Kenya And Thailand Sign MOU Over Universal Health Care

Kenya and Thailand have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), with the goal of studying the steps needed to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC), covering discussions with many a medical health insurance, capacity building, health technology assessment, and health financing., capacity building, health technology assessment, and health financing.

The signing was handled by the Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki, representing the Kenyan government. For Thailand, Minister of Public Health, Professor Emeritus PiyasakolSakolsatayadorn, acted as the representative at the signing ceremony, held at a hotel in Nairobi, March 21.

Kariuki spoke at the ceremony, saying that there’s a few areas where Kenya can benefit from including Health Technology Assessment (HTA), UHC, as well as capacity building in HR Management, alongside scholarships for short courses, and Master’s Degrees.

She says that Kenya has quite a bit to learn from the Thai kingdom, which was successful in implementing UHC for its citizens.

According to the Cabinet Secretary, the Kenyan government has decided to sign following their visit to Thailand in January in 2019, following a meeting held in Nairobi with the Public Health Minister of Thailand, where both discussed their plans for Thailand to assist Kenya in working towards universal healthcare.

Kariuki noted that there would also be National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) reforms, in order to make medical health insurance in Kenya more responsive and reliable, similar to what Thailand did with the National Health Security Office (NHSO), which has been successfully managing Thai public health for years.

She reports that the pilot phase of the UHC had been undergoing in four counties; Isiolo, Kisumu, Machakos, and Kisumu, and has been getting positive feedback from citizens, who report that there is a reliable availability of medicine and committed healthcare providers.

On the other end, Prof. Sakolsatayadorn stated that the public health success story in Thailand is due to them making sure that medical providers focus on providing quality services, instead of making profits.

He says that, in Thailand, there are teams of medical professionals focused on providing public health services to the rural areas, supported via financial incentives. On top of that, the Professor says that the Kingdom also invested heavily in training manpower in its medical sector, which helped bump up the number of doctors graduating from 1000 to 3000.



Logistics Hub In Belgium Prepared In The Event Of A No-Deal Brexit

Hospitals, healthcare providers, medical facilities and pharmacies need medicines and medical equipment readily available in order to provide proper care to patients and save them from life-threatening diseases. Fortunately, there is medical logistics that can provide services that are specifically tailored to the demands of the industry.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, NHS might face shortage of medical supplies and equipment. In order to ensure that there will be no disruptions in patient care, the government has created a logistics hub in Belgium for stents, implants and other medical products. The exact location has not been disclosed but the logistics hub will act as a warehouse for a wide range of hospital and pharmaceutical supplies.

According to Health Minister Stephen Hammond, he wants to assure MP’s that the in-depth nature of government planning will make sure that the availability of medical supplies will not be affected. Extensive preparations are being made from extra warehouse capacity for the storage of medical supplies to drug companies stockpiling an extra 6 weeks of medical products. Items that will be required by NHS are being delivered to Birmingham by daily flights from Maastricht in Netherlands.

Hammond further said that are no guarantees but the government is confident that everyone knows what to do from the suppliers, freight companies, international partners and the healthcare system in case the UK exits the EU without a deal. There is an existing cross-government agreement that will prioritize medicines and medical products on alternate routes to ensure an unimpeded flow of products.

Minister Hammond has warned of the possibility that more than 500 over-the-counter medicines that come from the EU to UK may be difficult to obtain in no-deal Brexit. The Ministry of Health is working with NHS England to identify the medicines important for the management of specific health conditions.

The highest quality of service is guaranteed by medical logistics to its clientele. Machines that will be used in medical laboratories are handled with the utmost care. Technical logistics support is provided from the transport of products to their destination. Vehicles are specially designed to ensure a high level of logistics performance.


Why Exercise Equipment Must Be Installed By Gym Installation Services

When gym memberships are too expensive or if you don’t have time to go to the gym, home exercise equipment can be a great option. Before you spend for a new equipment, ensure you know what exercise equipment to buy and have gym installation services install it properly into your home. Besides, you need to consider your lifestyle and budget as you shop around for the best price.

What the Adverts Say

A great way to shape up is a home exercise equipment, and you need to use it regularly. Advertisements assuring fast and easy results are selling their products fast and not to lose weight or tone muscles. Here are some claims which you need to look out for:

  • It’s quick, easy and effortless:

Whatever products advertisers promote for their products, they will say that you’ll shape up and lose weight so easily. There is no such thing as a fit, healthy body if you don’t workout or sweat it away.

