Enjoy The Skyline Of Bangkok While Dining

Bangkok is a beautiful city during the day but it is more enchanting at nighttime. There are limited city view hotel in Sukhumvit and one is lucky to be able to stay in one. For those who want to enjoy the view even just for a short while, there are sky high restaurants all over Bangkok. One can dine while enjoying the fine view of the city.

Park Society is a restaurant located at the top of the So Sofitel Bangkok which is considered to be the original urban concept hotel in Bangkok. The restaurant follows the theme of the hotel as it is decorated with crooked mirrored walls and the interiors are furnished with intimate lightings. The highlight of the restaurant is its full-length windows that show off Bangkok’s sky scrapers along with Lumpini Park at the ground.

Scarlett is another sky high restaurant that is ideal for people who want to try the famous Le Relais Louis XII in Paris. They don’t have to go far but a simple drive down Silom Road is all it takes. The menu takes after the concept of the Michelin two-star restaurant in Paris and it features dishes by Manuel Martinez, a well-known master chef. It has a restaurant and a wine bar and is located at the top of the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G.

L’Appart is offers many options to diners and is located at the top of the hotel. Its walls are covered with photographs and eclectic art pieces while the shelves are filled with cookbooks. It has a cozy ambiance brought by the faux fireplace. Jeremy Tourret is the chef responsible for the menu in L’Appart with classic French dishes and variety of tapas.

Viewing the sky line of Bangkok is also possible through Sirocco which is an exclusive restaurant. It is 247 meters from the ground and comes with a Sky Bar. This is the same bar featured at the move The Hangover Part II. If you have enough money to splurge, you can try the caviar such as Almas which is the most expensive in the globe.

If you fail to get a city view hotel in Sukhumvit, you can always try these sky high restaurants to see the beauty of the city of Bangkok.


3 Benefits Of Hiring Quality Food Manufacturers

There are certain industries that require regular food deliveries such as hospital settings, the hospitality industry and also among home cares, to name a few. In these institutions, it would be best to have food manufacturers that will provide their food requirements in order to ensure the healthy sustenance of their guests and patients. If you are working within these industries, you have the option to have a kitchen with expert staff and crew to prepare the meals. However, you can get more if you would rely the service from the experts and you are guaranteed to get the following benefits.

Ensure timely food deliveries

In the hospital settings and among hotels, time element is essential.Any delay would reflect on your service delivery and would impact on your reputation in the industry. One of the important services that need to be delivered on time is food. By having a reliable company offood manufacturers, you can be sure that the food requirements of your patients or guests will be delivered on time.

High quality and nutritious food

Choose a food manufacturer that guarantees all natural ingredients on their food products and one that has BSI Group certification as HACCP compliant. It would also be best if the manufacturer is regularly checked for quality control by NSW Food Authority to ensure that international food manufacturing standards is strictly followed. Aside from that, the food products should also be made by expert chefs and kitchen crew using organic and natural ingredients that are free from pesticides and toxic chemicals. The food should be well-balanced and in accordance with the healthy diet set by international nutrition council and other reputable organizations.


One of the main reasons for hiring food manufacturers is convenience. Aside from the fact that the responsibility to deliver nutritious food on time is no longer within your hands, you also do not have to worry about producing food for your guests and patients. This way, you can focus on other more important things such as delivering high quality service to sustain your excellent ratings in the industry.


How To Find Authentic Bangkok Japanese Restaurants

If you are a sushi lover or a Japanese national visiting Bangkok, it is only expected for you to look for Bangkok Japanese restaurants that serve authentic Japanese dishes and delicacies. You can walk around Bangkok to search for a Japanese restaurant or you can do the following suggestions to find a haven that will meet your Japanese food cravings.

Search the internet

You can find all the information that you can possibly need for that Japanese restaurant that you have been dreaming of. You can check on discussion boards or forums for any suggested Japanese restaurants by fellow travellers or even by Thai nationals. Utilise your search engine and you will get a long list of Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. Make it a point to read customer reviews and testimonials to guide you with your choices.

Read blogs

Another great way to find Bangkok Japanese restaurants is by reading blogs by food aficionados or by bloggers who travel around the world to share reviews and experiences out of their trips. The good thing about reading blogs is that you get not just reviews but also related information about the restaurant such as its address or where it is located, their specialty and the food they serve and most bloggers also include photos of the restaurants and their dishes.

Ask the locals

When looking for a great place or restaurant to dine in, there is no better source of information than the locals who are knowledgeable of the place. You can ask the front desk officer from the hotel that you are booked from for ideas and also from the other hotel staff. You can also ask around from local vendors or peddlers on the street for great Japanese restaurants that you can try.

Ask your Japanese friends in Bangkok

If you have friends who recently visited Bangkok or who are still there, ask them for Bangkok Japanese restaurants that you can try. Japanese tourists would know if the dishes are authentic and prepared by a Japanese chef so they are excellent sources of valuable information.