Safety Campaign To Be Led By Nong Than

Nitcharee Peneakchanasak or more commonly known as Nong Than got into a train accident in Singapore back in 2011. She lost both of her legs in the process and knowing what she has been through, she decided to lead a safety campaign that will encourage the BTS or Bangkok Mass Transit System and the ARL or Airport Rail Link to put up safety barriers. These barriers will be a placed in between the platforms and tracks in every station.

These will put the mind of everyone at ease including the ones who stay at serviced apartment near BTS since their safety while commuting is guaranteed. According to the father of Nong Than, Kittanesh Peneakchanasak, his daughter is currently residing at Vancouver, Canada after she enrolled herself in an English course. She will be studying at the University of British Columbia for two months.

Before she left for Canada, she heard about another tragic accident which claimed the lives of a pregnant woman and an unborn baby. The accident happened at the Ban Thap Chang station wherein the lady fell down to the tracks.

This is why she has decided to be the head of a campaign when she comes back to the country this coming August. Mr. Kittanesh said that Ms. Nitcharee is in deep shock because of the recent accident.

Mr. Kittanesh said that her daughter is asking why the stations do not have safety barriers that will separate the platform from the train tracks. She also wondered why no one bothered to help the pregnant lady knowing that the train is still quite some distance from her.

He added that he supports the decision of her daughter to start the campaign because it will ensure that railroad accidents will no longer happen in the future.

He also said that his daughter has been busy campaigning as the voice of the disabled population in the country. They hope that with this new campaign, everyone will feel safer while waiting on the platforms including those guests who are residing in serviced apartment near BTS and will not be a cause for tourists to worry about coming to the country.


Support Of The Public Necessary For Universal Healthcare To Push Through

Though the nation has been known worldwide for its improvement in the healthcare system and the medical insurance in Thailand that is offered to 98 per cent of the citizens, the road is still rocky. Over a thousand healthcare activists came together in a protest to the government’s decision to change the national health security law of the country. They are calling that the amendment should be stopped. According to them, the amendment of the health security law in the country will only be favourable to those healthcare providers but it will not benefit the general public.

The bill is currently under review by the Office of the Council of State and it is expected that there will be around 14 areas where changes will be employed. Areas of revision will cover the health services of the public sector, how the NHSO or National Health Security Office is being managed, the National Health Security Committee itself, the National Health Security Fund as well as the committee responsible for the quality of health and how to improve the service to the public sector.

The NHSO is currently serving as the advocate of the public when it comes to distributing the healthcare system as covered by the UIC scheme or Universal Healthcare Coverage in Thailand. According to the government, the revision is being done in order to improve the benefits of the citizens as well as confront the issues that have been bugging the NHSO since it has been appointed as the universal healthcare coverage. By doing so, the system will be more sustainable.

It was in 2002 when the UIC scheme was introduced wherein people in the government as well as private sector are covered. This is to make sure that every citizen has the access to quality health care and able to receive subsidies from the government when it comes to health. It is important for citizens to have a medical insurance in Thailand because many are plummeting to poverty because they are shouldering their own medical bills. This is the reason why the government is calling for public support in order to improve the current universal healthcare system.


Townhouses In Sydney Suffering From Rat Plague

In Kingswood, there is a pair of townhouse blocks that is currently suffering from infestation of large rats. This is the reason why the residents are crying out for pest control in Sydney because of fear that their health might be affected.

The vermin has been seen by locals roaming around the townhouses especially in the driveways and the backyard. They have been spotted at two adjacent blocks located in Jamison Road.

Residents have since been complaining because they are suffering from a rash which cause is unknown. They have witnessed blowflies flying over the leftover bodies of the mouse and rats that have been caught by the bait.

An exterminator from a local company said that the infestations of mice and rats are currently being treated all year instead of the seasonal treatment that used to be followed in Penrith.

The residents believe that the rats have their nests at an empty house adjacent to the properties. The vacant house is set to be demolished. One of the residents, Rakesh Patel, showed off a tunnel that leads to the vacant property next door.