  • Promises to fix your problem areas:

You can’t effortlessly burn fats on your hips and thighs unless you start working out. Do regular exercises that works on your body,so you burn all those calories.

If you want electronic muscle stimulators, ensure you have gym installation services properly installing the equipment.

What to Do When Buying an Exercise Equipment

Now you have done your job by looking at claims in a skeptical manner, but your job isn’t finished yet. Before purchasing an equipment, you need gears that will make you really workout and get you back in shape.

  • Start working out: You need to make the equipment change your habits. Start working out so the gears don’t end collecting dust.


  • Find the right equipment: Before buying, ensure you have tested the machine at a local gym to make it work. Read reviews about the efficiency of the exercise machine you plan to buy. You need to achieve your goals before putting it to waste.


  • Find the best price: Some exercise companies promote their equipment in three easy payments. However, you need to find out how much they cost, including sales tax, shipping and other delivery fees. Find out for warranties. You also need gym installation services to securely deliver the equipment right in your home.


Mobile Dentist Happily Serving Quebec City

Going to the dentist to get Easton dental implants is no big deal for adults who are physically healthy but for members of senior citizens and those that have limited mobility, getting a mobile dentist is considered a blessing. As the demand continues to grow stronger, a dentist based in Quebec City is now looking to employ an additional worker in order to help provide unique services.

The dentist in question is none other than Sarah Gagne. She has been conducting in-home dental services for all the senior citizens and individuals who have limited mobility. This good deed has been working well for the last five years.

In a interview with a local radio program, Dr. Gagne said that majority of what she does includes cleaning but she also offer other dental services such as extractions, diagnosis, fillings and conducts exams. She goes to long-term care facilities as well as residences for nursing homes to provide those services. The two services which she does not offer are orthodontics and x-rays.

Gagne expressed her desire never to go back to a regular clinic because she has been lured in by medical practice rather than providing services very much like a caregiver. She added that for those who have mobility issues, getting to a dental office can be hard work and time-consuming when the queue is long.

For senior citizens and individuals required to stay at long-term care facilities, dental hygiene is often neglected while other health issues take center stage. Seniors who find it hard to get to the dentist because of location will eventually give up with regards to their oral hygiene.

Gagne explained that many people do not give as much regard to teeth because they are considered disposable compared to other body parts which can directly impact the overall wellness of an individual. The truth is that teeth have an impact to the whole peron.

Clients who are getting their Easton dental implants are impressed with the mobile dentist. Therefore they think that every city in the world should have this in order to service more clients.


Healthcare And Cloud Computing Trends To Expect This 2019

The previous year was eventful for the healthcare industry because many have decided to shift to cloud which gave rise to multi-cloud access along with public cloud. Add the integration of new innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. One year later, healthcare and cloud computing have become an inseparable pair as the former benefits from the latter. This year, industry experts are looking forward to the future of cloud technology and its applications to the healthcare industry. Here are the cloud trends to look forward this 2019.

Increase in multi-cloud access particularly among larger enterprises. The benefits of cloud computing has become more evident for larger enterprises therefore it is expected that healthcare organizations will be bolder in partnering with multiple cloud provider at once. This means that they are going to sign with various public cloud services that will be focused on similar application to make create a more cohesive network.

Cloud computing will get more complicated because of multi-cloud access raising concerns for security and privacy. With the rise of multi-cloud access, there is also the rising concern with regards to security. Different cloud networks that are interconnected into one will have more vulnerable points thereby making security more complicated. The setup will undeniably provide more advantages but it also leads to issues of privacy, compliance and security.

Advanced cloud technology will impact companies in life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. Leading names providing cloud services such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are proof that there is more to expect from the technology. It will greatly impact the organizations under life sciences and pharmaceutical as it makes data analysis easier while using different cloud sources.

Serverless technology and container systems will dominate 2019. These are not recent technological innovations but it will become the latest priority especially for healthcare organizations. This is brought about by the mainstream use of machine learning and AI in the healthcare industry. Serverless technologies are cost-effective because it does not require server maintenance which can be limiting. As 2019 launches, industry experts are looking forward to these healthcare and cloud computing trends and its impact.