Looking Back To The First Funeral Home In Conway

Years, ago, there were no funeral directors in Conway and surrounding areas. In the 1940’s, burial associations provided funeral products and services to their members. Each of the funeral homes worked with the association that carried members to the Conway Memorial. In the 1970’s ambulance service was initiated.

The oldest funeral home was Pence Funeral Home that was established by John Pence in 1879. Pence had a woodworking and cabinetmaking shop and he would make wooden caskets based on the measurements provided by grieving families. The casket was often made from pine or oak with the interior lined with flannel cloth. Handles were attached to the outside of the casket so that it can be easily carried. An epitaph is placed on the simple flat top of the wooden casket.

In 1886, the shop was destroyed by a fire and Pence had to move into an old building that was outside the business district until he could rebuild. Pence and his partner George Donagley split the business with Donagley taking the cabinet shop and Pence the undertaking business. At the time of his death, Pence was the oldest funeral director and undertaker at Arkansas.

The Pence Burial Association started in 1934 and had 20,000 members by 1940. Ledgers were kept by Pence Funeral Homes from 1881 to 1971 with a list of all the members for whom they provided funeral services.

In 1929, Doolin Funeral Home that was founded by Trust Doolin opened for business. Over the years, the funeral home transferred locations, the last being the corner of Caldwell and Faulkner. It remained in the site for the last 25 years of its operations. When Doolin died in 1960, his widow continued the business until her death in 1966.

These establishments are still remembered by the locals because most of them have experienced the emotional times of saying goodbye to a loved one.

Losing a loved one can be very difficult and frustrating but there is funeral director in Rockingham who will provide the necessary support in the funeral arrangements. All your wishes will be accommodated in the best possible manner while considering the most affordable option for the family.


Audit Of Health Insurance Could Save A Lot Of Money For UM System

The University of Missouri recently discovered that they will be able to save a number of million dollars each year if they were to take steps in verifying the dependents of the system’s employees and make sure they are eligible to be included.

The steps to verify are being done in order to ensure that the information regarding the dependents that are listed on the health insurance of the employees is updated and recent. Employees were required to present some necessary documents including the birth certificate, marriage certificate, federal tax returns of the dependents. There are rare cases wherein court documents are asked.

According to the preliminary report that was submitted by the department of Human Resources of the University of Missouri to the Intercampus Faculty Council, the implementation of the audit will be able to save the University of Missouri system around $3.736 million. This information was shared by the chairman of the University of Missouri faculty council, Ben Trachtenberg.

Trachtenberg also added that every year they are also conducting a small percentage of spot checking to ensure that the records they have are updated. What they don’t realize is that it is the SOP that a 100 per cent audit should be conducted once every few years.

According to the University of Missouri News Bureau’s director, Christian Basi, there are a number of instances when the dependents’ status under the health insurance of an employee could change such as change of custody, divorce, and a child that is no longer qualified since he or she has reached the maximum age to be covered by the insurance of the parent who is an employee.

Basi added that the savings indicated on the report is only an approximate since it will be hard for them to calculate the exact amount based on various reasons. There are those that may have updated the status of the dependent during the announcement of the audit without waiting for the actual schedule which means that they are not counted in the savings’ total. This is the reason why when doing an audit, an accountant insurance should be acquired to protect the person or system.


Explore Yourself In Rehab

Rehab is usually seen as something negative that means a person has committed a serious mistake in his or her life that resulted to addiction. An addiction that has most probably started to damage the life of the addict and the people around him or her resulting to a decision to start recovery and healing as soon as he or she realizes the impact of the actions done.

The people who decide to go through a recovery process (that can afford a more expensive facility) often choose a luxury rehab. This is because being in this luxurious rehab center has extra perks such as surroundings that are located in scenic and peaceful surroundings full of amenities that can cater to physical and mental needs for recovery, gourmet meals, all day service and support, just to name a few.

