3 Factors To Consider In A Rehab Facility In California

There are points in life that are considered the lowest and some peoplemay have it as their darkest. For those who are addicted to drugs and other harmful substances, getting into a Rehab facility in California can be their kick off point towards reclaiming a healthy and productive life. If you are searching for an excellent rehab center, you can easily find one on the internet. However, if you want to experience comfort and style while getting rid of the toxins and bad habits in your body, choose a luxurious facility with effective and customized treatment plans for you. Here are some of the things that you can expect from a world-class rehab center.

Unparalleled treatment approaches

One of the things that you should consider before deciding on a rehabilitation center is their treatment programs. Choose a facility that offers holistic approach in detoxifying patients and one that has qualified therapists and medical practitionerswho are experienced in the field. Before admitting a patient, the medical staff would conduct a thorough evaluation for them to come up with the right treatment plan. During the rehab and detoxification process,the facility provides emphasis on the several facets to forge faster recovery of the patient. Some of these aspects include spiritual, nutritional, environmental and emotional. With a reputable Rehab facility in California, you get customized treatment plan based on your condition and rehabilitation needs.


Visit the rehab center’s website to help you decide and also for you to check their facilities. You would be surprised that there are rehabilitation centers in California that are nestled in large manor patients where patients can enjoy sun and fresh air along with servings of well-balanced gourmet dishes. You will also find private suites with 24/7 room service and concierge. You can also find rehab centers with physical exercise programs in top-of-the-line fitness centers. There are also wellness spa with aromatherapy and acupuncture sessions.

Classy recreation facilities

You’d be surprised that there is a Rehab facility in California that aside from offering holistic rehabilitation approach, it offers luxurious recreational facilities such as horseback riding, trail biking, sauna, large swimming pools and other indoor recreation facilities.


Senior Citizens In The US Consuming More Supplements

In a recent study conducted by teams of researchers from Tufts University, Purdue University and National Institutes of Health, there is a higher number of senior citizens, 60 years and older, in America that are consuming dietary supplement. There are many companies that are offering supplements and it can even be bought over the web such as the Survival Supplements & Nutrients Online which is convenient to buy especially those older citizens who can’t go around shopping anymore.

The original goal of the study was to find out how older adults are consuming dietary supplements. One of the main reasons for taking dietary supplements is to help older adults that are suffering from malnutrition. Older adults that are below the nutrition required can be risky as there are threats to the health. The areas they focused on are those supplements that have nutrients that have already been strengthened by the food supply in the US, the interactions of the drug as well as its harmful reactions.

Data from the NHANES were utilized by the researchers. These are samples taken from citizens that are civilian and not institutionalized. The survey was spearheaded by the National Center for Health Statistics.

The end result showed that 70 per cent of Americans that are 60 years and older are using a minimum of one type of dietary supplements. Compared to the data gathered in 1999a and 2000, there is an increase in the number of older adults taking supplements. Women are found to be twice as likely to consume dietary supplements compared to men.

The probability of a person consuming supplements is higher as they grow older. Approximately 29 per cent are found to have 4 or more different kinds of supplement daily. Senior citizens with 3 or more prescriptions medicines have a higher chance of taking supplements compared to those who do not have any prescription medicine.

The most widely used supplements are those with multivitamins and minerals such as Survival Supplements & Nutrients Online, vitamin C, vitamin D, B vitamins, Omega-3, B complex, calcium and herbal supplements.


The Dentist That Goes Out Of Her Way

Alias Kauffman who is residing in New York was already practicing as a young dentist in the 1980s and it is around that that the father of her best friend suffered a stroke. He is known to be careful when it comes to his teeth and always goes back to the dentist every three months for regular cleaning but after the incident, it is quite impossible for him to go out of the house.

This is when Kauffman decided to bring her own equipment including mirror, flashlight, scalers and other instruments in order for her to perform her dentist duty at the patient’s house. The first time she did the cleaning, she came to a realization that there must be other people who are suffering from the same and needed someone to help them.

It has been three decades since she decided to go out of her way as a dentist and up to his day she is still busy performing implants/root canal, cleaning, filling cavities, extracting teeth and making dentures for her patients who are no longer capable of going to the dentist clinic. Majority of her patients are living in Manhattan and are quite old with the average age of 89 years old. The oldest patient she has is a 107 years old senior.

