Solar And Wind Energy As Better Sources Of Renewable Heat Generation

It is worth noting that you will enjoy a big difference in your energy bills after boiler repairs in Leeds that will ensure that the heating system is operating in the best way possible. Annual inspections will go a long way to avoid unnecessary and inconvenient boiler breakdowns particularly during cold months where you rely on the heating system to provide heat to the home.

An alternative to conventional heating systems is the electric heat pump that is being promoted by many governments and organizations as the sustainable solution to renewable heat generation. However, aside from the use of biomass for cooking and heating, renewable energy solutions fail to gain a significant role in heat production. Instead of heat creation, biomass is used in the production of electricity.

Use of geothermal heat and direct solar heat is less than 1% and .02% of total global heat demand. Renewable energy sources account for more than 20% of the world’s electricity demand mostly hydroelectric and 10% of global heat demand as biomass.

Solar and wind energy are better sources of renewable heat generation because they can be used in a direct way. The do not have to be converted to electricity and then to heat. Direct heat production is more energy efficient, sustainable and cheaper compared to indirect methods of heat production.

Solar thermal power is a technology that was introduced in 19th century that can be used for water heating, space heating and industrial processes. Compared to the indirect methods involving electricity conversion, solar thermal power is 2 to 3 times more efficient.

The old fashioned windmill is the direct alternative for wind power. Wind mills have stayed relevant and when it is combined with modern technology, it can be 3 times more energy efficient than converting energy to electricity and then back to rotational energy. Mechanical windmills are less complex, more affordable and less resource-intensive to build.

If the boiler is well maintained, fuel is burned efficiently and makes a huge difference in the energy bills. For boiler maintenance, boiler repairs in Leeds are just a call away. An engineer will promptly respond to your call to carry out boiler service or repair when necessary.


Green Alternative To Keeping Warm This Winter

Air pollution is at its highest during the winter months because every heater and wood stove is used to keep everyone warm. In order to save energy and lessen the amount of carbon footprint you contribute to the environment, you have other alternative to keep warm.

Once you already have the place at the temperature you want, make sure that it stays inside the room. There are many things you can use in order to prevent the cold air from going inside the house such as caulk, draft stopper which can either be homemade or bought from a store and weather-strip for both doors and windows. A DIY draft stopper is easy to make as any tube-like item will do and it is also possible to use pipe insulation. Windows that will remain closed until spring season can be covered with shrink wrap while hard floors can be insulated with rugs.

Keep in mind that 55 per cent of the heat escapes via the roof and walls, based on a study done by the Centre for Sustainable Energy. In colder areas of the house, it is recommended to cover the walls with blanket. If possible, insulation should be invested in before every winter strikes.

Winter is the best season to bake and cook because the heat while cooking can circulate around the house. After taking a hot bath, you can leave the water and let it warm the room. Open windows whenever the winter sun is making an appearance but do not forget to close them as soon as the sun goes down.

In a data released by the Department of Energy, cutting down the energy bill by 10 per cent is possible just by turning down the temperature of the thermostat by at least 10 degrees than the usual. It is also worth investing in a programmable thermostat. While these alternatives are energy savers, do not forget to contact boiler repair company website to have your central heating inspected prior to the winter season. They can repair and make sure everything is working properly before the temperature drops.


Hybrid Heating Systems Vs. Traditional Gas Boilers

If you have issues with your boiler, your best option is to call professional and experienced Heatworks, an established boiler repair service and maintenance company. Diagnosing a fault in the boiler can be quite difficult and it is best left to the Gas Safe certified professionals who have their own techniques. Fixing a boiler is not a task for the neighborhood handyman.

According to Volkskrant, a proposal was made by plumbers, manufacturers, green groups and energy firms for the removal of gas-fired traditional central heating systems from sale by 2021. When old traditional boilers need replacement, homeowners must be required to install heat pumps or hybrid systems. Organizations that support the proposal include central heating sector body Unelo-VNI manufacturers, Greenpeace and Milieudefensie, GasInie and NVDE, a sustainable energy lobby group.

Every year, about 350,000 new boilers are installed in Netherlands with traditional boilers costing at least €2,000 and electric-powered heat pumps costing around €9,000. If you opt for hybrid boilers with a small gas system, be prepared to pay about €6,000. Hybrid boilers are state-of-the –art technology that consist of a combi boiler that is installed indoors and a heat pump that is installed outdoors. Today, hybrid boilers are considered to be the most efficient heating system for homes.

According to Volkskrant, the energy bills of the households are very considerable. The difference between the price of a hybrid boiler and traditional boiler is about €4,000 but homeowners are promised subsidies and service contract-based loans so that they can pay for the changes.

The Dutch government has set a target to ensure that 1 in every 4 homes in the Netherlands will no longer use gas for cooking and heating by 2030. It is very likely for the government to adopt its plans considering that there are targets and decisions to reduce gas production in the Groningen Fields.

Even if the hybrid boiler is uniquely different from traditional gas boilers, there is no problem with Heatworks handling its installation. Boiler engineers make the effort to be updated with advanced technologies and innovations to make sure that they are qualified to perform installations as well as repairs, when necessary.