The belief before focuses on the negativity of addiction with having the need for rehab. However, recent developments had Passages, a luxury rehab center in Malibu, pave the way to change the impression of rehabs. Instead of judging, they started to see addiction not as a disease but rather an effect of an underlying problem. In Passages, with their new and effective treatment approach, focuses on knowing the root cause of the problem and resolving it so as to avoid relapses in the future. They allow the patients to explore and know themselves more. The peaceful and relaxing environment of this luxury rehab center promotes peace and relaxation that can greatly help in the healing process. Gourmet meals and excellent service provides comfort to the patients thus they do not have to stress themselves more. Excellent services and patient one on one sessions with professionals is also the main factor in ensuring that they get to know and understand themselves as well as others around them.

This luxury rehab also recognizes the uniqueness of each individual so the program for each patient varies as per the need. It does not follow the standard steps for recovery but rather a specialized one catering to the requirements set by the severity and complexity of the patient’s case.

A holistic treatment focusing on self-exploration and understanding, this is what Passages aims for and based on the results, it is quite effective.  Don’t focus on the negative and judge, focus on what really is and resolve it.


Read This Article Before Doing A Detox

If you are planning to do detoxing once the New Year starts in order to kick start a healthier way of living, you don’t have to wait that long. You can start your detox now because the process is not only meant to help you lose the pounds you gained over the holidays but it is also a great medium if you want to cleanse your body.

There are different types of detoxes that you can try. It all depends on what you need and your body require.

According to the owner of the nutrition store called Fit Republic, Austin Evans, there are many different types of detox. There are people who are doing this process in order to become more independent while getting rid of substances which they are addicted to such as nicotine, sugar and caffeine. There are those that do detox in order to help clean their colon. If you are planning to start a healthier life then detox is the best way to start as it is good in conditioning your body.

Evans shared that clients visit his tore in order to get help on how to create a healthier habit. The first thing most of them are required to do is to remove their dependency on sugar.

He revealed that if your body has a craving of sugar every time then it will be impossible for you to eliminate it from your diet. Detox alone or done with a combination of healthy diet can help in eliminating the substances in which the body is dependent to.

According to Evans, sugar is the reason why many people are gaining weight and it adds up the carbs and calorie intake of a person. Individuals are also given the false feeling of having a high level of energy. When time comes that you have to let go of the sugar, your body will experience sugar crashes. You will be able to gradually remove it from your body which will level your energy and lessen the carb in the process. If you cannot get rid of your dependency to a certain substance, enroll in a health retreat in Thailand.


HART: Heroin Addiction Has No Boundaries

A group of residents and community leaders came together in an effort to open people’s eyes especially those that haven’t come to terms regarding the widespread heroin addiction.


HART – Heroin: It’s Here


The Health Awareness and Recovery Together (HART) group, together with the Hilliard Optimist Club and support from other community members, are set to do a town hall meeting on October 4 from 7 – 9 pm at Bradley High School.


The meeting “Heroin: It’s Here” will include a question and answer session with a panel of great speakers in hopes to communicate that heroin does not have boundaries.


Heroin: no boundaries, no discrimination


Karen Norval, one of the founders of HART, mentioned that she got motivated to assemble the town hall due to her experience with the community’s refusal to believe that heroin is a problem in Hilliard.


She kept hearing from people that heroin is not in Hilliard. For her, people are not understanding that heroin doesn’t have borders, and it is closer to homes than people think.


Joshua Cohill, a Hilliard detective, said that he has seen heroin abuse regardless of the socioeconomic status in Hilliard. He added that heroin doesn’t discriminate.


Aside from the harmful effects to its users, family members also suffer a huge emotional toll from seeing their loved ones suffering or from discovering overdose.


HART’s hope to inform


The panel speakers will include those having direct and indirect experiences from heroin abuse including those addicted and their family members as well as police officers who experienced the primary and secondary effects from the abuse.


Carla Karn is one of the panel members. Her 24 year old daughter has been clean after having experienced heroin while studying high school in Marysville. They later moved in Hilliard.


She said that they only knew of their daughter’s abuse when she was arrested. Only then that Karn began adding up her daughter’s activities and behaviors. She wants other parents to know what they experienced.


HART members hope that insights can be provided by their panel members. And although, there are countless clinics or hospitals available nearby or in farther locations like luxury rehab medical centers in Malibu, knowledge to prevent abuse is better than dealing with the problem later on.