According to statistics, the population of American that is turning 65 and older is predicted to be almost twice in the next three decades. Kauffman said in a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania regarding geriatric dentistry that only a handful of dentists thought of servicing the very old. Out of this number, very few are willing to commit themselves to performing house calls.

American Dental Association’s spokesperson, Judith Jones who also happens to be a dentistry professor at the University of Detroit Mercy said that only one or two dentists are doing house halls in each of the state.

Jones said that dentistry is not covered by Medicare and we all know that dentist operations such as implants/root canal are quite expensive.One-third of the population of individuals 65 years and older cannot afford to pay for their dental health. This is the reason why they are encouraging more dentists to perform house calls in order to help those who are in need.


Try The Prison-Themed Luxury Spa In Bangkok

A few travellers in Bangkok are somewhat excited at the feeling of freedom and prefer to stay in a prison-themed hotel instead. They might want to see how a luxury spa in Bangkok can work in these prison hotels.

An example of a prison-inspired hotel in Bangkok is Sook Station, where visitors are provided with some mugshots, a curfew, and striped pajamas.

Upon checking in, the visitors staying at this hotel go through all the measures of prison booking procedures. They are taken a headshot, provided with uniforms, and are assigned with a number throughout their whole stay in the hotel. They can use their inmate number rather than a room key to get in and out of their cell rooms. The rooms are embellished with iron bars and striped curtains. They may also want to venture the luxury spa in Bangkok for relaxation.

As the hotel may mean like living in prison, but it is really not that strict. Guests can freely come and go, but are somehow enforced with curfew when getting inside the hotel. There are a few visitors who share the same bathroom, which are uncannily lighted for an utmost effect. They may also wish to try the luxury spa in Bangkok, which can soothe and relax their body.

The hotel is not all high security and iron gates. You can also venture into their in-house coffee shop, which serves a delectable breakfast in the morning. There is also space to maximize for visitors who want to finish business while traveling. There are also offered rooms with a balcony or patio attached. Room rates can start around $54 every night, depending upon which room you decide to stay.

But if you are looking for more beautiful places to experience a prison-themed vacation, you can travel down Amsterdam and check-in at the prison house now turned into a hotel, Het Arresthuis (which simply means house arrest in Dutch); or you can go to a 90-year-old prison turned hotel named Four Seasons in Instanbul. In Boston, an upscale Liberty Hotel stands in place of the former Charles Street Jail. Try their delectable cocktails at the Alibi Bar, with its floor to ceiling windows. These are also options aside from a prison-themed luxury spa in Bangkok for relaxation.


Safety Campaign To Be Led By Nong Than

Nitcharee Peneakchanasak or more commonly known as Nong Than got into a train accident in Singapore back in 2011. She lost both of her legs in the process and knowing what she has been through, she decided to lead a safety campaign that will encourage the BTS or Bangkok Mass Transit System and the ARL or Airport Rail Link to put up safety barriers. These barriers will be a placed in between the platforms and tracks in every station.

These will put the mind of everyone at ease including the ones who stay at serviced apartment near BTS since their safety while commuting is guaranteed. According to the father of Nong Than, Kittanesh Peneakchanasak, his daughter is currently residing at Vancouver, Canada after she enrolled herself in an English course. She will be studying at the University of British Columbia for two months.

Before she left for Canada, she heard about another tragic accident which claimed the lives of a pregnant woman and an unborn baby. The accident happened at the Ban Thap Chang station wherein the lady fell down to the tracks.

This is why she has decided to be the head of a campaign when she comes back to the country this coming August. Mr. Kittanesh said that Ms. Nitcharee is in deep shock because of the recent accident.

Mr. Kittanesh said that her daughter is asking why the stations do not have safety barriers that will separate the platform from the train tracks. She also wondered why no one bothered to help the pregnant lady knowing that the train is still quite some distance from her.

He added that he supports the decision of her daughter to start the campaign because it will ensure that railroad accidents will no longer happen in the future.

He also said that his daughter has been busy campaigning as the voice of the disabled population in the country. They hope that with this new campaign, everyone will feel safer while waiting on the platforms including those guests who are residing in serviced apartment near BTS and will not be a cause for tourists to worry about coming to the country.