Pest Control For Hoarder’s Homes

There are individual who find it difficult to part away with their possessions. They are called hoarders. The clutter that results from all the stuff they keep becomes a disruption to daily living and an ideal condition for pest infestation.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, at least 2% to 5% of the population suffers from hoarding disorder. Chris Crone of New York-based CNJ Pest Management says that hoarding is quite common in multi-family buildings. For example, in one of the apartments occupied by an elderly gentleman, they found 40 years worth of accumulated junk comprised of paper, books and other stuff. The man had to stay in the living room because he has literally walled himself off from the other areas of the apartment.

Travis Morton of Morton’s Pest Control in Alabama tells a story of one of the nastiest homes he ever stepped into. It belonged to an elderly client who does not throw anything away making his home a garbage pit of rotten food, clutter and everything else. His recliner is overrun by bed bugs that dealing with it is a challenge even for pest control services.

Ted Burgess III of Burgess Companies in Massachusetts describes pest control for hoarders as similar to peeling an onion because you have to consider several layers even before you think of pest control. A lot of questions have to be asked but what is critical is to determine whether the hoarding conditions can be eliminated.

Pest control for hoarder’s homes must always be done with utmost caution and care because there are risks in climbing through the mountains of clutter not to mention the danger to health posed by the unsanitary environment. It becomes extremely critical for the pest control team to gear up with the personal protective equipment (PPE) and refrain from breathing through the nose.

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Huge Stained Glass Installation Revealed At Utah Valley University

After over a decade of being under construction, a new work of art has been revealed at the Utah Valley University last month. The installation was huge and t has a length of 200 feet. It is the creation of Tom Holdman, a stained glass artist based in Lehi in partnership with Matthew Holland, the president of Utah Valley University.

The stained glass artwork is called Roots of Knowledge and it is composed of 80 panels. It tells of a story about the human knowledge. The story started with a drawing of a bristlecone pine called Methuselah and it is considered as one of the earliest living organisms on earth.

The 80 panels are made up of around 60,000 pieces of stained glass. The art work’s tale also covered the Roman Empire, the time when Iran got to see how the Jameh Mosque was built, the rise of the rule of Kublai Khan, the age the telephone was invented, the time of the Harlem Renaissance, among many others.

Holland said on an interview during the reveal that he hopes that the art work will still be standing and preserved even after seventy five years have passed. The unveiling was also the perfect opportunity because the University was then celebrating its 75 years anniversary. He also hopes that the stained glass art will inspire more people to seek knowledge, to educate them, to push for what they want and be able to see that they can create a big impact in their community and all over the globe with the help of their principles that is deeply connected with education.

According to the university, the project was made possible by the funding they received amounting to $3 million. The panels that were used for the Roots of Knowledge have been to different parts of the world reaching London, New York and Oxford. The panel was sent to London because it has been presented to the organization that is working in preserving stained glass arts, Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass.

Your house might not have this majestic work of art but that does not mean you cannot have a new installation such as frameless shower screen.


How To Create An Indoor Garden For Your Condo

Many individuals prefer condo living because it fits their lifestyle. You have the freedom to come and go without being concerned with maintenance and security issues that are usually present when living in a traditional home. However, what many people miss when living in a condo is having a garden. While condos usually have green open spaces, some people cannot enjoy their passion for gardening.

Condo living does not mean foregoing the love for gardens. According to Korayne Romanchuk, owner of Koko Mod Modern Floral Design, there is no need to sacrifice plants for the sake of space and convenience. Clients who are interested in plants can opt for high impact, low maintenance greenery for their spaces. You can easily create a personalized environment with beauty, vitality and originality using small plants.

According to Romanchuk, terrariums are the current trend for indoor plantscaping. Small plants will only require a little amount of footprint on top of counters, on the shelf, on the coffee table, side table but it can generate a big impact to interior design. Small terrarium indoor gardens are low maintenance and in some cases, require minimal light.  Terrariums can also be designed with air plants that have no root base and can be placed anywhere. Air plants can survive with moderate water and indirect sunlight. You can put an air plant on a glass and place it on kitchen window.

Cactuses do not require a lot of maintenance. Since their growth is pretty slow, you need not worry about the plant growing unruly or outgrowing their space. Cactuses are great for creating terrariums since they come in different sizes, shapes and varieties. In order to save on space, bring the plants up off the floors and hang them on the wall like a picture or from the ceiling like a chandelier.

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Increased Sales For Homes In South Florida Excluding Condos In Miami Area

The recorded home sales for South Florida are a mixture of figures for the month of August. The single family homes are being bought faster compared to the condominium units, a report from the Florida Realtors revealed.

The slow performance of the closely monitored condominium market in Miami-Dade County continues to go on the same path.

The tri-county area’s sales for the available single family properties have increased by 9.8 per cent and with a total of 4,580 coming from a decline in the previous month of July. The median sales amount has also risen by 8.6 per cent and is now at $315,000.

In other parts of the state, the housing market for the single family homes has also increased by 8.2 per cent with a total number of 25,070 while the median price has also risen by 12.6 per cent and is now $225,000. Out of the four largest areas in the metro, Jacksonville was found to have the highest increase when it comes to closings while Tampa gathers the highest when it comes to growth in value.

The condominium and townhouse market for South Florida is not as good because of the recent decline in sales of about 1.3 per cent which leads to total sales of only 3,785. That figure was included in the nine consecutive months where the volume is lower but it is still good news since the drop is not a double-digit figure compared to the previous months. The median sales price, on the other hand, has rise by 8.3 per cent and is now at $169,000.

All over Florida, the sales when it comes to condos and townhouses have rise by 3.3 per cent and has sold a total of 9,484 units with the median price continuing to grow with 6.7 per cent increase in the past month at $160,000. There are additional more closings in areas such as Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando.

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Here’s Why You Need A Lawyer When Buying Or Selling A House

Thailand – Most people would think that hiring an attorney would only add a significant number to the costs of real estate transactions but if you would think about it much clearly, and understand what a real estate lawyer can do for you, you would realize that it can actually be a very good investment.

There are numerous ways that a real estate lawyer can help you.

  1. Drafting Documents. One of the primary jobs that a real estate lawyer does is to draft documents. These lawyers would prepare deeds for conveyance transactions, legal instruments for leases and even rental agreements. They are known to draft purchase agreements and contracts and while real estate agents and brokers may be allowed to fill these documents, only a real estate lawyer can draft them.
  2. Negotiating and Making Contracts. Any individual can negotiate face-to-face but with real estate lawyers, their vast knowledge and experience give them an advantage and make them adept at negotiating terms and conditions as memorialized by contracts.
  3. Reviewing Transactions. There are real estate lawyers that only involve themselves in reviewing and providing legal advice on real estate transactions. Real estate lawyers would examine the legal titles and look for issues on the contracts and documents that only they could recognize. Having a real estate lawyer backing you up gives you a fair advantage.
  4. When transactions fail and a lawsuit is inevitable, real estate lawyers would be able to represent their clients in the litigation. When this happens, their duties would include drafting legal pleadings with the judge, attending and representing the clients during hearings and trials, and even bargaining with the opposing party to work out settlements.
  5. During hard times and if mortgage and trust deed foreclosures cannot be avoided, real estate lawyers in Bangkok would be able to guide and represent either lenders or borrowers. They will help lenders file a suit and if they are on the side of the borrowers, they would have to challenge any and all the mistakes in the foreclosure process and negotiate with the lender for a settlement.