vacationing in Thailand.

Prior to coming to Phuket, Mr. Ma also visited the provinces of Krabi and Phang Nga. The talks are of similar nature because the region is one of the top destinations for Chinese tourists going on a holiday.

He expressed his gratitude for the government of Thailand because they have seen how they made tourist safety a priority and this is the very information he will convey to the government of China when he returns.

The consul general also shared that the government of China has created a video campaigning for tourism in Thailand with appropriate information on how they can ensure their safety while on holiday.

During the meeting, governor Phakaphong said that Phuket is an island known internationally as a top destination. It is their goal to prioritize the safety of the foreign travelers especially those who are traveling by seas between islands. They are confident that they will be able to fully provide the service expected of them.

For Phuket alone, they have 160 international flights everyday while they also have the same number of domestic flights daily. They are around 100,000 hotel rooms including the ones in Sea View Hotel in Phuket and meeting rooms are also available for those who are traveling for both business and pleasure. For 2019, it was Thailand’s turn to lead the ASEAN Summit which was held in Bangkok and a number of ministerial meetings were also hosted in Phuket. The governor is quite proud for this achievement.


Reasons In Staying In A Serviced Apartment In Bangkok

What is a serviced apartment?

It is an apartment that is fully furnished and available for use in both short-term and long-term accommodations that provides amenities like a hotel. The furnishings of a serviced apartment include cooking utensils and soft furnishings.

Why do people like to stay in a serviced apartment?

There is an increasing popularity in a serviced apartment in Bangkok at present. Many people prefer to stay in a serviced apartment in Bangkok because it is becoming a good option for many people who want good accommodation abroad.

Today, there are significantly numerous options when it comes to accommodation. Families planning on vacation trips or group of people traveling for a vacation opt to stay in a serviced apartment in Bangkok for some reasons:


Many apartment owners and real property corporations have a collection of different serviced flats with rental prices that would suit different levels of a status of people. However, there are also luxury serviced units that charge higher fees because of the added amenities and convenience. Generally, the rates of serviced apartments are acceptable and much affordable than hotel accommodation.

It is essential to do an initial check before booking for a serviced flat. Take time to compare the rates of different owners together with the amenities and decide which unit to confirm. Always remember to choose the unit within your budget to avoid shortages of money.


You can also get the services of a reputable agent where you want to stay to handle the search of a serviced apartment. The agent will make all the arrangements before you will have an ocular inspection to save you time and money.


Getting a serviced apartment is also convenient and nearly matchless. After completing the required documents, you are now ready to move in.

An additional convenience of a serviced apartment is the provision of a fitted kitchen where you can prepare your own food rather than buying or ordering outside. You can save on cost when you cook your own food and more importantly, you can do it to suit your taste.

The basic amenities of a serviced apartment are close to the hotel’s amenities. Although hotels are indeed luxurious in some ways, a serviced apartment is a good option for people who are traveling in groups and want to stay in a place like home.


Bangkok Welcomes New Plan For The City

This coming 2020, the skyline of the city of Bangkok will not be the same again. This is because of the forthcoming city plan which is to be implemented then. Various property developers are already coming together at meeting room in Bangkok in order to discuss the potential changes. Others have decided to not make any big decisions right now such as pushing through new developments and purchasing more lands.

Prior to this, the City Planning Department has already expressed its desire to raise awareness for Bangkok as a compact city surrounded with seamless borders. This is responsible in making sure that the center of the city is not detached from the midtown as well as the suburban areas. The new plan is still undergoing revision while there are public hearings set to happen in the middle of the year. The original version was given the green light in 1992 and it is now facing its fourth revision since then.

There are a few major changes that were announced to the public including land zoning controls being changed, floor area ratios which are to be increases and new measures to be followed with regards to developments located close to the largest mass transit stations of the country. All of these sectors are expected to have an impact in the overall real estate market.

The floor area ration refers to the total area the building is allowed with respect to the total size of the site. As of writing, The highest FAR allowed is 10:1 while bonuses can reach a maximum of 20 per cent as long as a number of features are to be part of the final building design. With this in mind, developers can build projects that are 12 times the size of the whole site. Majority of the places in Bangkok does not even acknowledge the FAR since theirs is lower than 10:1 ratio.