He said that it has been 10 consecutive days since he has place five pellets near the rat hole. When he comes back to inspect it the following day the pellets would all be gone. A pest control expert, Michael Jackson, said that it is possible that the residents have been bitten by the pests already.

Raine & Horne St Marys is the manager of the townhouse blocks but according to them their spokesperson has only received a single complain from the residents. It was at the beginning of March and they hired a pest controller as soon as the complaint was received in order for the common areas to be treated.

There were baits placed on the two affected properties but the roof voids were not included since it has been inspected as inaccessible.

The spokesperson clarified that they complained only about little mice and they also have no rights to inspect inside their homes.

The resident, Blessing Ehkator, is looking for a place to move since she has been suffering from the allergies that rodents are bringing despite the efforts of the pest control in Sydney.


Looking Back To The First Funeral Home In Conway

Years, ago, there were no funeral directors in Conway and surrounding areas. In the 1940’s, burial associations provided funeral products and services to their members. Each of the funeral homes worked with the association that carried members to the Conway Memorial. In the 1970’s ambulance service was initiated.

The oldest funeral home was Pence Funeral Home that was established by John Pence in 1879. Pence had a woodworking and cabinetmaking shop and he would make wooden caskets based on the measurements provided by grieving families. The casket was often made from pine or oak with the interior lined with flannel cloth. Handles were attached to the outside of the casket so that it can be easily carried. An epitaph is placed on the simple flat top of the wooden casket.

In 1886, the shop was destroyed by a fire and Pence had to move into an old building that was outside the business district until he could rebuild. Pence and his partner George Donagley split the business with Donagley taking the cabinet shop and Pence the undertaking business. At the time of his death, Pence was the oldest funeral director and undertaker at Arkansas.

The Pence Burial Association started in 1934 and had 20,000 members by 1940. Ledgers were kept by Pence Funeral Homes from 1881 to 1971 with a list of all the members for whom they provided funeral services.

In 1929, Doolin Funeral Home that was founded by Trust Doolin opened for business. Over the years, the funeral home transferred locations, the last being the corner of Caldwell and Faulkner. It remained in the site for the last 25 years of its operations. When Doolin died in 1960, his widow continued the business until her death in 1966.

These establishments are still remembered by the locals because most of them have experienced the emotional times of saying goodbye to a loved one.

Losing a loved one can be very difficult and frustrating but there is funeral director in Rockingham who will provide the necessary support in the funeral arrangements. All your wishes will be accommodated in the best possible manner while considering the most affordable option for the family.


Audit Of Health Insurance Could Save A Lot Of Money For UM System

The University of Missouri recently discovered that they will be able to save a number of million dollars each year if they were to take steps in verifying the dependents of the system’s employees and make sure they are eligible to be included.

The steps to verify are being done in order to ensure that the information regarding the dependents that are listed on the health insurance of the employees is updated and recent. Employees were required to present some necessary documents including the birth certificate, marriage certificate, federal tax returns of the dependents. There are rare cases wherein court documents are asked.

According to the preliminary report that was submitted by the department of Human Resources of the University of Missouri to the Intercampus Faculty Council, the implementation of the audit will be able to save the University of Missouri system around $3.736 million. This information was shared by the chairman of the University of Missouri faculty council, Ben Trachtenberg.

Trachtenberg also added that every year they are also conducting a small percentage of spot checking to ensure that the records they have are updated. What they don’t realize is that it is the SOP that a 100 per cent audit should be conducted once every few years.

According to the University of Missouri News Bureau’s director, Christian Basi, there are a number of instances when the dependents’ status under the health insurance of an employee could change such as change of custody, divorce, and a child that is no longer qualified since he or she has reached the maximum age to be covered by the insurance of the parent who is an employee.

Basi added that the savings indicated on the report is only an approximate since it will be hard for them to calculate the exact amount based on various reasons. There are those that may have updated the status of the dependent during the announcement of the audit without waiting for the actual schedule which means that they are not counted in the savings’ total. This is the reason why when doing an audit, an accountant insurance should be acquired to protect the person or system.