If these new measures are to be followed in the future, the property market will have to set another discussion at a meeting room in Bangkok because this entails that the nation will be driven by the supply and demand and not the government’s will.


Rembrandt Hotel In Bangkok

When you travel to Bangkok for a vacation, one of the most important things to arrange is your hotel accommodation. It is essential to make an advanced booking reservation to ensure that you will have a ready place to stay when you arrive.

Choosing a luxurious and popular hotel like Rembrandt Hotel that offers many services and amenities is something to look forward to. When you are on a vacation, a list of itineraries is already prepared and most of it consists of outdoor activities. As each day ends, you need to have a good place to relax that has a spacious and elegant room where you can experience the serenity and comfort you need after a long and busy day.

The fantastic amenities and services of the Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok with its modern facilities will make you feel like you are just in your own home. You can enjoy every day in the manner you want to. This luxurious hotel offers the following features:

Rooms – designed with modern comforts and sophisticated decors which you can choose from:

  1. Superior Room
  2. Deluxe Room
  3. Executive Club Room
  4. Family Room
  5. Suites
  6. Penthouse

Restaurants – offer the finest and exquisite tastes of menus from different cultures:

  1. Da Vinci – offers authentic Italian cuisines
  2. Rang Mahal – famous Indian restaurant
  3. MexicanoRestaurante – recognized as the best Mexican restaurant in Bangkok

Services – start from an airport pick-up ta 24-hour room service and other facilities like:

  1. Cooking classes
  2. Meeting Rooms
  3. SPA
  4. Pool
  5. Limousine
  6. Executive Lounge
  7. Laundry
  8. Medical Service
  9. Fitness Centre

Other services include car rental, elevator, sauna, airport transfers, luggage storage, parking, tourist information, ticket sale, and bar.

This luxurious hotel has become an institution in Bangkok which has more than 600 rooms to offer to its valued guests. The restaurants in the hotel are multi-awarded which offer authentic and palatable cuisines. Staffed with over 450 associates giving superb customer service to all the clients, Rembrandt Hotel is truly an amazing and fantastic place to stay. You can get all the worth of your money spent bringing home unequalled vacation experience.


£10 Million Tourism Development Given Approval

A £10 million development project for a new city centre hotels inverness, dubbed “The House of Bruar of the North”, which has promised the creation of at least 100 new jobs in the area, has recently received planning permission from the Highland Council.

Planning officials exercised their legal powers to give the approval to the Tomatin Trading Company’s long-standing plans for a development containing a 99-bedroom hotel, alongside farm shop, 200-seat restaurant, as well as a drive-through bakery, shops and a filling station.

The development’s managing director, William Frame, says that the 12-month development could start sometime in spring, which he says would create 40 construction jobs, followed by 70 long-term hotel and retail posts, initially. He states that he’s pleased that the Highland Council has given approval for planning, which he says means that the company can work on the hard part, which is getting the development done and creating a new city centre hotels inverness that represents the best in food, drink, gifts and hospitality that Scotland can offer.

Community leaders including Inverness South councillors, Duncan Macpherson and Ken Gowans, welcomed the project with open arms, saying that it would be a huge boon to the southern gateway of Inverness.

The 3.5-acre brownfield site had detailed mixed-use approval for hotel, restaurant and retail, which it received back in 2007.

Work on getting the project set up was delayed due to a number of factors, including complex planning conditions, the banking crisis that hit the country, as well as the confirmation of a new roady layout for the dualling of the nearby part of the A9.

The site the hotel is to sit in used to be occupied by the Freemore Hotel, and, then, a Little Chef, the latter demolished in 2008.

Mr. Frame, says that getting planning permission has been a long slog, requiring a lot agreement from many people, and now that it’s moving forward, he is grateful for the Inverness planners and excited to see economic development…

Cllr. Gowans says that this new large-scale development would be really good for the surrounding area, set to bring in a lot of revenue, and he also expects that the community will be happy to back the project as well.